What Are Ring Enhancers? How Do They Work?

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Ring enhancers, also known as ring guards, are an important accessory in the jewelry world, and if you are looking for something to add some sparkle or detail to your ring, the ring enhancer would be a great fit for you.

But what exactly is a ring enhancer? And how does the ring enhancer work?


What are ring enhancers?

A ring enhancer, a ring wrap, or the curved rings, the ring enhancer can be defined as the type of band that is meant specifically for use with and as accompaniment for your solitaire engagement rings. The ring enhancer is designed to offer support to the diamond on the solitaire ring either on one side or both sides, elevating the overall look of the ring. In other words, the ring enhancers live up to their name by creating an enhanced look for the stones and any other embellishments for the ring.

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 The best part about the ring enhancers is that the ring enhancer can be added to the ring at any time. With this in mind, many couples often plan to add the ring enhancers to their solitaire rings from the time they pick up their engagement rings.

And to make the process and access easier, most jewelers and jewelry companies will have the ring enhancers in their stores, and they will upsell them to the customers when looking for the rings.


What is a ring enhancer used for?

Over the years, ring enhancers have grown quite popular because of the many changes in budgetary limits and ring styles.

These enhancers make it easier for you to upgrade the look of the engagement ring without really having to worry about changing the original design of the ring.

Ring enhancers are ideally used for solitaire engagement rings, which means that if you have a pear-shaped engagement ring, the ring enhancer or ring guard will curve around its pointed corner, protecting the diamond and also keeping it safe from impact.

And in the event of a diamond engagement ring featuring a nice cluster of stones, the enhancer would enhance the overall look and beauty of the center stone.

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How does a ring enhancer work?

A look at the ring enhancer like the dual wrap ring enhancer, for example, works to elevate the diamond by sitting on either side of the engagement ring, hence an effect of 3 bands,

That said, most of the ring enhancers or ring guards can also be worn on one side of the engagement ring, protecting the ring from unnecessary exposure or impact.

If you use the ring guard/ enhancer for the wedding bands, you can stack it with the wedding band for a more cohesive look and for a nice stacked look that is more cohesive.

However, it is important to note that the appearance of the ring enhancer and how it is worn is based, to a large extent, on the type of ring enhancer. So, let’s take a look at some of your options.


Types of ring enhancers

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 To find the right kind of ring enhancer that matches your style, it’s important to take into consideration the different types of ring enhancers that you can choose from. There are three main ring enhancer types for you to choose from:

  1. The Circle Guard– this ring enhancer is designed to go all around the solitaire diamond ring. Whether you choose the full or the partial ring guard, the enhancer will create a more balanced look that adds a great deal of shine to different kinds of center stones. Often, the circle guards are paired with the round cushion, or brilliant-cut diamonds/ diamond rings.
  2. Side Wrap Enhancers–this ring enhancer is designed to separate your rings by sitting on one side of the original engagement ring. You could have it fixed to the ring permanently.
  3. Dual Wrap Enhancers– With this type of ring enhancer, also called the ring insert or guard, the enhancer will sit on both/ either side of your engagement ring. It creates the effect of having three wedding/ engagement bands. However, some of the ring styles make it possible for you to slip your engagement ring in the middle so that it sits right between the two bands/ enhancers.

The dual and the side wrap ring enhancers, on the other hand, are more ideal for use with the small, round-shaped diamonds in the channel settings. The enhancers will give channel set rings a sleeker and a modern look. It’s also ideal for enhancing the appearance of the tapered baguette and the baguette diamonds and gemstones for a more refined, modern look. This is also the case with the emerald and the princess-cut diamonds and center stones.

In addition to the different types of ring enhancers available, the other important considerations to keep in mind when looking for ring enhancers include:

The ring enhancer should offer the right level of balance. The size of the ring is a very important consideration for you to keep in mind. It’s especially beneficial for the rings with bigger carat diamonds, unlike the rings with smaller stones that would be overwhelmed if embellished by the enhancers.

The color is important too, but it should match the design/ color of the diamond engagement ring.

Keep in mind the size of the ring enhancer, too and how it feels on your fingers.

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Pros and cons of ring enhancers


  • The ring enhancer enhances the overall appearance of the engagement ring
  • It protects the diamond from impact or unnecessary exposure
  • It creates a more cohesive look for rings
  • Adds a nice little sparkle or derail to the ring
  • Excellent addition to the moissanite and diamond set rings
  • The ring could be more comfortable after the ring enhancer is added
  • It’s a great way to jazz up your plain solitaire engagement ring


  • The ring enhancer might make your engagement ring look even worse if you don’t get one in the right/ comfortable style/ size for a more balanced look.
  • It works best for some diamond styles than others


Can you resize a ring enhancer?

No, ring enhancers cannot be resized, which would mean that if you find a ring enhancer in the wrong size, you’d have to buy a new one. The bifurcated design of the ring enhancer makes resizing the enhancer much more difficult.

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Are ring enhancers tacky or outdated?

If the ring enhancer is well-made, then it won’t be tacky or even feel outdated. If anything, these enhancers will improve the appearance of the ring, creating a more cohesive look when the rings are stacked.


When should you get a ring enhancer?

You should get the ring enhancer if you are thinking of adding some level of freshness and newness to your existing diamond engagement ring. It’s also ideal if you want the diamonds to stand out more.



Ring enhancers are a great way of enhancing the simple look of your engagement ring. If you need to find a ring enhancer for your engagement ring, you may want to think of the ring and the enhancer styles to make sure that they are cohesive.

Bear in mind that some of the diamond styles will work better with some enhancers than others.

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