Platinum vs. Diamond- Which one is Harder?(Mohs Scale Comparison)

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Platinum vs. Diamond- Which is harder? When looking for the best jewelry for your collection, you may find yourself trying to figure out which one between platinum-plaited jewelry and diamond jewelry works best for you if not the absolute value for the buck.

Generally, both Platinum and Diamond are commonly set together in the crafting and designing of stunning engagement rings. These two metals are well renowned for their aesthetics, their hardiness and their long-lasting nature.

Considering the fact that they are both used together and are a great combination in terms of any ring settings that exist or are individually used to make different delightful jewelry pieces, we may wonder which of the two is harder and longer-lasting.

Before establishing the answer, you would need to understand what the Platinum and Diamond metals are. Also, in this write up, we will evaluate the hardness of both metals to back up our conclusion.


What is Platinum Metal?

Platinum vs Diamond, Which is Harder

Platinum is one of the transition metals with an atomic structure that allows it to bond easily with other elements that exist.

It is the most desired and highly valued metal in the jewelry world. To add on that, it is one of the rarest metals to have ever existed.

Because of this it is quite the price and is considered the luxury metal amongst the purest and most precious metals in fine jewelry.

Previously, it was identified as ‘white-gold’, which is affiliated with the fact that it is a silver-white metal. Amongst the greatest advantages of Platinum metal is that it is very much resistant to corrosion and tarnishing.

Also, it is very soft and malleable which makes its shaping a seamless process, it is unreactive thus doesn’t oxidize or damage due to contact with any common acids and it is quite ductile thus easy to stretch into a wire.


What is Platinum MOHs Hardness?

Platinum vs Diamond, Which is Harder

Majority of the time, we get to hear about the MOHs scale of hardness when we are using it to compare different gemstones used to make a variety of jewel pieces.

In as much so, the very same system is used to rank different metals that exist in the universe.

In addition, the MOHs scale of hardness organizes different types of metal-based on their scratch-resistant levels.

These metals can fall along the metal hardness scale from 10 being the most scratch-resistant and 1 being the softest and easiest to scratch.

When looking into Platinum it falls under 4 – 4.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. For this reason, we can establish that Platinum is not exactly a hard metal. This means that it can be scratched by any element, metal or alloy that is much harder than it is.


What is a Diamond?

Diamond is one of the widely known and most-sought after gemstones in the jewelry world and it is used in the making of delightful engagement rings.

It is one of the polymorphs of Carbon and its atoms have been arranged in a crystal structure otherwise identified as diamond cubic.  

Generally, it is an excellent electrical insulator and is the ultimate abrasive. In addition, it is transparent and it crystallizes in the isometric system.


What is the Hardness of a Diamond?

Platinum vs Diamond, Which is Harder

When looking into the harness of Diamond using the MOHs scale of hardness, it is rated at 10.

 Its hardness entirely depends on its crystalline perfection, purity and orientation.

Moreover, its hardness is also said to contribute to its suitability as a gemstone and it is able to maintain its polish pretty well due to its scratch-resistant nature.

This means that it would last as long as you need it even if you wear it daily.  


Platinum vs. Diamond: Which is harder?

Absolutely Diamond. Diamond is much harder than platinum. Mohs scale of hardness: 10>4-4.5. Diamond is considered the hardest metal in the world. Its great hardness, in fact, is the source of its name.

In as much so, the fact that it is the hardest natural occurring metal on both the MOHs scale and the Vickers scale, does not mean that it is indestructible, infinitely hard or uncatchable.

It can be worn down by even softer materials, for example vinyl records, with time and can also be scratched by other diamonds and nano-crystalline diamond aggregates.  



Depending on your preference, a Diamond or a Platinum ring may be the one for you but you are bound to feel classier and blend into the luxury that comes with a ring that is made from both!

Whichever side of the spectrum you fall, rest assured that they are both durable components.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!