How Much Should You Spend On A Promise Ring?(Easy Guide)

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Not everyone is into promise rings, but for people who believe in the promise rings, the ring is believed to be a step up from dating, something that tells the world and reminds a couple of their commitment to each other.

It is believed to be important in protecting and nurturing a relationship, but because it is not an engagement ring, most people wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on the promise ring. ‘A lot of money’ is subjective, though.

 How Much Should You Spend On A Promise Ring

So, in this article, we’ll share with you some insights into the cost of the promise rings and what is considered a reasonable amount of money spent on the ring.

In the most practical sense, a promise ring shouldn’t be as expensive as an engagement ring because the latter is more meaningful and expected to cost more.

Keep reading to learn more about promise rings and how much you should be spending on this ring if you choose to get it.


Understanding the purpose of the promise ring

 How Much Should You Spend On A Promise Ring

A promise ring can be defined as a ring that is given by one partner to the other, often in a romantic relationship, as a way of signifying their commitment and fidelity to each other.

Oftentimes, the exchange or giving of the promise ring precedes an engagement, but this is not always the case.

At the heart of this ring exchange, however, the promise ring is believed to symbolize that partner’s devotion to their relationship, and the person accepting the ring would be promising to reciprocate the feeling.

The promise ring will, however, have varying meanings, depending on the couple. In most cases, the appeal behind the promise ring lies in what the ring may represent.

For some couples, it signifies their future engagement, and for other couples, it is this general symbol of devotion/ commitment to each other. Think of it as a representation of you promising yourselves to each other.

 How Much Should You Spend On A Promise Ring

Note, however, that promise rings are not new, and they are believed to have been around for centuries, specifically from the 2nd Century BC, where rings known as the posy rings were given to the ladies that the gentlemen were interested in.

The posy rings would be engraved with romantic poems. Most of the remarkable posy rings, however, date back to 16th Century England.

An equivalent of these rings were the Acrostic rings; these rings had words spelled out in gemstones like emeralds, rubies, amethyst, garnets, and diamonds – these were quite common in the Victorian and the Georgian eras.

 How Much Should You Spend On A Promise Ring

It wasn’t until the last decade that the idea of modern promise rings came to life. This was largely thanks to the publicity around the promise rings made popular by celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, and the Jonas Brothers.

That said, the promise ring is not always the same as the purity ring – there are a few cases where the promise rings are synonymous with the purity ring, for instance, when Joe Jonas noted that the rings they wore represented the promise they made to themselves and to God – to stay pure until they married.


When to give promise rings

 How Much Should You Spend On A Promise Ring

I. When you wish to propose, but you can’t, just yet

II. If you’re moving away for school or work, for example


How much should you spend on a promise ring?

 How Much Should You Spend On A Promise Ring

Well, there’s really no limit on what amount you choose to spend on the promise ring, meaning you could get an expensive gold ring or opt for a cheaper gold-plated ring. The cost of the ring doesn’t really matter; the character and the love of the person making the promise are what really matter.

Unconditional love and loyalty are also considered to be more important when it comes to the promise rings, and really, no price tag can be attached to these. So, in as much as people will just you and value your life based on what you can provide materially, there is always more to it than the value of the promise rings.

In other words, you could spend less than $20 on the ring or a million-plus, depending on what you feel about the promise ring and what you can afford.

 How Much Should You Spend On A Promise Ring

Keep in mind that the recipient of the ring may not keep the ring based on its cost but what they feel about you.

Most promise rings are cheap, though. This is the case because most people that exchange promise rings often do that at the beginning of their careers or when they are in school, hence the need for the most affordable promise rings.

In such cases, the average spent on promise rings is $400, although you could get away with spending about $100 or much less.

 The best part about this is that you don’t have to feel bad about buying a bottom-of-the-barrel promise ring; you can always redeem yourselves when you are both stable and successful in settling down or having a proper engagement.


Tips for buying your very first promise ring

There is a lot that goes into choosing the perfect promise ring, and because you want your very first promise ring to mean something, funds notwithstanding, we’ll share tips on how to buy your promise ring here.

1. First, settle on the metal

 How Much Should You Spend On A Promise Ring

Regardless of where you choose to buy the ring from, the thing that will influence the price of the ring and whether you will buy it or not is the material that the ring is made of.

Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, sterling silver, platinum, and even stainless steel are some of the metals that are often used for high-end rings.

The rings could be plated with precious metals too, and they may have a brass or copper base.

So, first, look at your budget and the pricing of rings made of these metals, then decide on what would be ideal for you. Keep in mind the recipient’s style.


2. Choose the right style for your partner

 How Much Should You Spend On A Promise Ring

It might be cheap, but at the very least, make sure that it is something your partner would love.

The ring should match your partner’s style and fashion taste.

Regarding the setting of the ring, opt for something more classic and lovely, for example, a solitaire ring rather than a heart-shaped ring.


3. Don’t buy a promise ring that looks like an engagement ring

 How Much Should You Spend On A Promise Ring

Make no mistake; a promise ring cannot look like an engagement ring; it would otherwise make your partner confused, and the misunderstanding may be too hurtful later.


4. Choose an engraved ring

Even with the cheapest options of engagement rings, there is always the option of customizing the ring, your budget notwithstanding.


5. Know your options

 How Much Should You Spend On A Promise Ring

There is a promise ring set on precious stones and bedazzled with the best quality colored gemstones, promise rings designed as promise necklaces, and in other cases, you could opt for a non-jewelry promise ‘ring’.

Examples of the latter would be asking your partner to move in together with you, getting them a long-lasting plant, or even getting them a pet – in these unconventional settings, you need to remember to talk about things first and make your intentions clear.



Promise rings symbolize your pledge of love, an honor for your relationship, and a signal of your future together.

It is a great way of expressing your commitment to your partner and the relationship, and the price is not a big factor when it comes to choosing the promise ring unless you’d rather get them the most expensive promise ring that you can afford.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!