What Do The Pura Vida Bracelets Mean?

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Ever since time immemorial, jewelry has been a fun and aesthetic way to dress up any outfit. To date, you can never go wrong with adding a jewelry piece to a casual, formal, or vintage fit. For some, however, jewelry items mean so much more than just aesthetics.

Certain symbols used in jewelry, such as pendants and accents, hold more than, only just an ornamental value. If anything, they are the most subtle way of expression and can raise your vibration and lighten up your aura.

What Do The Pura Vida Bracelets Mean

An example setter of expressive jewelry pieces is the Pura Vida bracelets. Generally, ‘Pura Vida’ is a Costa Rican philosophy that encourages each one of us to appreciate life’s simple treasures as they come. The Pura Vida bracelets come in several colors, each with a different meaning.

In this write-up, we will explain what each color means and how it relates to various aspects of our lives.


What does the Purple Pura Vida bracelet mean?

What Do The Pura Vida Bracelets Mean

The color purple is often associated with luxury, royalty, and nobility. Purple also represents different meanings of creativity, peace, independence, and pride. It also symbolizes dignity, extravagance, and wealth.

The purple Pura Vida bracelets calm and stimulate our bodies. When we are calm, we are often in the right place for introspection and focused insight. The bracelet awakens our senses as it promotes just the right quiet we need to make insightful and intuitive observations.


What does the Black Pura Vida bracelet mean?

What Do The Pura Vida Bracelets Mean

On the positive side, the color black represents meanings of power, mystery, sophistication, and elegance. In contrast, the color black represents negative things such as anger, grief, and sadness.

The black Pura Vida bracelets affect your mind and body by boosting your confidence and getting you more in touch with feelings of gloom, sadness, and emptiness that may exist in your life. It also increases the sense of potential and possibility in different aspects of your life.


What does the White Pura Vida bracelet mean?

What Do The Pura Vida Bracelets Mean

White is one of the euphoric colors in the color spectrum. It represents purity, cleanliness, and illumination.

To add to that, it associates with various meanings of spirituality, humility, beginnings, and sincerity. It also represents elements such as softness, brilliance, understanding, and perfection.

The white Pura Vida bracelet is associated with everything good in life. When you wear the white Pura Vida bracelet, it symbolizes new beginnings, such as having a clean slate. It also signifies wholeness and completion.


What does the Blue Pura Vida bracelet mean?

What Do The Pura Vida Bracelets Mean

Blue is the color of the ocean and the sky. It is a very calming color and represents reliability. Also, it symbolizes stability, wisdom, serenity, and inspiration. It is also the color of dedication and bravery.

It reflects the depth of understanding and introspective journeys. Also, it is a symbol of the depths of the human psyche and can represent depression.

The blue Pura Vida bracelet calls to mind aspects such as bravery, loyalty, and protection. It represents spiritual realization, attracts peaceful rest, and highlights profound insight. It symbolizes wisdom, stability, and serenity.


What does the Green Pura Vida bracelet mean?

What Do The Pura Vida Bracelets Mean

Green is the color of life. It represents harmony, renewal, freshness, and safety. to add that, it means impressive energy and renewal.

It symbolizes growth, fertility, and the environment as well as nature. It is also associated with money and ambitions. Unfortunately, it also represents negative traits such as greed and jealousy.

The green Pura Vida bracelet effects your ability to forgive and express unconditional love and compassion. It is a harmonizing bracelet with a healing effect.

It keeps you calm through powerful healing energy directed to your heart. The identified further encourages the need for renewal and growth to lay the foundation for abundance.


What does the Red Pura Vida bracelet mean?

What Do The Pura Vida Bracelets Mean

Red is the color of violence, anger, and danger. In as much so, it also represents adventure, passion, and seduction. It symbolizes powerful associations. Also, it could mean health, religious fervor, and courage. It signifies a deep sense of survival, power, and creation.

The red Pura Vida bracelet is a sign of prosperity and happiness. You can always wear it to attract good luck. It is a powerful accent color and can have an overwhelming effect on you.

It arises any emotions of power and passion. Spiritually, it represents that you are ready to take action on a new project or embark on a new goal that you have been ignoring for years.

So, if you have been putting off too many projects lately and you end up having the red Pura Vida bracelet, you know what to do!


What does the Yellow Pura Vida bracelet mean?

What Do The Pura Vida Bracelets Mean

Yellow is fun and exciting. The color yellow represents spontaneity, hope, and happiness! Besides, this color does a great job of grabbing your attention. It is full of hope and positivity.

The yellow Pura Vida bracelet aids concentration, communication, logic, memory, and will-power. It is full of intellectual energy and creativity. It solely represents clarity in different areas of your life and raises your happiness levels.


What does the Pink Pura Vida bracelet mean?

What Do The Pura Vida Bracelets Mean

Romance and Charm! Pink is playful. Pink is cheerful. Pink represents romance, tenderness, and a feminine vibe. It means cute, pleasant, and sweet. It represents tenderness and affection.

The pink Pura Vida bracelet symbolizes youth, playfulness, and good health. It tones down aggression and raises a soothing effect. When you wear the bracelet, you embrace a willingness to embrace cheer, creativity, and wonder.



Whichever color of the Pura Vida bracelets you choose to wear, it is bound to evoke feeling and spark emotion.

While all the Pura Vida bracelets each have a different meaning, it is useful to remember that the psychology behind any color in the spectrum depends on various factors.

Our past experiences matter. So do our cultural influences and personal tastes. Our beliefs also affect how we would interpret the different colors.

These color meanings also affect why people prefer one color of the Pura Vida bracelets over the other.

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