10 Creative Ideas For Redesigning Wedding Rings in 2024

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Do you have old wedding rings – family heirlooms or antiques that you’ve collected over time that you’d like to transform into unique wearable pieces that look trendy, unique, and elegant? This article is exactly what you need.

We understand that the older pieces of jewelry in your possession could be too valuable to be tossed out or to just sit in the jewelry box, especially when the rings are made of solid, high-quality materials like sterling silver or gold.

You may be thinking of things you could do to make the rings look newer or more your style, which is where we come in.

If you are not sure about what to do with the old wedding rings, here are some ideas that would allow you to easily transform the old and non-trendy rings into something new that you will actually love.

So, keep reading for ideas on how to redesign wedding rings.


Ideas for redesigning wedding rings

1. Turn your emerald yellow gold ring into two new white gold emerald rings.

 Ideas For Redesigning Wedding Rings

The beauty of redesigning rings is that the ring you need to be redesigned can be transformed into pretty much anything or any ring design you could think of.

And if you have a single, wide emerald gold ring and you’re unable to decide who between two family members gets it, this would be the perfect solution for you.

By redesigning the ring and splitting one wide ring into two pieces with the same features – the emeralds and the same finish, you end up with two rings for each family member, making everyone happy.


2. Adding diamond accents to a ring

For a more subtle but upgraded look, you could have the ring redesigned by adding one or more diamond accents next to or on the sides of the center stone.

You could do this easily by switching the ring’s band to the setting with diamond accents on the ring’s sides rather than the ring’s center.

Keep in mind that doing this will enhance the appearance of your ring while also adding in some extra sparkle, and this would happen without forcing you to go through anything drastic or make huge changes to the original structure of the diamond ring.


3. Add extra diamonds to turn a simple diamond ring into a 3-stone diamond ring.

 Ideas For Redesigning Wedding Rings

The three-stone ring design might not be everyone’s ideal ring design, but it sure does create stunning pieces, and anyone interested in a diamond ring upgrade might like this ring design.

You only need to make sure that you take the ring to a reputable jeweler who can work around the original ring and make all the necessary design changes without damaging the ring or its original design.

You will spend a bit more to redesign the ring into a 3-stone piece, but the outcome will be stunning.

Just make sure that the extra stones added to the ring balance well with the original stone.

So, opt for smaller or medium-sized rings to be added to the ring. The best part about this ring design option is that it will give your ring the appearance of a bigger ring.

If you are not afraid to go all out, you could also opt to add some colored gemstones like rubies or sapphires to the white diamond.

Doing this will give your ring a more unique and stunning appearance.


4. Opt for a larger center stone

One of the easiest ways for you to upgrade or reset your ring would be to replace the center stone with a larger diamond.

Though this is a fairly straightforward approach, the results are quite surprising, and you will end up with the ring you always dreamed of.

So, if you received a family heirloom in the form of a simple diamond ring without any stone added or with a very small stone and you’d like a bigger statement piece, you could take the ring to a diamond specialist who will help transform your ring into a stunning piece with a large center stone.

This could also be a good option for you if you fall out of your engagement or your wedding rings years later.

Getting a larger center stone for your ring could also be an ideal option if you got married without much, but you can now afford to splurge.

This redesign would be an excellent representation of your growth and accomplishments because it would mean that you have the extra money to finally buy your dream ring.


5. Incorporate a halo into your original ring with the center stone

 Ideas For Redesigning Wedding Rings

If you are looking for ideas for a complete overhaul or change in the design of the ring, you could choose to add a halo diamond setting to the original ring’s center stone.

Incorporating a halo into your ring will transform it completely, which makes it the perfect redesign idea if you like the halo shape and would like a completely new look for your ring.

Just make sure that the ring is redesigned by a professional diamond ring designer who will ensure the perfect transformation of the ring while also adding in some extra sparkle.

The best part about halos is that they create an illusion of a larger diamond.

You could also use the pave-set rings for the wedding ring into a halo of intricately set diamonds encircling the main stone on a single-stone wedding or engagement ring.

In addition to the change in the design of the diamond ring, you could also opt to have the ring’s finishing changed so that instead of a dulling yellow gold, you have a lustrous white finish for the ring by having it plated with either rhodium or even platinum.


6. Get the diamond setting an upgrade.

Sometimes, the change you need in your diamond ring can be as simple as an upgrade to the diamond’s setting.

This is the case because, in essence, the diamond setting makes or breaks the design of the diamond ring, which means that the decision to completely change or upgrade the setting will enhance the appearance of the ring.

If, for example, your engagement or wedding ring has a tall, pointed setting such as the cathedral setting, you could choose to change or upgrade this ring’s setting into something like the bezel setting.

The best part about this kind of change to the ring’s design is that you end up with a ring that is less likely to get damaged.

So, if you need a safer and more durable setting for the upgrade, this would be a good option for you.


7. Go for a more streamlined look rather than the fun design for the cocktail ring.

 Ideas For Redesigning Wedding Rings

Though cocktail rings with gemstones are fun and stunning, they are not that practical, and you cannot wear such kind of ring on a regular or daily basis.

The height and the elements of the ring mean that it will snag fabrics.

To end this challenge, you get to retain the ring’s design elements by taking it to a jeweler who will be able to give a ring a more streamlined look.

The new design of the ring will have the diamond as the center stone, for example, and the emeralds and rubies could be set meticulously on the opposite sides.

You could also have white gold elements thrown in, leaving you with a stunning statement ring that is a lot more comfortable and streamlined for a more comfortable fit.


8. Turn 2 more pieces of rings into one stunning ring.

If you have two gold diamond rings that were family heirlooms and you wish to change the rings into something stylish, you need to get a professional jeweler experienced in diamonds and other gemstones.

Besides cleaning and polishing the rings, the rings and other findings like small charms could be transformed into one magnificent ring that will dazzle whenever you wear it.

The complete redesign of the rings and their blending into one big stunner will go a long way in making you wear the pieces you thought you could never wear again.


9. Transform the white gold rings into yellow gold pieces

 Ideas For Redesigning Wedding Rings

If you have a white gold ring that you cannot stand to wear anymore because the center stone is no longer brilliant white or because the tinges of yellow are now more apparent, you could have it transformed into yellow gold.

This change might not be the cheapest, but the results will be impressive. Even with more brilliant white diamonds, the tinge of yellow will disappear or rather blend in well with the yellow 14k or 18k yellow gold, and the redesigned ring will look just as good as new.

This redesign would work for a single white gold ring with the yellowing center stone, or in addition with another white gold old ring with multiple small paved diamonds.


10. Look through the design options offered by the jeweler.

With patience and working with the best jeweler, you will be surprised with just want they can come up with.

A ring that you thought you’d never wear again because you no longer found it fun, or you can be transformed into the most spectacular piece, and in the most unexpected of ways.

Remember that nothing is really that different or unique as you may think, and a good jeweler will always turn things around, even when you think that the ring is beyond reclamation.



So, if you have been looking for ideas on how you can redesign your wedding ring easily, we hope that the ideas above set you in the right direction.

Bear in mind that at the end of the day, the design change on the ring can be one simple change in the diamonds or the color of the metal band or a complete overhaul in the design.

It could also involve a single ring, two, or more pieces.

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