Why are Princess Cuts Diamonds Cheaper?( 5 Reasons Found)

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Why are Princess Cuts Diamonds Cheaper? The four C’s of diamonds are cut, clarity, and color and carat weight, of which the most important one of these 4 C’s is the Cut.  The diamond-cut assesses the overall light performance of any diamond and it is based on a combination of three major factors, that is, symmetry, proportions and polish.

When purchasing jewelry made from diamonds you may have noticed that the diamond has multiple surfaces. A diamond’s cut refers to how well-proportioned these dimensions of your favorite diamonds are, and how each of these facets or surfaces, are positioned to ensure the ultimate dazzling effect, just the right amount of sparkle and enough brilliance.

In as much as it seems a tiny factor, cut is the most essential factor that determines the diamond’s overall beauty and its price tag. One of the most popular square-cut diamonds that you may come across is the princess cur, which if you dig deeper is cheaper than most diamond cuts.

That said, we will look at the reasons as to why princess cut diamonds are cheaper.


Why are Princess Cut Diamonds Cheaper?

Why are Princess Cuts Diamonds Cheaper

Before we explore the reasons as to why princess cut diamonds are cheaper, we would need to understand what exactly the princess cut diamond is and explore its characteristics.

The princess cut, also known as the square modified brilliant, is a diamond cut shape that is mostly used in engagement rings.

This particular cut has wither a square or rectangular shape when you view it from the top and when you look at it from the sides, you will notice that its shape is quite identical to that of an inverted pyramid with 4 beveled sides.

Amongst the reasons as to why princess cut diamonds are cheaper are;


1.A great amount of diamonds is preserved after the diamond is cut

When compared to let’s say a round cut diamond, a princess cut diamond is way cheaper. The main reason behind the variation in price between these two is seen in the amount of rough diamond that is preserved once the diamond has been cut.

A round brilliant cut often preserves about 40% of the rough diamond, which means that in the event that 1 carat rough diamond is used, 0.40 carat of fine cut diamond can be successfully extracted.

In comparison, a princess cut tends to preserve about 80% of rough diamond after being cut and 60% can be conserved when blemishes are removed.

In that case, from 1 carat of rough diamond, rest assured that 0.80 carat princess cut can be extracted.

Thus, the wastage of diamonds in the princess cut is a lot less which actively contributes to greater saving and a less expensive price tag.

2.A lot less labor is required to achieve this cut

In princess cut diamonds, a great deal of the rough diamond is reserved and for this reason the symmetrical square cut takes a lot less effort.

In comparison, round cut diamonds need a lot more effort to successfully chisel out a magnificently cut round diamond.

Based on the amount of labor that is invested to acquire perfectly cut diamonds, we can establish that the price of the princess cut diamonds if estimated is relatively lower than that of round cut diamonds.

Why are Princess Cuts Diamonds Cheaper

3.Princes cut diamonds tend to have color flaws

When it comes to color, you would need to take so much time to figure out the best color for your jewelry piece than with round cut brilliant diamonds.

Generally, the light on the round cut is more superior thus the true color of the rough material underneath is easier to conceal.

However, when it comes to the princess cut diamonds, you would need to be a lot more careful because it has a lower light return that may end up showing the actual color of the rough diamond instead.

For this reason, you are advised to pick either an H or I color for the best value. The point is, these color flaws make it less expensive.

4.Issues with durability

When it comes to clarity, we can say that a princess cut is a decent hider of any inclusions just like the round cut diamonds.

However, it has very serious issues of durability. 

Considering the fact that princess cut diamonds have about four sharp corners, they are vulnerable to chipping.

Even worse, if there are any inclusions in any one of the four corners of that specific diamond, chances are that your engagement ring will chip even faster than you expect it to.

Even if the diamond is readily set in a ring and it seems less of an issue, at one point or the other, you will have to get the stone reset to ensure a certain level of durability.


5.Slightly lower demand

One of the major reasons as to why most diamonds go for a higher prices is the mere fact that they are in great demand.

In this case, round cut diamonds are in higher demand than the princess cut diamonds due to their brilliance, durability and overall aesthetics when set.

As a result of its popularity and its quality levels, it is the most coveted shape.

For this reason, since the princess cut diamond isn’t in high demand, its price tag isn’t exactly the highest.

Why are Princess Cuts Diamonds Cheaper


The fact that princess cut diamonds are cheaper doesn’t make them any less stunning or valuable. In fact, princess cut diamond rings look spectacular in either a gold or platinum setting.

When you are purchasing a princess cut diamond, all you need to do is ensure that it has been set in a mounting that protects all the four corners of the diamond.

Since it is square or rectangular shaped, the best setting would be a V-prong setting.

Lastly, if your princess cut diamond will be set together with other stones, you would need to ensure that all the accents are no more than one grade apart or are the same color as the center stone.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!