What Does Rhodium Plated 14k White Gold Mean?

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If you are a fan of white gold jewelry pieces, chances are you have come across the term ‘rhodium plating’ when browsing through a few online websites or during your shopping spree.

That said, Rhodium plated 14k white gold is quite popular and valued in the jewelry world. However much so, a great number of people do not know what exactly it is.

To help you understand what exactly Rhodium-plated 14k White gold means, we will explain what exactly the Rhodium plating and 14k white gold is, then delve deeper into their pros and cons before establishing whether it would be a great decision for you to purchase Rhodium-plated 14k White gold.


What is Rhodium plating?

What Does Rhodium Plated 14k White Gold Mean

Rhodium is described as one of the rarest, silver-white hard metal that falls within the platinum metals family on the periodic table.

Rhodium plating is also referred to as Rhodium dip or Rhodium Flashing. It is valued for its highly reflective nature and it is identified as one of the most expensive precious metals in the Earth’s crust.

To add on that, it is an inert metal, which means that it is corrosion resistant as it oxidizes in moist air, and it also increases the durability of any jewelry pieces that it plates.

More often than not, the Rhodium plating is added onto either silver or white gold jewelry to increase their luster, shine and durability levels.

It also has the ability to make any metals more scratch resistant and less prone to tarnishing.


What is 14k White Gold?

Generally, white gold is a naturally occurring element that is represented by the chemical symbol Au and has an atomic number 79.

14K White Gold is a mixture that primarily consists of gold and has been blended with durable white metals such as Nickel, Palladium and Silver.

14 Karat simply refers to the gold metal that is 58.3% pure gold and it is used to make eternity bands, pendants, earrings and engagement rings among other jewelry pieces.

What does rhodium-plated 14k white gold?

Based on the above explanations, we can establish that Rhodium-plated 14k white gold is a mixture that contains 58.3% of pure gold mixed with white metals Palladium, Nickel or Silver alongside a rhodium plating.

Generally, if all the other metals in the alloy are mostly copper, then you should expect the gold to remain yellow in color but in the event that other metals such as Palladium, Silver or Nickel are added to gold, then the resulting alloy is automatically bleached to a white tone.

The main reason as to why Rhodium Plated 14K White Gold exists is because a lot of people are allergic to Nickel.

Rhodium plating, was therefore introduced to form a protective barrier between the wearer’s skin and the white gold metal.

Pros and Cons of Rhodium-Plated 14K White Gold


  • Rhodium Plated 14K White Gold jewelry pieces tend to have a dazzling effect alongside a brilliant white color that is quite conspicuous and aesthetically pleasing.
  • It costs a lot less than platinum and still retains its title as a precious metal in the jewelry world.
  • The Rhodium plating is hypoallergenic thus a great investment for anyone with sensitive skin.
  • Compared to jewelry pieces that are made out of White Gold alone, Rhodium Plated 14K White Gold is more durable and more scratch-resistant.



  • Unfortunately, the Rhodium plating wears out over time and your jewelry pieces would need regular re-plating.
  • White gold is quite soft thus vulnerable to scratches or any kind of damage after the Rhodium plating wears off completely.
  • Sometimes, the nickel content may be too high in the white gold pieces thus may cause skin irritation after wearing them for a longer period of time.

Should you buy Rhodium Plated 14K White Gold Jewelry?

Whether you prefer to purchase Rhodium Plated 14K white gold jewelry or not, is ultimately a personal choice that should be in line with your individual likes and sense of style.

Overall, these jewelry pieces are a great investment if you are inclined to the neural and elegant look that is given off by silver or platinum.

Your favorite jewelry pieces, particularly rings, are at the highest risk for wear and tear as they tend to come into contact with anything your hand touches.

This, however, isn’t that much of a worry when it comes to Rhodium-plated 14k White Gold jewelry, simply because they are much more durable and valuable.

To add on that, you can never doubt its versatility and high-quality feel. So, you should definitely get your Rhodium Plated 14K White Gold jewelry pieces ASAP!


All in all, 14K gold is quite the perfect choice for an engagement ring or a stunning necklace that you can wear every day.

Purchasing any Rhodium-plated 14k White Gold jewelry piece is an absolute bonus to your jewelry collection and you are assured of durability and aesthetics every time you wear them.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!