How to Stop Piercing Ball Keeps Falling off ( Reasons Explained)

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Have you been in a situation where, while being confident about your look, someone pointed out that you don’t have one earring?

It can be a confidence blaster, having been satisfied in the entire ensemble that you do have.

What about realizing that you’ve lost an earring when you have a fresh piercing? Apart from the panic of the flesh closing up, there’s the worry of how painful the re-piercing will be.

How to Stop Piercing Ball Keeps Falling off

This process is quite an inconvenience, to say the least. An infection could be looming, and that’s the last thing you want.

Let’s look at the reasons why your piercing is falling off and what to do about it.


Why does it keep falling off?

How to Stop Piercing Ball Keeps Falling off

There are a couple of theories and realities that cause the piercing ball to keep falling off. Let’s take a look at what your potential issues could be.

It’s too soon: When you get a tongue piercing or any other mouth piercing, your feeding habits have to change for a while. Taking a bite into a sandwich the first time, you’re likely to affect the ball’s placing. Therefore, if you’re dealing with a recent piercing, talk to the professional piercer to ensure that they’ve fastened the ball to where it doesn’t move. Putting in a new tongue ring, or any other is a painful experience.

Not screwed on tight enough: Those who don’t have an issue with lost balls would offer the rest advice on keeping the ball secured. If you’re merely going about your business, then the issues of losing a ball typically shouldn’t be there.

You keep playing with your ear: without realizing it, some of us have a habit of playing with our ears or the location of their piercing, the same way someone would typically play with their hair. When one does that, it disturbs the ball’s placement, and unwilfully, rotate it out of the post. It could be a nervous habit or one you’re not aware of, but it helps to be alert when you reach for your ears at any one time.  

Not the right size ball: For some, after the first ball disappears, people likely get a larger one without realizing it. Different gauge sizes correlate with their balls, and when you don’t get the right one, you’ll continue the cycle of losing them.


What is the solution for the falling ball from piercing?

How to Stop Piercing Ball Keeps Falling off

Have extras: Some people have taken a more practical approach and decided to have more piercing balls at hand. While the price might stack up over time, for most people, the cost is negligible. It gives them the peace of mind that they have a ball in their jewelry set when one falls off and disappears.

Get a piercer to tighten it: Just as with the wheel of a car, we do need some replacement items at hand that ensure that you’re sorted when something happens. When you’re at the jeweler, especially if your piercing is recent, you can have them use pliers or a similar tool to tighten it. If you’re bold, have the same tool in handy at home

How to Stop Piercing Ball Keeps Falling off

Wear a latex glove when fastening: If you want a better grip on tightening the ball, the best approach is getting something that doesn’t slide. In this case, that’s the fingers tightening the ball. You can twist it until it’s both tight and comfortable.

Use your instincts: We tend to change earrings or other piercings on the fly, and that can cause us to rely on what looks good instead of what feels good. A technique that some people apply is closing your eyes when fasting the ball. That way, you can feel how tight the ball is instead of merely fastening the ball.

How to Stop Piercing Ball Keeps Falling off

Mind the lotion: the other time you’ll find the ball falling off is when you’re applying lotion or oils. When the piercing has healed, it’s easy to place oils on the piercing that would cause the ball to fall out.  

Loose clothing: the ball can fall out of any piercing. Therefore, consider the type of clothes you’re wearing and how often it moves over the piercing. You’ll find that anything under tight clothes will tend to rub on the jewelry and cause it to come loose. While tight clothes are not recommended when you have a fresh piercing, it’s worth keeping an eye on the jewelry’s condition throughout the day (when you can remember) so that the ball remains in place.


Before changing the ball

Good hygiene is essential at all times, but it makes the most difference when you have a new piercing. If your ball is loose or you’ve lost it, make sure you’ve washed your hands or used a hand sanitizer before adjusting anything. It’s not merely for when you have a fresh piercing. A piercing is a wound, and you have to treat it as such.

How to Stop Piercing Ball Keeps Falling off

Something you ought to do when changing the ball is to clean the jewelry itself and the hole. You can use saline water or even an antiseptic to guarantee that any problematic bacteria or otherwise has been removed. Whether or not you’ve lost a ball, you must clean the piercing and your new jewelry.

Mind the space: Most tend to change their earrings while looking at the mirror, which often tends to be over a sink. Consider placing a cover over the sink before you do take off your piercing balls. Your hand slipping can take both the ball and the earring down the drain when you’re changing or cleaning the earrings.

How to Stop Piercing Ball Keeps Falling off


Realizing that a piercing ball has fallen off can be quite an inconvenience, especially if you’re working with a new wound. However, if you or the clothing touches your piercing, then it’s likely that the ball might rotate off the earring.

As long as you have your hand or other fabric that has their hand over the earring, then there’s definitely going to be an issue.

Otherwise, consider the tips that we’ve laid out to keep you comfortable and the ball secure.

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