Genius Ideas and Quotes to Engrave on Wedding Rings

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Are you looking for ideas for his wedding band engraving? Or searching for some great short quotes to engrave on a wedding ring? You are in the right place. I really hope this post can help you. I hope you get inspired. I am a quotes collector and a quotes blogger. Here you can visit my quotes website here.

We are not all wordsmiths, and unknown to the world, we all struggle to find the right words sometimes. And sometimes, knowing what you are feeling and feeling all the right feels is not enough to make you find the perfect words, which is why we all need help.

Quotes to Engrave on Wedding Rings

If you love your fiancé to death but are unsure about what you’d like engraved on your wedding bands, we are here to guide you. You are about to be tied down to another human for an undetermined amount of time, and it would not look so good on you if you started things off with a less-than-perfect set of words.

And since you will wear your wedding bands pretty much every day, we bring you some of the best options, ideas you can steal, as well as Dos and Don’ts when it comes to wedding rings engravings.


Quotes to Engrave on Wedding Rings

Engraving your wedding bands is the most personalized expression of your love, and you need to do it all right.

Whether you consider yourself a romantic or not, engraved wedding bands are an ultimate step in showing your love to the love of your life, and you don’t have to be perfect at it.

Custom inscriptions on wedding bands have been a thing for centuries, with this tradition having started in Medieval Europe’s courts. Over the years, inscribing romantic poetry on wedding bands is a thing, and you could have the inscriptions around the inside of the shank, and even around the stone’s perimeter. This personalization technique works on engagement and wedding rings.

To help you get started with engravings on your wedding bands, keep reading.


How to engrave wedding bands

 First, you have to put in a request with your jeweler to have the ring(s) engraved, especially when ordering the things. While not all jewelers offer engraving services, most of the time, they will refer you to the best engravers who can work with the rings, regardless of the metals used to make the rings.

But don’t leave it at that – before the actual engraving work begins or before you place the engraving order, you need to double-check the text. Make sure the spelling is right, confirm with the engraver that they have the right details, and check the engravings on the rings the moment you receive your engraved rings. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Regarding the timelines, we recommend getting the ring engraved early enough. While engraving can be done fast, and as you wait, there are cases where engravings could take as much as a month for completion, especially when you are getting a custom ring with custom fonts. Before you sit on the rings for months, talk to the jeweler, and confirm how long it would take to have the rings inscribed.


Type of engraving

The engravings on your wedding bands could be hand-engraved or machine engraved. Machine engraving takes significantly less time, and it’s also cheaper than hand-engravings. The hand-engravings are, however, more meaningful, and a good option if you want to go all out.

But even with these options, it’s important for you to remember that the cost implications will vary depending on what you need, the type of font you choose, the number of characters in your inscriptions, metal, graphics, as well as the carat weight of the diamond.


How many words can you engrave on a ring?

The number of words that could be engraved on a wedding band varies depending on your finger size/ size and the thickness of the band. In most cases, however, rings will accommodate 15-30 characters, including spaces, letters, and numbers.


Unique Engraving Ideas

If you have these words that you’d like your partner to look at and remember each day, but there’s no way those words would fit the rings inside the shank, think lyrics or a poem, then you might have to engrave the message inside the shank, all way to the rim of the stone.

You could also go the laser-inscribing way – the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) offers the best laser inscription services, and they can inscribe anything on that ring, including graphics and microscopic messages. If you dig the microscopic inscriptions in which the message inscribed cannot be seen by the naked eye but only visible under a microscope, you can use this option to inscribe a romantic secret known only to the two of you.

The other idea you might like involved inscribing a secret message on the diamond stone, meaning that the inscription will be more of your unique foolproof birthmark. This is also a protection policy because if the ring is stolen, you can identify it easily because only the two of you know about this mark.


What are good engraving quotes?

Genius Ideas and Quotes to Engrave on Wedding Rings

We’ll break down some of these ideas into categories.


  • Romantic Engraving Ideas

If you are a romantic and prefer adding a romantic twist to things, you might like the idea of using romantic statements, but with the older phrase. We are talking about the Latin, French, or Italian versions of romantic statements.

For example, “Semper amemus,” which is Latin for “Let us always love,” “Il Mio Cuore è tuo per sempre” Italian for “My Heart is Yours Forever,” or “Pour Tous jours” that’s French for “For all Days.”

  • Engraved Vows

Why not create a shorter version of your vows on the wedding bands? Your vows might be paragraphs long, but at the end of the day, you can summarize those words with fewer or single words like “Eternity,” “Forever,” or “I Love You.” “To Love and to Hold” is a good option too.

  • Old English Inscriptions

If you are both into literature or ancient history, or if one of you is, the ring for the lover of old English history, art, and literature might have their ring inscribed with some good poetry. There are innumerable historical phrases with a personal meaning just for you two, for example, “This and I until I die” or God for Me Provided Thee.”

Other options include:

  • Meaningful symbols
  • Fingerprints
  • Your names
  • Partner’s name
  • Part of song or film


What should I engrave in my husband’s ring?

  • Vivo per lei, Italian for “I live for her”
  • Mizpah; Hebrew, Genesis 31:49 – Meaning may the Lord watch between us when we are apart/ absent from one another,
  • Myn genyst, Old German for My heart
  • Pour tous jours, 15th-century French for “For all days”
  • In thy breast my heart doth rest, Old/ Shakespeare English)



There are endless inscription options you could choose from, but at the end of the day, you need to make sure that you are settling for the words/ phrases that speak to you, of your love for each other, and the promises you make to each other.

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