7 Popular Piercings You can Hide from Parents in 2024

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Are you looking for piercings that are easy to hide? or piercing you can hide from your parents? There are reasons to want to hide piercings from your parents, one of them being that they are not entirely on board with the idea.

If you’re of age within your state and want to get one, it makes sense to go ahead, especially if it is out of self-expression and not rebellion. At times even, it is not about hiding really; they don’t need to know if you’re an adult.


How to hide piercings from your parents

There are a couple of ways that you can hide your piercings from your parents. That all depends on where it is.

For example, you can use your hair to cover your ear piercings or even one you’ve gotten at the back of your neck.

Also, if you have it in more private areas like your nipples or genitals, then your clothing will do the hiding for you. You might also have to mind the fabric, so your piercing ring doesn’t show off.

Another way you can hide your piercings is if you wear clear-colored jewelry or something that matches your skin tone.

Unless someone is next to you, they won’t be able to tell that you do have a piercing.

The other way to make sure the piercing isn’t apparent is by taking good care of it. If the area is red or infected, it would be visible o other people that it’s possible.


7 piercings you can hide from parents

Let’s look at a list of piercings that you can get that you can hide from your parents or even relatives for that matter.

1.Any ear piercing

 If you have long hair and you leave it down most of the time, you can get away with having a piercing that no one knows anything about.

Even so, you can wear a headband or a scarf that hides the piercings. There are a variety of piercings that you can get around the ear; if you want, you can pierce all the available spots on your ears pierced too.

If you’re going for an occasion and you fear that they will show, you can get clear colored earrings that will not be too obvious.


2.Tongue Piercing

Tongue rings are super convenient because they are always naturally hidden unless you laugh exaggerated and stick out your tongue.

You should also remember to cover your mouth when you do yawn as well. Otherwise, you can have your tongue pierced, and no one, even your friends, will know about it until you make it evident.

That’s even more so when you get a transparent tongue ring. You might struggle with meals for a few days, but it’s worth it.


3.Spectrum piercing

A lot of people opt for the septum piercing because of how cool they are.

The reason for that is that you can tuck it way, and no one will know about it even though it is right in the middle of your face.

You can opt for nose rings that get tucked away neatly when you don’t want people to know about it. The other cool thing is that you can flip it back out when you’re out of the door and restore your cool look.


4.Belly button piercing

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Unless you’re always in a crop top and nothing more, then you can go for a belly button piercing.

With a top on, no one can tell that you have a piercing. Even though you do choose to wear something small to wear, you can wear piercing retainers.

You can get something clear colored and flexible made from BioPlast or BioFlex. Get something that suits your skin tone too if you wish to discrete. They won’t be able to take about its presence from a distance.


5.Nipple piercing

Nipple piercings, especially for women, are primarily for themselves or even their partner.

It is, therefore, impossible for your parents to know about your piercing. However, you do have to mind the clothes that you wear as you might end up wearing something prominent, and it could raise eyebrows.

Also, thin t-shirts and white ones can cause someone to tell it’s present. Overall, if you can see it in the mirror, then so will your parents.


6.Surface piercing

Surface piercings are fantastic because you can put them anywhere on your body.

These kinds of piercings tend to be more intimate because only your partner would get to see it. If you’re thinking of getting something similar, you can get out of sight.

They are also not as obvious; even though you wear something light, someone wouldn’t think it’s a piercing. Ideas of places you can pierce are the hips, cleavage, behind the ear, or even at the back of your neck.


7.Genital piercing

Lastly, this one is a no brainer. There is NO WAY your parents would ever know that you have a genital piercing unless you tell them.

One thing to note, however, is that if you are getting this piercing, you ought to be sure. It is among if not the most painful piercing to get.

It will be uncomfortable for a while, so you might need to watch your movements as it heals. However, once you are healed, all things will be back to normal.



Piercings are a personal choice, and if you don’t want your parents involved in your freedom, then get something that you can hide.

Also, be sure that you’re getting them for a good reason and not merely as something to prove a point. You might not end up liking it after a while.

Do remember to take good care of all these piercings when they are fresh as you don’t want to contend with an infection that might leave you uncomfortable.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!