18 Popular Types of Promise Ring In Modern Times

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Promise rings are not popular today as they were in the past when pretty much everyone from the older generation would give or receive a promise ring of sorts. But they are trendy, and several people still hold the promise rings in high regard.

If you are one of the individuals who believe in the power and the importance of promise rings, you will be happy to know that several types of promise rings would suit your style perfectly. And in this article, we’ll take you through every type of promise ring you need to know about.


But first, what is a promise ring?

Promise Ring In Modern Times

A promise ring is the type of ring that symbolizes the commitment made between two individuals, often in a romantic relationship. It is not the same as a marriage proposal, and it’s given at specific times.

In most instances, a promise ring is often given when a relationship is still new, between two very young lovers (puppy love), for couples living apart, for example, in different countries or cities, and also for couples who cannot afford to buy expensive engagement rings just yet.

Promise Ring In Modern Times

Before you give someone a promise ring, however, there are some simple rules that you need to take into consideration, for example: are you sure and serious about the relationship or making a lifelong commitment?

Also, when giving them a ring or exchanging the promise rings, you need to make sure that you explain to your partner that the ring is just a promise ring, not an engagement ring.

The other thing you need to remember is this; you shouldn’t get down on your knee when giving your partner a promise ring; instead, you should consider giving out a ring in a box and then allow them to open it.


18 Popular Types Promise Ring In Modern Times

Below are some common types of promise rings and promise ring styles that stand out today. These include:

1. Pre-Engagement Promise Rings

Promise Ring In Modern Times

Generally, promise rings can be given on and for different occasions, but for most individuals, they were given as a form of pre-engagement, with the giver and the recipient using the ring as a form of commitment for couples about to be engaged and hoping to get married in the near future.

In most instances, therefore, the pre-engagement promise rings are replaced by the engagement and, ultimately, the wedding rings.

So, if you are in love with someone and you’re interested in making a lifetime commitment to that special someone, then the pre-engagement promise ring will be perfect for you.


2. Purity Promise Rings

Promise Ring In Modern Times

These promise rings are meant to be worn by couples promising each other always to remain committed to each other, to remain chaste, and in other cases, to abstain from something.

There also are instances where parents give their kids the purity promise rings as a way for their kids to promise to abstain and to remain sexually pure and chaste until marriage.


3. Abstinence Promise Rings

Promise Ring In Modern Times

This is the other category of promise rings, representing the promise rings worn by couples promising each other to remain chaste and abstain from sexual intercourse.

Such promise rings are also worn to symbolize a form of abstinence from habits like drinking and smoking.


4. Friendship Promise Rings

Promise Ring In Modern Times

Away from lovers, there are instances where friends promise each other to remain friends and not to allow anything to get in their way.

The friendship promise rings like friendship bracelets are meant to remind friends that they will not succumb to the temptation to ever fall in love with each other romantically, but they will remain in each other’s lives, no matter what.


5. Religious Rings

Promise Ring In Modern Times

There also are religious promise rings, which are often given to and by groups of religious followers promising to follow specific religious beliefs and doctrines every day, from the day they make that oath.


Promise ring styles:

6. Solitaire promise rings

Promise Ring In Modern Times

This promise ring features a single diamond ring, hence the solitaire ring style, and it is the most popular type of engagement and promise ring.

The ring design is common for engagement rings, whether made of fine or fashion jewelry materials. So, if your girl prefers the classic ring style, with a big diamond on it, then this style of promise ring would be ideal for her.


7. Diamond cluster promise rings

Promise Ring In Modern Times

While the diamond solitaire rings are quite popular, this promise ring can be quite expensive. If you cannot afford the solitaire diamond promise ring, you may want to consider the diamond cluster rings made of several small diamonds.

The diamond rings are set together using very small pieces, which means that these rings are much more affordable than the solitaire rings. This ring style stands out for diamond lovers and is also ideal for individuals who want to keep things rather minimal and elegant.


8. Alternate gemstones

Promise Ring In Modern Times

There also are several types of promise rings that are made of alternative gemstones other than diamonds. These gemstones are great alternatives to diamonds, and they include soft gems like opals and hardier gems like blue and pink sapphires, blue topaz, rubies, and amethyst.

There also are rings made of medium-hardness level stones, and these not-so-tough stones on promise rings include emeralds, quartz, and aquamarines. They all look elegant, boast a royal, non-diamond look, and make the best kinds of gemstone rings.


9. Trilogy Rings

Promise Ring In Modern Times

The trilogy rings are the other style of promise rings that would suit your style.

These are three-stone rings designed and named aptly to symbolize the past, present, and future, specifically in couple relationships.

The design and concept of the trilogy rings are based off of the traditional ring designs of the Irish/ Trinity knot rings.

They are significant romantically, and the 3 stones make these rings ideal when given and worn as promise rings.


10. Simple Ring band Promise rings

Promise Ring In Modern Times

This is the other style of a promise ring, and it’s an ideal option for individuals looking for elegant but simple and significant promise rings.

Such promise rings come in a variety of simple styles, and the bands are made of high-quality metals like platinum, sterling silver, gold, etc.


11. Crown Promise Rings

Promise Ring In Modern Times

This style of promise rings is also common for couples who want to make a promise of commitment to each other. These rings remind the partners to treat each other like kings and queens of their own hearts.

The concept of promise rings comes from the couple treating each other like royalty and never allowing anything to get in their way. So, you could gift your girlfriend a stunning crown ring, promising to make and treat her like the queen she is.

She also makes the promise to make and treat him like the king of/ in her life. The other types of meaningful and unique promise rings that carry the same meaning are the Emperor Couples Promise Rings. These rings are made in sets for him and her.


12. Infinity Promise Rings

Promise Ring In Modern Times

You could also gift the person you love a promise ring designed as the infinity symbol. This ring represents the promise of eternal love.

The standard designs of these rings include the silver infinity ring, often embellished with several small gemstones like diamonds, resulting in a classy and elegant ring.

The infinity ring reminds your girlfriend of your commitment to her, and she will never forget that she is loved whenever she sees it.


13. Fingerprint Promise Rings

Promise Ring In Modern Times

The fingerprint promise rings are another common type of promise rings that are embellished with the couple’s fingerprints on each of the rings.

These rings are made for lovers often, with many couples preferring the fingerprint rings which have their fingerprints engraved on them.

The engraving is applied to the metal ring that the ring is made of, and these engravings are made to be deep enough to last for long.

The fingerprint engravings result in promise rings that signify love and faith between couples.


14. Double Knot Rings

Promise Ring In Modern Times

There also are promise rings designed with a double knot design.

The knots in these rings resemble the knot of love, and it represents the knotted love that the couple shares, coupled with the promise that their love for each other is as tight and strong as a tight knot that remains knotted together forever.

These knot rings are oftentimes made of metal alloys of platinum, silver, or gold.

Often, most couples prefer platinum knot rings for men and rose gold, white or yellow gold rings for the ladies. But they all have a simple look.


15. Interlocking Promise Rings

Promise Ring In Modern Times

These rings are designed uniquely and represent the ring designs that allow couples to make and keep their promises of love for each other.

The interlocking ring design is also meaningful, and it represents the love shared by couples is deep, and they may be interlocked soon, in marriage or engagement.

In other words, these rings represent a promise to get married and be together forever, someday in the future.


16. Matching Hearts Promise Rings

Promise Ring In Modern Times

These rings feature a pair of elegantly and intricately designed rings, each with a half heart engraved and detailed on it to represent the couples’ beating hearts in different bodies but for each other.

It is also believed to represent the idea of half hearts, split into halves to represent the heart of the man and the woman, as seen in each ring. When these rings are put together, they represent a whole heart and two hearts that will always be together for eternity.


17. Engraved Names Promise Rings

Promise Ring In Modern Times

In other cases, lovers find it quite romantic to have each other’s names tattooed on each other and/or on rings; this is where the idea of engraved name promise rings comes in.

The names on the rings represent the couple’s commitment to each other and the love shared. Some people find such rings tacky but to each his own.


18. Men’s promise rings

Promise Ring In Modern Times

There also are rings that are made specifically for men. These promise rings have different words engraved on them, but ‘Taken’ is quite the common word on these rings.

It is also an expression of love and commitment. There also are men’s promise rings made of tungsten, which is one of the most versatile and unique metals as it can be made into different colors like black, silver, or grey rings.

There also are promise rings that are gemstone=studded for men and boyfriends.



Promise rings have been around for a long time, and couples have always exchanged promise rings.

And today, they come in different styles and designs, and there is essentially something for everyone who loves the idea of promise rings.

These rings are made of plain metals, others are engraved, and several other promise ring options are fitted with gemstones, and they are ideal for both men and women, girlfriends and boyfriends.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!