Can You Re-pierce Your Nipples?( Detailed Answer Updated in 2024)

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Can You Re-pierce Your Nipples? Or can you re-pierce your nipple in the same place or Spot?

You’ve had nipple rings before, and for one reason or another, you had to take them off. After, the hole closed.

You’re wondering if you can get the piercing redone- we are here to answer that.

Can you re-pierce your nipples?

Let me give you a quick answer: YES. You can re-pierce your nipples. Please read the detailed answer below.

The concern that people have when it comes to get their nipples re-pierces is the scar tissue present after the first piercing closed.

It tends to be hard, and there is the possibility that the pain could be more the second time around. The other concern is the healing time because you’re getting a piercing in an old site.

When the fact is that, when done professionally, you can indeed re-pierce your nipples and have no issue.


There are people who, indeed, for various reasons, have had to remove their nipple rings.

As a result, the hole closes, and they have to get the piercing redone.

Should you be in such a position, don’t let it worry you too much. You can get the piercing done and get back to putting nipple rings.

Even then, your piercing should be completely healed before breastfeeding; otherwise, you’ll put yourself and the baby in danger.


Important Things to know about getting nipples re-pierced

One thing to note is that when you’re getting the piercing redone, the best type thing to use is a barbell.

The reason for that is they cause less irritation because they hardly come into contact with your clothes.

The other purpose is that the barbell matches the direction of the piercing, which is not something rings tend to do.

Rings tend to pull done the piercing and makes healing more difficult. Due to swelling and draining, the piercer will put a more extended bar before switching to a smaller one eventually.

Also, during the piercing, there will be some resistance because of the scar tissue, but eventually, the nipple will heal fine if you take good care of it. You also not need to worry about breastfeeding. While the barbells are out, your child will suckle just as well.

When they are off, you can insert them again if they will not have closed by the time you’re done breastfeeding.

One of the tips that people suggest before getting your nipples re-pierces is massaging the nipples one to two times a day for five minutes.


The logic behind that is so that you can break down the scar tissue to make it easy for the piercing to go through. That means there will be less resistance to the scar tissue.

When it comes to healing, people have different experiences. For some, the second time around is more painful, and the healing of piercing takes longer.

For others, the piercing is not as painful because they know what to expect, and with great care, the healing time is just about the same as when they got the first piercing.

For the first few weeks, wear loose cotton clothing to allow the area to breathe and also do saltwater soaks to clean the area twice daily.


How long should you wait to re-pierce your nipples?

The waiting time to get your nipples re-pierced should be six months and above.

If you’re unsure if the piercing is completely healed, take a trip to a professional piercer and have them assess the area.

There are reasons that people would want to re-pierce their nipples after the initial piercing.

Some could realize they are pregnant; others end up in spaces where they can’t have nipple rings or also realize the piercing wasn’t well done.

The best thing to do is indeed to get the nipple pierced a bit deeper, let’s say, below the scar tissue, so that it heals after.

Even after you’re re-pierced your nipples, you should wait for the recommended 9-12 months for healing to take place.

During that time, you should avoid changing jewelry and also nipple play. The nipple area is generally sensitive and thus also takes a longer time for the fistulas to form.

You should know that any form of tearing in the nipple, even microscopic, leaves the area susceptible to infection. It’s for that reason you should avoid stimulating the nipples or even touching them as bacteria may enter through these tears.


How many times can you re-pierce your nipples?

If you’ve had a bad job done on your piercing, you can find it quite frustrating as you might end up thinking the window of opportunity to having fabulous nipple piercings is gone.

However, that is not the case. There are instances where you can go to a piercing parlor, and instead of finding the sweet spot, they end up making a too deep or too shallow piercing. In that case, what you do?

There is indeed no magical number of times you can have your nipple pierced. If there was an error on the first piercing, you can go back within a few days and have them penetrate another spot, letting the first one to heal.

Also, if the first job was done well and you still opted to leave the hole to close, you can get it redone on the same spot.

The only thing is that the place needs to be wholly healed and close to avoid exaggerating the scar tissue.


The pros and cons of re-piercing your nipples

Pros: When you get your nipples re-pierced, you are going back to that sexy look that you were looking for the first time you had them pierced.

You also go back to having pronounced nipples, which is something some people do have. Once healed, you can have all the fun you want with them.

Cons: The challenges that you faced the first time you got the piercing don’t go away.

You’ll still feel a ton of pain, especially if you have a low tolerance to pain. Also, you have to take constant care of them to avoid infection or anything of the sort.

Also, the healing time is the same, and even then. You have to contend with things accidentally getting stuck to the nipple ring.



There is no reason not to get your nipple re-pierced.

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