Why Paparazzi Jewelry Is Junk?-Answers From the Buyers

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Paparazzi is a jewelry brand you have heard of by now. The brand has gained popularity from its uniqueness as well as the bad reputation it has gained over the few recent years. Although the business is still running, there have been many complaints about the company’s products, and false advertising.

As a result, of the recent events, the majority of people have been questioning the quality of Paparazzi jewelry. Some believe and have even expressed that the brand’s products are junk.

In this article, we will be exploring further and looking into why people think jewelry is junk and whether or not this is true.


Why Paparazzi Jewelry Is Junk?

Before we get into why customers think Paparazzi jewelry is junk, let’s start with a small brief of what the brand is about. As you may know, Paparazzi is a jewelry brand that was started more than a decade ago, by four friends, two of whom were passionate about jewelry making.

Why Paparazzi Jewelry Is Junk

The brand is very unique from most jewelry brands in the market. To start with it operates as a Multi-Level Marketing company, and the main idea behind it is to make trendy fashion jewelry that is both fashionable and affordable.

That is why all their jewelry goes for $5 each. That is unbeatably cheap when compared to other fashion jewelry brands.

How do they manage to sell their jewelry so cheap? The main reason may be the cost of production could be so low. It is common knowledge that fashion jewelry is made from cheaper simulated material.

So, while a necklace may look like it is made entirely of gold, it is made of cheaper base metal and later plated with gold. On their website, the brand is open about the products they use, including metals like brass, zinc, iron, copper, steel, and aluminum.

Why Paparazzi Jewelry Is Junk

They also use organic materials like wood and leather, although some products may use synthetic leather and suede. A mix of plastics, fabrics, and latex is also listed on their website.

Now for the real concern; why is Paparazzi jewelry described as junk? Over the recent years, there have been complaints from consumers about the products they received from the brand.

One common complaint is the fact that their metal piece tends to leave green color on the skin. This is despite the brand claiming that all their metals are hypoallergenic and free of lead and nickel. Another complaint many consumers have is that some products are broken or with some defect or the other.

They’ve also complained that the plating fades after a very short time losing its original appeal. In addition to that, some customers simply do not like the designs of the Paparazzi pieces, describing them as gaudy or tacky.


$5 Paparazzi Jewelry! Is It Crap Or Quality?

Why Paparazzi Jewelry Is Junk

We have looked at why some consumers believe that Paparazzi Jewelry is junk. Now we want to look at the real truth behind these $5 accessories. Let’s start with the main complaint, which is the apparent false advertising that all Paparazzi metal is nickel and lead-free.

Concerning this, there was a blog posted by Lead Safe Mama at the beginning of 2020. In the blog, it proved that the metals were lead and nickel-free, but did contain high levels of other toxic substances.

The highest level was cadmium which is believed to cause cancer. That would mean that Paparazzi metals were not entirely hypoallergenic, a fact that seemed to enrage a lot of consumers, leading to the growing distrust for the brand.

Why Paparazzi Jewelry Is Junk

The other complaint was that the jewelry seemed to tarnish over a short time. While Paparazzi makes a disclaimer on their website to steer clear of latex products for those sensitive to it, there is no disclaimer that the metals will fade over time.

Still, being fashion jewelry and at the price of $5, this is something that should be expected. As for the designs being tacky and gaudy, it is a matter of someone’s taste and preference. Some consumers have reported loving the Paparazzi pieces and have a large collection of them, while some have expressed regret for buying the jewelry.

A YouTube video done by Ryann Freeman, who identifies as a Paparazzi consultant, showcases some of the Paparazzi pieces. In the video, she talks about different varieties from earrings to rings, and what makes them special.

She also demonstrates the quality of the product where possible, like to see how bendable or expandable the piece is. Although some people believe that was simply a marketing video, the pieces shown there did seem to be of good quality in terms of design and finishing.

Why Paparazzi Jewelry Is Junk

So, when it boils down to whether Paparazzi jewelry is junk or quality, we would say that for the price, the pieces are of acceptable quality. The worrying bit, however, is the presence of toxic substances like cadmium in their metals.



The beauty about Paparazzi is that they have a cheap price, meaning anyone can afford them. They also have unique and colorful designs that are ever-changing, so there are always new options to choose from.

Of course, it would depend on your preference. Be cautious, however, about the pieces you buy especially if you are sensitive to any material. Remember the piece are fashion accessories made from cheap material.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!