How Much Does a Ring Setting Cost? ( Frequently-Used Metals)

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How Much Does a Ring Setting Cost? Ring settings play a vital role in the overall appeal of the engagement ring or wedding band.

There are several varieties, and what you opt for is mainly about preference and what you find aesthetically pleasing.

If you already have a ring and would like to revamp it by adding a setting and also some rocks on it, then it’s reasonable to wonder how much it would cost.

The setting itself requires far less metal than the ring itself and thus would cost a fraction of the total cost of the ring.

Here, we are going to look at rough estimates of how much a ring setting would cost.

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How much does a ring setting cost?

ring setting cost

The design and metal determine the cost of a ring setting. One has to look at how intricate the style is, and when all factors are considered, the price will be between $80 and $250. If you’re upgrading the ring, the price will go up as well.

For example, if you want the initial ring coated or have the stone changed, then you’ll have to dish out more money for that to happen.

There is a tradition that some couples go for, where they purchase a ring that can accommodate more stones. That means adding settings for each new stone that’s meant to commemorate something.

For example, a couple might opt to have a stone for each child born or other significant milestones. When you’re adding smaller rocks, they tend to be inexpensive; that’s something to consider as well with regards to how many stones you’d want to get.

Overall, there are several settings that you can opt for, do your research to know which one appeals to you the most. There are traditional prong setting, channel setting, bar setting. Bezel setting, gypsy setting, cluster setting, tension setting, and finally illusion setting. Each has their appeal on how the stones get laid out.


How much does a stainless steel ring setting cost?

Stainless steel ring setting

If you’re adding a stainless steel setting to an existing stainless rings ring, the cost of doing the same is quite low, given that stainless steel ring by themselves are not expensive.

If you’re purchasing a stainless steel ring with a diamond or cubic zirconia, then most of the cost will be on the stone/crystal and not on the metal itself.

To further demonstrate that, you can purchase a stainless steel ring with no stone for below $10. You can then take that to the jeweler to add a stone of your choice.


How much does a silver ring setting cost?

Similar to stainless steel, the cost of a silver ring also primarily lies in the price of the gemstone or crystal used.

 A ring made from sterling silver with a setting and no stone goes for between $10 and $20.

Therefore, most of your attention ought to be perhaps directed toward getting a stone that would meet your budgetary needs.


How much does a Gold ring setting cost?

When it comes to gold, the price goes significantly higher, given that this is converted precious metal.

A plain gold ring without a stone is between $100 and $1500, depending on the karat of the gold.

The setting will then be based on the karat gold, and also the type of setting that you opt to go for. You do want to match the setting to the first stone for uniformity as well.

However, choosing for the popular 14k gold on an 18k or 24k gold ring is not entirely unheard of.

14k gold is more durable, and thus would keep the setting and stone in place for longer, even in the event you hit your ring on a hard surface.


How much does a platinum ring setting cost?

Platinum rings are equally coveted, but the price keeps most people away.

A plain platinum ring would cost you between $200 and $2000 depending on the ring size and the percentage of platinum contained within the ring.

Adding a setting would cost significantly more, depending on the style that you go for.

Adding diamonds on top or AAAAA cubic zirconia stones on top would cost you up to between $1500 and $16,000.

If you’re purchasing a platinum ring, the natural societal progression is to spend even more on the stone.


How much does a Palladium ring setting cost?

The scarcity of palladium in the market has made it more expensive than gold and platinum.

If you’re getting a palladium ring setting, you may have to part with double the amount that you would spend on a gold ring setting.

It’s also worth noting that according to some estimates, palladium is 30 times rarer than gold and 15 times rarer than platinum.

For that reason, palladium is indeed not a common metal used for engagement rings and wedding bands.


How much does a titanium ring setting cost?

Ring Setting Cost

Titanium rings are cheaper than gold and platinum and will, therefore, cost you less when you’re getting a ring setting of the same.

The fantastic thing about titanium is that it lasts you a lifetime with regards to the luster, and that will be the case for the setting as well.

Since they are inexpensive, having a piece of metal prong added to the ring itself will not cost you more than a few dollars.



The metal your ring is made from dictates for the most part how much the ring setting will cost.

Also, how intricate the design is and even the stones or crystals getting added will determine to total price of upgrading your ring.

Ensure that you work with a trusted jeweler that has adequate experience in ring setting as it impacts the quality of the final piece.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!