Are Real Diamonds Set In 925 Silver?(Quick Expert Answer)

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How do you know if the piece of diamond jewelry you are eyeing is real or not? Well, first, look at the metal it’s set on.

Some metals are too soft for real diamonds to be set on them, and if you come across such metals with diamonds set on them, it often implies that the diamonds are fake.

So, would you find real diamonds that are set in 925 silver?

Keep reading to learn more about 925 sterling silver diamond jewelry.


Are real diamonds set in 925 silver?

Although diamonds come in a rather vast range varying in prices and variety and sterling silver isn’t the toughest metal used in jewelry, diamonds can be set on 925 silver (Sterling silver).

Are Real Diamonds Set In 925 Silver

For the cluster ring designs that involve the use of small-size diamonds and where there is a limitation on where the diamonds are set on the silver pieces, the costs associated must be justified.

For solitaire styles, you may find a 0.5ct diamond set on sterling silver. Though there are cases where the diamonds used are faux diamonds, there are many cases where the solitaire cluster is made of real diamonds.

Just to be certain, you may want to take that diamond-silver ring to a trusted jeweler to be sure.

As mentioned above, silver or 925 sterling silver is quite soft, which might make mounting of real diamond stones challenging.

The center stone would be at great risk of falling out the first time it falls, or you hit it against a relatively hard surface. It, therefore, means that there is a high likelihood of the diamonds set on sterling silver being fakes.

Are Real Diamonds Set In 925 Silve

Does this mean that you should avoid diamond rings that are set on 925 sterling silver? Well, no. If you are on a budget, you will find a huge variety of sterling silver with smaller pieces of inexpensive and lower-carat diamonds.

But if you are looking for high-end diamond jewelry, you’d have to buy the ones set on gold, platinum, or even titanium. That said, most of the expensive diamond rings that look like they are set on silver are actually set on platinum.

If the ring has a big stone, you should get it tested first, although, as mentioned above, most of the bigger diamond stones are set on harder, more durable, and stable metals other than silver.


Pros and cons of 925 silver rings

Are Real Diamonds Set In 925 Silver

If you are looking for some of the best engagement rings, sterling silver rings might have popped up on your radar as an option you could choose.

But with a number of other potential options, you’d want to weigh all the options available. For sterling silver engagement or wedding rings, a look at the pros and cons allows you to make a more informed decision and even save you money.

Before we look at the 925 silver rings, it’s important to note that the material used for these rings is also known as sterling silver, which is made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

This composition makes the best quality silver used in jewelry, and the copper is added to add to silver’s tensile strength.

Natural/ pure silver is too soft to be used in jewelry on its own, hence the alloying with copper or other metals.

Are Real Diamonds Set In 925 Silve


  • Sterling silver rings are exquisite, and they complement pretty much any ensemble.
  • The neutral tones blend well with all skin tones.
  • Nice brilliant shine and an endearing lustrous appearance
  • Hypoallergenic, hence preferred by people with nickel allergies
  • Durable and makes excellent family heirlooms
  • Versatile designs and styles
  • Sterling silver rings are said to offer great health benefits.
  • Easy customization options
  • Affordable for precious stone


  • Too soft, and it bends easily.
  • Prone to scratching
  • Not the best option for setting diamonds on
  • The rings will tarnish over time.


Is a 925 silver ring worth anything?

Are Real Diamonds Set In 925 Silver

925 Sterling silver is one of the purest precious metal alloys used in jewelry making because it’s only about 10% impure, thanks to the 92.5% pure silver used to make sterling silver.

With the high percentage of pure precious metal used in this metal, 925 sterling silver rings are valuable.

To determine the value of the piece, you’d have to look up the daily market value of fine silver. You could get that piece of jewelry valued at the jewelers too for the most accurate value determination.

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Are Real Diamonds Set In 925 Silve

How to Tell if .925 Silver Ring Diamonds Are Real?

For most couples planning to be engaged, diamond engagement rings, though regarded as the engagement ring standard, can be a huge expense, and with pressure creeping up from different corners, one is forced to look for the next best, affordable option.

In most cases, and for most couples, the options involve opting for rings with smaller or inexpensive diamonds, or in other cases, diamonds set on inexpensive precious metals like sterling silver.

Are Real Diamonds Set In 925 Silver

But even this option comes with caveats, especially because of the softness of 925 silver along with the fact that the diamonds set on the silver might be unreal.

Knowing this makes the search for the perfect sterling silver diamond rings even more confusing unless you know how to differentiate the real from fake diamonds set on sterling silver rings.

Here, we’ll take you through simple ways to determine if the 925 sterling silver ring diamonds are real or not.

Are Real Diamonds Set In 925 Silve

1. First, take the ring to a reputable jewelry store to have the ring appraised. The appraisal involves steps and tests that tell you about the stone’s actual value and quality.


2. Check the setting and the diamond moun 

For real diamonds, the prongs are connected to the ring tightly, wrapping around the diamond, meaning that the diamond will not pop loose easily.

One look from a seasoned jeweler will confirm the prong setting and the mount and whether the piece is authentic or not.


3. Stamp.

First, a 925 stamp or marking on the ring tells that the ring is made with a sterling silver setting.

However, it’s important to note that real diamonds are not set on sterling silver because this lustrous metal is extremely soft.

In most cases, therefore, the ‘diamonds’ set on sterling silver are Cubic Zirconia stones., and the ring might have a CZ stamp for these synthetic diamonds rather than actual diamonds.

Often, real diamonds will be set on platinum or gold rings because these metals are harder and will hold the actual diamonds better.


4. Ring Quality.

The other thing you should do is to inspect the ring closely.

Authentic diamond rings are set with the highest level of craftsmanship, which means that if the ring looks like it wasn’t soldered properly, then the diamond would be fake.

Most of the trustworthy, high-street jewelers know that setting expensive stones like diamonds has to be done on the best quality metals with the best settings.

Are Real Diamonds Set In 925 Silver


925 Sterling silver makes beautiful jewelry, but this precious metal is too soft to hold valuable stones like real diamonds.

As a result, most jewelers will set CZ stones on sterling silver rings and not real diamonds.

So, if you find sterling silver rings said to have diamonds on them, either the diamonds set are extremely cheap and perhaps the lowest quality pieces or the set stones are synthetic diamonds, called cubic zirconia.

Best-quality diamond rings are set on gold and platinum and not sterling silver.

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