9 Actionalble Tips for Removing Jewelry Glue From Skin

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One of the hazards of jewelry making is glue getting stuck on your skin, you gluing yourself (skin to skin), and in others cases, having fabric stuck on your skin.

Any of these happening feels not just uncomfortable, but it can be very uncomfortable, especially when you’re trying to force the glue out of the skin.

But whether you are dealing with super glue or epoxy or any other kind of glue you use in jewelry making, you need to be aware of some of the tips that will ensure the safe and fast removal of the jewelry glue from your skin.

In this article, we’ll share with you tips and tricks on how to safely and easily remove jewelry glue from your skin. So, keep reading to learn.


How to remove jewelry glue from skin

1.Soaking the glue

How To Remove Jewelry Glue From Skin

The first strategy for the safe removal of glue from your skin would be with the help of some warm, soapy water. This strategy works for most people, especially for the removal of glue from the hand.

All you need to do is to fill up a small bowl with warm water and then add some drops or about 1tbsp of mild soap to the water. Next up, dip the affected area of the skin in the warm water, and let it soak for about 60 seconds. This should soften the skin and the glue, making it easy for you to remove or wipe the glue away.

If your first attempt at scrapping away the glue fails, you could try to peel away the glue using a spoon’s handle. This should make it easy for you to remove the glue.

You may also want to use lemon juice instead of water. With this option, you need one part lemon juice mixed with equal parts water. Note that this could be a lot more effective because the acid eats away at the glue.


2.Glue removal using acetone

To get rid of the stubborn glue from your skin, the most effective and recommended strategy is to use acetone. Acetone is the active ingredient in nail polish removers, and it also works great in ensuring the safe removal of superglue and other forms of jewelry glue.

How To Remove Jewelry Glue From Skin

To use acetone, follow these steps:

First, remove the clothing or any clothing that may have glue on it. Do this gently, especially if there is a bit of glue spilled on the clothing and skin.

Next, rub a small amount of acetone on that part of the skin where the glue was bonded to.

Let it sit for some seconds, then try to peel that bit of the skin gently, and as you would when removing a piece of bandage. It might not feel too painful at first, and you may want to get over it, but you should never pull too hard on it because this could tear the skin.

Once you’ve safely separated your skin from the glue, wash that area of the skin using warm water and soap. Pat it dry, then apply moisturizing lotion to prevent the skin from drying.

What happens if you don’t have an acetone-based nail polish remover? Worry not. In the absence of acetone, you can remove the glue from the skin by trying to soak the affected areas of the skin with warm, soapy water. Let it sit for a few minutes, then slowly and gently try to peel the glue from the affected area. You may also want to roll the affected area of the skin apart. The catch is that this will take a bit of time.

Note that while using the acetone-based nail polish removers, you should not use cotton swabs because the cotton swabs tend to react rather violently with the chemical cyanoacrylate, and this reaction may cause smoking or even burst into an open flame.

Also, you should know that before you remove the glue from the acetone-treated area, you should allow that area to dry out completely before using the nail emery to pry away the glue. Again, be careful not to forcefully remove the skin. And if there is a lot of glue on the hands, you may want to scrub it all away using a pumice stone in warm water.

Don’t rush the process. Let the glue dry. It will turn white, and when this happens, you can peel it off with ease and with no additional help needed.


3.Use Mineral Spirits

The best alternative for acetone might be the mineral spirits. This is an ideal solution for you if you have sensitive skin.

To remove the glue, soak the affected part of the skin with some mineral spirits before trying to loosen up the glue.

Be gentle, and give it one or more tries if the glue fails to come off the first time.

How To Remove Jewelry Glue From Skin

4.Peel of glue gently

This might sound a little conventional, and it is not the ideal option for you if you have sensitive skin; but it still works if you just need to get rid of the superglue that’s dried up on your fingers, especially if the glue is stuck on just one finger rather than two fingers stuck together.

But again, you need to be careful when peeling off the glue. Any unnecessary pressure will leave you in pain, and you may even peel off or lift the skin.

So, be careful and stop immediately if you see that your skin is lifted up.


5.Use Margarine

This is the other thing you could try to get rid of the glue on your skin, and it is particularly helpful to you if your skin is sensitive.

Grease some margarine over the affected area and rub the area repeatedly until the glue loosens up, and you can peel it easily and more gently.

Olive oil could also work in place of margarine because the grease will react with the glue, loosening the bond. You could also use petroleum jelly.


6.Use laundry detergent

This is only an ideal option if the glue is not on a sensitive area of your skin or body. In this method, you should mix the laundry detergent with hot water.

And to remove the glue from a small area of your skin like the fingers, get ¼ cup detergent with hot water, then soak it in for about 20 minutes to loosen up the glue.

How To Remove Jewelry Glue From Skin

7.Use salt

Some peoples wear salt in glue removal. And all you need is a small amount of paste made from salt and water. The salt paste should be abrasive enough to get rid of the glue on your hands.

With this solution, you need to make a paste out of salt by adding a little water to tbsp or tsp of salt, then mix it up to make a paste.

Then rub this paste in the affected area of your hand for about 60 seconds. Rinse it off a little, and if there’s still glue, you should keep on rubbing. Repeat this until you have all the glue out.


How to remove super glue from the eyelids

If this happens, you have to be very careful with how you remove the glue from the eyelids. You have to be extra careful and very gentle.

  • But first, don’t use any chemicals to try to remove the glue. Instead, flush your eyes using clean, warm water.
  • And despite the temptations, you should not try to pry open or pull the eyelids apart. Just don’t.
  • After the warm water flush, you need to see the nearest or your eye doctor for careful, safe and removal of the glue. The doctor will most certainly have the perfect remedy for you, and the glue will be unsealed easily.

Note, however, that there is a slim chance that the doctor’s magic hands and tools might not resolve the problem – which is expected, sometimes. You should know, however, that as long as the glue is on the eyelids and not inside the eye, the issue will resolve within a week, and your eye should start to open up within a week.


How to remove glue from your mouth or lips

This is another tricky spot to get glue on, but accidents happen, and some glue may find its way to your lips or the mouth.

If this happens, first wash your lips using a lot of clean, warm water. Let the water sit for some minutes, then try to peel or gently roll your lips apart. And be careful not to swallow any of the glue that will come off.

But if you are unable to get your lips unstuck, it might be time for you to see a doctor.



The solutions offered above are some of the best options for you to try out if you have jewelry glue on your skin. Be gentle when handling the glue, and if the glue gets to sensitive areas like the eyes and mouth/ lips, consider seeing your doctor or visit the nearest urgent care center.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!