Can You Use A Ring Enhancer As A Wedding Band?

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Do you ever wonder if there is a way of making your simple solitaire engagement ring look better, perhaps bigger, or to make it stand out more?

Perhaps you love your simple ring, but there are days when you wish for a statement piece encompassing the engagement or wedding ring without making your finger look too bulky?

Can You Use A Ring Enhancer As A Wedding Band

Well, the solution you seek could be something as simple as the ring enhancer. A ring enhancer is one of the best accessories designed to support and improve the appearance of the solitaire ring.

Often, it embellishes the simple ring by adding more stones while also adding extra support. And by wrapping around the ring, the enhancer gives off the appearance of a single ring rather than two or more pieces.


What is a ring enhancer?

Can You Use A Ring Enhancer As A Wedding Band?

 If you have solitaire or a princess ring, the ring enhancer is the specialized accessory designed to wrap either around or above the solitaire ring, resulting in the appearance of a single ring.

In other words, the ring enhancer is designed to literally enhance the appearance of the solitaire ring, making it more flattering while also offering a more coherent look. But can the ring enhancer be used or worn as a wedding band as well? Keep reading to learn more!

What you may not know, however, is that depending on how the ring enhancer is designed, this accessory could also work as a wedding band. And it is for this reason that ring enhancers are considered the most versatile accessories in the jewelry world.

All you need is a solitaire engagement ring paired with a well-designed ring enhancer, and you will have a nice piece that works beautifully as a wedding band.

The best part about this option is that with the ring encircled by the ring enhancer, you will end up with a very flattering piece, and you won’t have to worry about the pieces moving around or rubbing against each other.


Is a diamond enhancer a wedding band?

Can You Use A Ring Enhancer As A Wedding Band?

Most of the diamond ring enhancers work beautifully as wedding bands; you only need to choose the perfect one for you.

If you’ve always dreamed of getting a wedding band with diamonds but you also love the idea of the ring enhancer, you will be happy to know that there is a vast range of options that you get to choose from.

So, in as much as the ring enhancers make the perfect alternative or accompaniment for the engagement ring, it could also be an ideal option for you if you are looking for a wedding band that looks nothing like the traditional wedding band.

Since the ring enhancer goes to either side of your solitaire ring, adding an extra layer of protection to the ring, that diamond ring enhancer also works well as a wedding band that perfectly complements your engagement ring.


Can you use a ring enhancer as a wedding band?

Can You Use A Ring Enhancer As A Wedding Band?

Yes, you can use your ring enhancer as a wedding band, and the best part about this is that you will end up with the most exquisite piece for your wedding band.

The ring enhancer works well for solitaire and even halo engagement rings, but the exquisite design of the enhancer makes them ideal for use as wedding bands if you choose to use it as your wedding band.

In other words, if you are looking for a different approach to your wedding band and the idea of a ring enhancer for a wedding band appeals to you, then you should go for it.

The best part about opting to use the ring enhancer as a wedding ring is that the engagement ring always fits with the ring enhancer just perfectly.


How to Select a Diamond Ring Guard or Enhancer

Can You Use A Ring Enhancer As A Wedding Band?

If you wish to wear your diamond ring enhancer as your wedding band, here are some of the important considerations you should keep in mind in the search for the perfect ring enhancer.

Type of diamond ring enhancers (And engagement rings)

The most common options of engagement rings that work well with the ring enhancers include solitaire rings, halo, and cathedral rings.

  • Solitaire rings

Being the most common style of engagement rings, there are numerous options of ring enhancers designed specifically for use with these rings. In a nutshell, a solitaire ring is designed with that one center stone with no extra accent pieces, which is why this ring style works well with most of the ring enhancers. If you have a solitaire engagement ring, it will match your diamond ring enhancer.

When selecting the diamond ring enhancer, it is important to take into consideration the actual size and shape of the stone. The stone could be round or princess-cut. Because the ring enhancer comes in a design that allows for different types of solitaire rings, the only thing you’d have to think about is the height of the ring.

  • Halo rings

When it comes to the halo engagement rings, the selected ring enhancer should be carefully crafted to match the design of the halo ring because the enhancer must cover pretty much the rest of the sides. And the enhancer should allow for the opening of the top to allow for a perfect fit.

  • Cathedral Rings

 This is the other ring design that is commonly seen in engagement rings. Some of these rings are solitaire rings, but they also work well with ring enhancers.

Can You Use A Ring Enhancer As A Wedding Band?

Other factors to consider:

Shank Material – the best ring enhancer for your solitaire ring is the one made of the same metal as the ring. So, a 14k engagement ring should be paired with a 14k ring enhancer. Matching the metals ensures the same tone for the pieces. You could, however, pair your white gold ring enhancer with a yellow gold ring.

Stone – the choice of metal is completely yours if you wish to embellish the engagement ring, and you could opt for similar white diamonds or colored stones. Whatever you choose, the added stones should enhance the appearance of the original stones on the ring.

Size – ensure that you get the size right, especially when buying the pieces separately. Seek guidance from an experienced jeweler to get the best advice.



Though designed to enhance the appearance of your engagement ring, the ring enhancer works great as a wedding band too, and there is no harm in choosing a ring enhancer to serve as your wedding ring.

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