How to Pick Out a Necklace for Your Girlfriend(5 Easy Steps)

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Want to buy your first piece of jewelry for your girlfriend? how to pick out a necklace for the special girlfriend? You are in love with a special girlfriend, and you wouldn’t imagine your life without her. You really cannot fathom how you ever lived before her, and you are willing to go the extra mile, just to see her.

You’ve been thinking about her a lot at work today, and you think you should get her something nice, not for any reason, but just because. But while you can picture her perfect face beaming, you are a little unsure about the exact necklace to pick out for her.

Well, you don’t have to be stuck anymore because we’ve got you. While we haven’t met your girl, we have some pointers that will guide you in the right direction.

How to pick out a necklace for the girlfriend?

Here are some of the guideposts that you could use to make sure that you pick the perfect necklace for your girl.


1.Know your necklaces and the available options

We are not saying that you must be a necklace connoisseur, but you need to have an overall idea of your primary options.

Of course, this wouldn’t be something we would be asking of you if are an experienced jewelry buyer. What we are saying is that you should know about the types of necklaces that are fashionable today, from the chain necklaces and pearls to statement pieces, chokers, and all other necklaces designs in between.

For instance, pearls and strand necklaces are classics, and you can’t go wrong with these if your girlfriend is into classics. Then you have the statement necklaces, which generally feature diamonds, large stones, and other accents.

The statement necklace would be a good option if she’s into big statement jewelry pieces or if you heard her mention wanting to get a specific kind of statement necklace.

Then you have the mid-length necklaces, which are commonly chain or string necklaces, to be worn on their own or layered with other necklaces. Note that the necklaces that are designed for layering are thin, long, and delicate, and they may have diamonds or beads.

The other type of necklace is the choker, a short necklace that may or may not be a good gifting idea for you, depending on your girlfriend’s style.

There also are pendant necklaces. These are quite common, and as the name suggests, the pendant necklace is a chain necklace with a pendant hanging from it loosely. This pendant could be a gem, stone, a locket, or some other kind of accent, and the chain length is also variable.


2.What’s the occasion?

While you get to buy your girlfriend a just-because necklace, there are many cases where you will have to pick out a necklace for specific occasions. It helps to know what the options that are available to you, depending on the occasion.

When we talk about occasions, we are referring to birthdays, anniversaries, and as mentioned above, you could get her a spontaneous necklace to show that you care?

But it is not enough to know the occasion you are shopping for; you also need to know that the occasion/ cause of celebration will affect the amount of money you spend on the necklace.

Basically, a birthday or anniversary means spending more on a fancy and expensive necklace – do this because the necklace you choose will be a lasting memory of that special event.

And for that just-because-I-care necklace, you might not want to break your bank on it, but it would be a good idea to opt for the best quality necklace you find. Of course, your emotions/ feelings could guide you through buying the most expensive necklace you can find, and that would be perfectly okay.

What we are saying, in a nutshell, is that you shouldn’t underestimate the value of the gift you are getting her. So, while the thought counts, make sure you choose a necklace that speaks volumes about how you feel and know that she will always remember that moment.


3.What Does She Have/ Wear?

She won’t frown upon it or get really mad about it, but you don’t want to buy a necklace only to find out that she already has an exact necklace in her jewelry box.

This can be embarrassing, honestly, especially if she has been your girlfriend for some time now. Of course, we have to address the challenge that this strategy brings, especially if she owns so many jewelry pieces or if she rarely wears necklaces, meaning that you aren’t really sure about what kinds of necklaces she owns.

But these challenges shouldn’t stop you. Find a creative way of looking at what she already has at home, look at her past pictures to see what she wears often, and always notice what she has on, complimenting her if it’s something new (to you – this keeps things interesting, and you learn more about her).

You also need to pay attention to the necklaces she wears on different occasions.

Besides paying attention to what she wears, you also need to look beyond what you see. What this means is that you should be able to identify themes from what she wears.

For example, she’d prefer a simple, classic necklace if you often see her in simple diamond stud earrings. And you will know that she favors the big and bold necklaces if the wears large or bright earrings or necklaces.


4.What’s Her Style?

Next on your list of all the things you need to consider before you buy a necklace for your girlfriend is her style.

With the options and various designs of necklaces seen above, you could easily be confused, but that shouldn’t the case if you already know her style.

Is she a minimalist? If she is, you want to steer clear of colorful and the flashy necklaces, opting instead for simpler chain/pendant necklaces, preferably one that she can wear every day or with multiple outfits.

On the other hand, if your girlfriend is more eclectic than anyone you’ve ever met, something you can tell from her wardrobe, you could opt for the colorful necklaces.

Remember that your ability to figure out your girlfriend’s style, subsequently getting her a necklace that matches her style is something big, and it is an excellent way of showing that you actually listen and that you took time to consider the things she likes.

What if you haven’t figured out her style yet? What then? Well, don’t lose hope if you are still trying to figure out her style. But it shouldn’t be that hard.

You only need to pay attention to the way she dresses, the colors she prefers, the kinds of jewelry you see her in often, and what she says she’d never wear or the things she said ‘just not me’ to.

In short, you can tell more about your girlfriend’s style by looking at the necklaces she already wears – is she into smaller, subtle necklaces that hang just above her collarbone, or is she into the big, colorful necklaces with bling?


5.Other considerations

  • Trendy pieces she’d like
  • Versatile necklaces that tie to her style/ personality
  • Always go for quality



Contrary to popular beliefs, choosing the perfect necklace for your girlfriend isn’t, and it doesn’t have to be a hard thing to do. And with the simple guidelines above, it should be easy.

Keep in mind her style, the occasion, trends, and, most importantly, buy a high-quality necklace.

Lastly, don’t buy a flashy or the most expensive necklace you can find, especially if she’s not that kind of girl or if you just started dating. Thanks for reading our post! hope this post helps you. Read more tips here or visit our homepage for more.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!