Pink Tourmaline Vs. Rose Quartz (Differences, Pros And Cons Explained)

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Choosing the right stone to help you grow emotionally, in love, and become more compassionate can be a bit hard, especially because pink tourmaline and rose quartz are both pink and are stones of the heart and are Libra birthstones.

Here are differences that can help you land on what among the two fits you best.


What does pink tourmaline look like?

Pink Tourmaline Vs. Rose Quartz

Pink tourmaline comes in different shades ranging from pale pink to dark pink. They look like prisms that are always long and slender. However, pink tourmaline that is thick is always columnar. Some pink tourmaline crystals are opaque, and some are transparent.

Pink tourmaline is made up of manganese, iron, magnesium, and other types of metals. The manganese in pink tourmaline is responsible for the pink color—the more the manganese, the dark the shade of pink in any tourmaline.

Therefore, the look of pink tourmaline varies because of the different levels of manganese in the stones.


Pros and cons of pink tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline Vs. Rose Quartz

Pink tourmaline is associated with unconditional love for a person and the people around the person. Also, it is famous for its great influence on emotional healing.


  • Pink tourmaline helps you overcome grief, regret, and relationship break up. Once you put the pink tourmaline close to your heart, the positive energy from the stone fights the negative energy in your body. It restores calmness and clarity in your heart.
  • Pink tourmaline helps ease your tension and manage panic attacks. You can wear this stone if you are going through so much stress because it is known as the best gem for stress-busting. You can wear it as jewelry or massage it in a folded palm during panic attacks.
  • It is a stone that fosters self-love and compassion. It works more specifically for people born in October who are focused on loving themselves more. Also, it works for regular people who want to be more loving and full of compassion.
  • It is the best stone to use when trying to create a healthy sleeping routine. It has the energy to overcome the lack of sleep and gradually help you sleep peacefully.
  • Pink tourmaline has the energies that can awaken your spirituality. In this case, people born in October are favored because it works for them since their energies perfectly match pink tourmaline’s energy. It was believed to be a stone of divinity and was used in the past by the Shaman tribe to increase the flow of divine energy in people. Therefore it can be used today for divine restoration and healing spirituality.

Pink Tourmaline Vs. Rose Quartz

  • It can also heal the skin, nervous system, migraine, and neuralgia. Batu Pink tourmaline is the specific stone for this job. It also improves breathing because it heals the respiratory system.
  • It also helps reduce internal conflict in the wearer because it creates balance and understanding between the inner self and our self. It is a stone of peace that stimulates relaxation and joy.
  • It also influences the heart to be free from bitterness because it encourages forgiveness.
  • Also, pink tourmaline encourages positivity and expands the mind of the wearer. It gives them a chance to be more creative in their career. Hence, it creates a positive aura that opens doors for success.
  • Pink tourmaline has electrical properties that help keep the wearer safe from radiation from the current technology.
  • Lastly, it is the best stone to be used in place of diamonds.


  • Pink tourmaline is an expensive stone. The more saturated the pink color, the more expensive the stone becomes.
  • Many people do not love the pink color in pink tourmaline. It happens to be too girly and limits masculine men and women.


What does rose quartz look like?

Pink Tourmaline Vs. Rose Quartz

It is among the crystal quartz mineral and looks pale pink. However, some of the stones are violet.

Rose quartz is commonly referred to as hyaline and looks hexagonal. Also, it is almost transparent but between translucent and vitreous.


Pros and cons of  rose quartz 

Pink Tourmaline Vs. Rose Quartz


Rose quartz is a stone of love and compassion. It is also associated with the throat chakra and heart chakra.

  • It restores and strengthens both platonic and romantic relationships. It has the power to help someone become a better communicator, which reduces misunderstandings.
  • It also awakens the urge to love oneself, making one care more about themselves.
  • Rose Quartz has the passionate power to make someone look younger even when they are aging.
  • The main theme of Rose Quartz is heart healing. Therefore it helps in keeping the heart in good condition. It influences the effective circulation of blood in the heart while making the muscles soft but strong. It also helps the wearer develop a strong immune against thrombosis.  
  • It helps women through their pregnancy journey. It is associated with feminine energy that helps keep the expectant woman and baby healthy and safe. Also, it helps strengthen the bond between lactating mothers and their newborns.

Pink Tourmaline Vs. Rose Quartz

  • Rose Quartz had the power to help the wearer get over emotional pain and restore their strength and willingness to be compassionate and to love again. It is also known as the heart stone, which is associated with the heart chakra. It has energies that help the heart ignore and let traumatic memories go as it heals and restores its compassion. It can also be used during the manifestation of love.
  • People who wish to receive more love and affection, romantic or platonic, can use the stone.
  • It has the energy to reopen the heart chakra and make the wearer feel connected to someone they are in a relationship with.
  • Rose Quartz also has feminine energy that helps a person be motherly to themselves. To love and care for themselves without feeling the need to seek validation. It makes your spirit superior.
  • It can be used for beauty routines by Taurus and Libra.


  • Rose quartz is pale pink and associated with feminine energy. It limits masculine people from using it.
  • It is an expensive stone

Is Pink Tourmaline The Same As Rose Quartz?

Pink Tourmaline Vs. Rose Quartz

No, pink tourmaline is different from rose quartz. They are both pink but have different compositions. Even their level of saturation in pink color is different. Although they are both stones of love and compassion, their extended purposes also vary.


Difference Between Pink Tourmaline And Rose Quartz

Pink Tourmaline Vs. Rose Quartz

1. Pink tourmaline has different shades of pink, Rose Quartz is pale pink, and some pieces are violet.

2. Some pink tourmaline is opaque, while Rose quarts can only reach the translucent level.

3. Pink tourmaline has only the feminine color, and pink whole Rose quartz is linked to feminine energy on top of it being a feminine color.

4. Pink tourmaline cannot be used in beauty routines, while Rose Quartz can be used in beauty routines.

5. Pregnant women cannot use pink tourmaline to care for their health and bond, while rose quartz can influence good health during pregnancy and strengthen the bond between the mother and child.

6. Lastly, Pink tourmaline is a birthstone for Libra, while Rose Quartz is a birthstone for  Libra and Aquarius.


Pink Tourmaline Vs. Rose Quartz- Which One Should You Choose?

Pink Tourmaline Vs. Rose Quartz

Suppose you are feminine and want more feministic energy to choose Rose Quartz. If you are not so feminine and want to love more and be more compassionate, pink tourmaline is the stone.



Pink tourmaline and Rose quartz are the best stones of love, compassion, and emotional strength.

Consider getting one of them, depending on your needs.

However, it does not kill to have two of them; be careful not to wear all of them at once because the energy will be extremely high.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!