5 Safe Plastic Earrings for Newly Pierced Ears in 2024

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Getting your ears pierced can be a great experience, but it can also a scary one if you’re not sure about the earrings to get.

There is quite the selection in the market, and while some can get away with wearing just about anything, others are not so lucky.

That is especially the case for people who have metal allergies.

Their options are limited to plastic, but even then, getting the right kind can be challenging.

In this article, we are going to take a look at plastic earrings, what you should go for, and a list of them you can try out from Amazon.

It’s not exhaustive but quite a good place to start. Let’s dive in.


What are plastic earrings made of?

Plastic earrings can be made for any number of types of plastics. They also include acrylic or silicone as well.

However, the types of earrings you want to go for are those made from medical grade plastic.

You must if you have sensitive ears. It is also ideal for kids and also those who have new piercings.

Therefore, while there are a ton of options when it comes to plastic materials that make earrings, you want to opt for medical-grade plastic to be on the safe side.

One such type you can go for is Bioflex. It is a bio-compatible and hypo-allergenic plastic that has its origins in Britain in 2001.

What is great about it is how versatile it is, as well as it being sterile and complementary to one’s healing.

It is favored in the medical community and also in the jewelry industry because of how flexible and ultralight it is.

There’s also evidence that it helps piercings heal faster.


Why is plastic earring good for newly pierced ears?

Plastic earrings, particularly medical-grade, are ideal for newly pierced earrings because they are hypo-allergenic.

A lot of people are allergic to metals such as nickel, gold, and other alloy metals and therefore need something compatible with their skin, especially when it’s newly pierced ears.

Only ensure that it is nickel-free as well. The other thing about this type of plastic is it’s tough, and it can keep up with the happenings of your day.

While there is a limited number of designs when it comes to plastic earrings, something you’re assured of is you’ll always get something subtle.

It makes it great for those who want to hide a new piercing or not draw attention to it.

There are institutions where they aren’t entirely pro earrings, so having a clear plastic earring allows you some leeway.


Pros and cons of plastic earrings

Let’s now look at the summary of the pros and cons of plastic earrings


  • Medical grade plastic is hypo-allergenic
  • Bioflex promotes faster healing of new piercings
  • It is suitable for newly pierced skin
  • They are cheap
  • They are easier to hide when you’re in an environment that requires it


  • There are limited varieties in the market


5 plastic earrings for newly pierced ears

1.Ruifan plastic stud earrings

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Here we have earrings made from BioFlex plastic, which is non-toxic and allergy-free. The gauge size is 20G with a ball size of 3mm.

Given that they are cheap to produce, you’re able to get either 10 or 20 pieces of clear or black ball earrings from Ruifan.

The good thing about what they offer is that you can also use them for other piercings apart from those on your ears. These come with a velvet bag for storage.


2.YOYOSTORE plastic stud earrings

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If you’re looking to get something more discrete for your earrings then you can purchase these.

They are described as invisible plastic earrings given how clear they are. They are also tiny but can also work well if you’re looking to make your own DIY plastic earrings.

When you make a single purchase, you get 50 pairs of earrings, both the post and the backs. The pin thickness stands at about 1mm.

Overall, you’re assured that they are hypo-allergenic.


3.Stuppendux stick and hoop earrings

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The material of these earrings is silicone with a gauge of 16G.

They come in seven different colors and two styles; there is the standard stick and small hoops as well.

In total, you get 350 pieces in full in the mixes set that also includes earring backs. Overall, they are easy to wear but if you need to you can cut them down to your preference.

That said, you can also sleep with them comfortably, so you can have them on round the clock.


4.Hanpabum crystal stud earrings

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If you want to get something that stands out and you can also wear to a special occasion then you can try these crystal stud earrings from Hanpabum.

They are made from high-quality acrylic that is strong and transparent. You’re also assured that they are hypo-allergenic.

The rhinestone size is 2.5mm, with a length of 11mm on the post. It is clear, so you can wear it with just about any outfit.


5.Hanpabaum colored crystal stud earrings

Available on Amazon-Please Click the Picture to Check the Price

Here we have plastic earrings that are also from the precious brand; the only difference is that the rhinestone colors are different.

The crystals on these earrings come in a variety of colors, including red, blue, champagne, pink, black, clear, and a few others.

With these colors, you’re free to match as many outfits as you wish. You also get a total of 36 pairs.



You can get a variety of plastic earrings to wear in the market.

What is notable about them is they are simple and subtle.

If that’s the look you’re going for, then you’re guaranteed to get what you need.

Those mentioned here are only a few in the market, but they do make for a good starting point if you’re building a collection.

For buying guides, read here for more or visit our home page for more.


Hey! I finally find the Answer!