Real Experience In Styling Jewelry In Daily Life

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Do you ever look at someone else’s accessories and how that person has styled their pieces, and after passing on your compliments, think to yourself: ‘Wow, they are good at picking out accessories!’ Or, ‘how did I not think of wearing by rings, bracelets, or brooch that way?’

Perhaps you’ve thought they are fashion experts or stylists because everything is perfect and nothing is out of place.

You may have such a friend, too, or maybe a virtual friend you follow and admire on social media because they always get it right, regardless of the event or setting they are dressing up for.

Well, that could be you too. How? While you may think that you are not the most creative person when it comes to styling jewelry, or you just opt for the minimal pieces because you don’t want to mess up things, you can finally try different tricks that will instantly uplift your look thanks to the tips above.

We’ve gathered several tips from real people like you and me, and we’ll now share some practical jewelry styling tips that will work for you. If you have been struggling or just find some tips by stylists to be out of your league or not to your taste, these tips are for you.


How to style jewelry in daily life

1. Styling tips for necklaces

Real Experience In Styling Jewelry

If the top you have on has exciting details for the neckline, you should skip wearing a necklace.

Also, with the neckline that already has enough going, you want to wear your hair back. But don’t skip earrings.


2. Your body shape determines how statement necklaces look

Real Experience In Styling Jewelry

The chunky or heavy statement necklaces are not ideal; they won’t look great on you if you are petite. However, they are great on full-busted or plus-size women. If you are petite (meaning you have a smaller frame generally), you should stick with the simple pendant necklaces.

If, on the other hand, you are tall, say, 5’8 or 6’, delicate and dainty jewelry options may not be the best for you, and they end up looking ridiculous and pretty much lost on your frame.

So, if you are tall, you will need bigger and bolder pieces. At the end of the day, it’s all about scale, so chunkier necklaces may not look good on petite individuals, but they will look great on the bustier and taller individuals.

Besides chunky necklaces, being tall also means that you will easily get away with big geometric cuff rings and bold earrings rather effortlessly.

Real Experience In Styling Jewelry

You could also go for a layered necklace look without worrying about some pieces looking off or making you look shorter than you are. Your tall statue, whether lean or a little on the heavy side, gives you more space to work with and pieces easily spread out at a much greater distance than they would if you were petite, where many accessories would look crammed together.

Also, if you are tall or have a larger frame but still like dainty pieces, you should wear the delicate pieces by themselves. Instead, combine it with another simple piece to complement your frame.

We are saying that if you are tall, it will be easier for you to accessorize with multiple pieces, as long as you break them by layering necklaces of different lengths, for example. This makes sure that you cover and break apart that wide space between your boobs and the collarbone.


3. Everyone needs minimalist jewelry

Real Experience In Styling Jewelry

Your frame notwithstanding, you must have minimalist jewelry. Note that minimalist jewelry is different from dainty.

Think of minimalist jewelry as the elegant makeup-no-makeup look that works for everyone because it gives off a stunning classic look.


4. How to wear and style statement rings

Real Experience In Styling Jewelry

While you may have jumped on the trend that encourages wearing a statement/ cocktail ring on one hand and, on the other hand, a bracelet, it is time to abandon that ship.

It may be a popular style with the people you interact with, but these pieces create more of a lop-sided look.

Instead, think of your hand and the wrist as a single unit, then dress them together – so the statement ring and the bracelet should be on the one hand, and the other hand left bare. The bare side will draw attention to your accessories when you do this.


5. Bracelet styling tips

Real Experience In Styling Jewelry

Do you think there are season-specific accessories? Well, this might not be your style, but advice from someone older or maybe your age is that bracelets are ideally summer or spring accessories that shouldn’t be worn during the colder months.

And this reasoning makes sense because when you’re layering, wearing bracelets over or along with your long-sleeves and sweaters is just off. You may argue against this, but it’s not the worst piece of advice when you don’t know how to style your jewelry.

If you have narrow wrists and arms, you may want to skip bracelets because they will slide too far down while also exaggerating the narrowness of your wrist.


6. Matching jewelry

Real Experience In Styling Jewelry

When you have a matching jewelry set, perhaps one that includes a bracelet, necklace, and earrings set, you shouldn’t wear these pieces too close together on your body.

In this case, you may want to skip the chain and wear the matching earrings with the bracelet. Also, you should consider investing in more coordinating or complementing pieces rather than exact matching sets.


7. Less is more

Real Experience In Styling Jewelry

We’ve all heard this many times, but it’s worth repeating. This simple rule states that after putting on all the pieces of jewelry, you think you should wear, take off one thing before you head out.

Thank us later? In other words, it’s all about balance, and even when you’re going for a statement look, your pieces should be bold, elegant, and quiet, not loud and heavy.


8. Tips for earrings and necklaces

Real Experience In Styling Jewelry

Generally, you should only wear a necklace with earrings if you plan to wear simple earrings like huggie earrings or diamond studs.

And if you are wearing dangly, long, loud, or colorful earrings, you should skip the necklace and perhaps throw on bangles or bracelets if you feel too light on jewelry.


9. It’s okay to mix metals

Real Experience In Styling Jewelry

Fashion and style rules are meant to be broken, and one of the rules that you shouldn’t be afraid of breaking is this one – mixing metals.

There is no harm in mixing metals; just be intentional about it. The best kind of jewelry that allows you to mix metals seamlessly is bracelets, and you can have a mixture of gold and sterling silver bracelet.

However, you cannot mix everything – mixing gold and silver chains, for example, looks and will feel off.


10. The Era of Mixing Materials and Textures is here

Real Experience In Styling Jewelry

Besides mixing metals, try mixing materials and textures. You can start with stone and cloth mixes, matte and glossy, or mixing soft and hard elements or shapes.

The mismatched or asymmetrical look is also trendy and one you could easily pull off.


11. The classics’ List

Real Experience In Styling Jewelry

Many jewelry options fall in the classics list, and though the list varies from one person to another, here are the pieces that we believe should be in your classic jewelry/ accessories list and in your jewelry wardrobe/ collection.

A gold coin chain, set of slender bangles, at least one pearl necklace or faux pearls, a pair of real or faux diamond earrings, one chunky cocktail ring with a pretty bright colored stone, a pair of wild/statement earrings, a gold/bronze signet ring, a simple metallic watch, a classic leather-strapped watch, one vintage piece, a piece of sparkly link-bracelet/ chain-link/tennis bracelet, a brooch, enamel pin.


12. Doubles and Triples

Real Experience In Styling Jewelry

You look well-put-together and stylish when you wear stuff in doubles or triples.

Think of sets of cuffs, a double-strand pearl necklace, a pair of matching brooches, or three layers of chain necklaces. They just work.


13. Don’t be afraid to try out new styles

Real Experience In Styling Jewelry

You cannot resist change for too long. Ultimately, your jewelry style will change, the same way your sense of fashion changes, and so, if the old techniques and pieces no longer suit your style or aesthetic, be free to experiment with the new things you are drawn to.

There are many new styles of aspirational jewelry, and there are also varieties that are practical, work for your class, and make you feel great.

Whatever you settle on, always wear jewelry that warms your heart and makes you happy because they match your style and aesthetics.

You may have worn dainty sterling silver pieces for as long as you can remember before transitioning to heavier pieces, including heavy hoops and Bohemian pieces to large gemstone pendants, before going back to dainty gold, minimal, and structural pieces.

It doesn’t matter how much your journey with jewelry evolves; how you embrace the journey and enjoy the changes in taste.

In the spirit of experimentation, it may be a good idea to start with simpler pieces of non-fine jewelry; these cost less, and you will not be splurging on jewelry you may not like after two months.


14. Functionality

Real Experience In Styling Jewelry

You may love bangles, for example, when going out, but if you work at a desk and type too much, they will get in the way, and you just can’t wear them at work.

While they feel amazing, the distraction from the clanking metals will make the bangles unfit for work settings, so you shouldn’t wear them at work. You don’t want to be a nuisance at work if you try it, and you shouldn’t.


15. Go for quality jewelry

Real Experience In Styling Jewelry

Whether you are shopping for rings, earrings, necklaces, anklets, bracelets, or body chains, you must always buy quality pieces that suit your style.

Initially, they will cost much more than you may like, but jewelry with excellent craftsmanship, sturdy, high-quality settings, clasps, and links is worth much more than cheaper jewelry that would come apart soon after.

We also recommend owning at least one set of fine jewelry, even if it’s just a pair of diamond stud earrings, small gold hoop earrings, and a gold necklace. These classics exude elegance, style, and sophistication; the best part is that most of them last forever.


16. What’s your go-to style

Real Experience In Styling Jewelry

Having all the cool foundational pieces is fun, but you also need to have your style, and it doesn’t look the same for everyone. However, a go-to, core, or uniform look features a ring, watch, and a pair of cute earrings for most people.

If you still haven’t put down your personal style, you could check out Pinterest for inspiration, thanks to the hundreds, if not thousands, of style look-books you can go through.

You may also find inspiration from pieces offered by particular jewelry designers. And, permanently settle on the details that elevate your look the most; this could be a watch, earrings, or necklace – essentially, anything you cannot leave the house without, or you just feel naked without.


17. Skin Tone

 Real Experience In Styling Jewelry

This is the other key feature that should guide your choice of jewelry and how you can accessorize different pieces.

Silver and white gold look good on cool skin-toned individuals, while gold (yellow and rose gold) work for persons with a warm skin tone.



There is so much to consider, but with the insights above, you won’t go wrong with jewelry, and at least you can try on different pieces now that you know what works and what doesn’t work for you.

That said, it’s important to remember that your choice of jewelry is a personal matter in terms of your style and preference, so only a few of the tips above will work for you, and others will not.

Also, whatever jewelry style you choose, your comfort comes first. Even when trying out different jewelry, you shouldn’t force a look if you feel uneasy. No one cares if something is trendy or not; if you don’t feel comfortable, leave it.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!