Pandora Clips Vs. Spacers ( Differences and How Do They Work?)

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If you have a Pandora charm bracelet, you are very much aware of the need for Pandora clips or, in other cases, spacers.

But how exactly do you know when to use the clips and when to use the spacers, and more importantly, what is the difference between the Pandora clips and the spacers?

Well, this is your simple guide into the Pandora clips and spacers and the differences between them. So, stick around to learn more about them.


What are Pandora clips? How do they work?

Well, as the name suggests, Pandora Clips refer to the hinged charms often incorporated into or snapped right onto the Pandora charm bracelets.

pandora clips vs spacers

The clips are great additions to Pandora bracelets because you not only get to choose from a rather wide array of clip designs and styles, but they also come in handy when you need to throw in a dash of fun and style to the bracelet.

And thanks to their unique designs, you also get to use the clips as charms, but without spending a fortune on them.

The clips do, however, differ from the traditional charms in that they are not meant to move around the bracelet since they are fixed in place.

Thanks to this design feature, the clips do the job of keeping the charms balanced and distributed evenly. In most cases, the clips are used to separate the charms and to stop them from rubbing against each other.

The other thing you should know about Pandora clips is that they come in different styles, which allow you to create different looks with the clips and charms.

The classic or original clip style would snap on the raised or threaded section of the charm bracelet, thereby keeping the charms neat and balanced.

pandora clips vs spacers

To get the job done properly, the clips come in pairs, and they divide the charm bracelets neatly in place in three sections so the charms won’t keep sliding all the way around the bracelet/ your wrist.

On the other hand, you have silicone grip clips that also work great with Pandora bracelets. The silicone clips not only allow for easy attachment to the threaded or raised sections of the bracelets but also snap on the bracelet’s chain easily.

And the best part is that thanks to the silicone that makes up the interior of the clip, such clips can be moved along the bracelet slowly and with relative ease.

Given the construction of these clips, we recommend using these clips on the charm bangles and also the Pandora leather bracelets because these don’t come with rivets.

And if you are buying charms from Pandora’s Reflexions collection, you will be happy with the fact that these charms come with silicone grips incorporated inside them, and they allow for easy adjustment when closed.


How to use Pandora clips

pandora clips vs spacers

Pandora clips are designed to fit onto the two notches on your Pandora charm bracelet. As the name suggests, the clips have an openable design that allows you to clip them on the notches once open and to be locked in place over these notches. Here, they will keep the charms from moving around much.


What are Pandora spacers? How does it work?

pandora clips vs spacers

Unlike Pandora clips, the spacer is often smaller and thinner, and they are ideally used to fill the gaps created between two charms of different sizes.

The spacers are mostly optional, meaning you may or may not have to incorporate them in the bracelet’s chain. It’s also worth noting that the spacers do not have an internal threading system, meaning they would slide along the bracelet smoothly. On the flip side, they are available in different finishes and styles like the clips.

So, how do you use the spacers, or rather, when do you need to use Pandora Spacers?

Well, the spacers are most often used when the Pandora bracelet is filled with the full-sized Pandora charms, but there are awkward gaps left behind, and you would love to fill them up. The spacers do this job well because they are significantly smaller and so the perfect gap fillers.

But this is not the only way to use the spacers – you could also use the spacers as a way of highlighting or drawing attention to your favorite charms.

A spacer on either side of the charm will draw in just the right level of attention. To take things up a notch, you may want to make use of contrasting metals that would draw more attention to the charms.

And on the same breath, the spacers are also ideal when you need to add a pop of color or extra details to the bracelet. For this, we recommend getting the Pandora Rose or Pandora Shine spacers to the all-silver charm bracelet.


How to use Pandora spacers

pandora clips vs spacers

To use the spacer charms, you only need to open and then lock them in place where you need them to be. These small and thin pieces will fill the gap between the charms, but keep in mind that they are not locked in place per se and will slide freely along the bracelet if there is extra space for them to move around.


Differences between Pandora clips and spacers

Pandora’s clips are somehow notched to fit in the threaded sections of the bracelet, and they are also slightly bigger and almost the same size as the charms, unlike the Pandora spacers, which are not only smaller and thinner but also meant to fill gaps between the charms.

Also, the clips are fixed in place while the spacers move around the bracelet freely. And though the spacers are optional, the clips are very important, and you should invest in them to protect the charms and the entire bracelet.

pandora clips vs spacers

What is a Pandora safety chain? How does it work?

Last on the list of elements that can be used to accent or enhance the charm bracelets is the Pandora safety chain. The safety chain is a small chain that is designed to keep the charms and the bracelet from slipping off the wrist should the clasp open unexpectedly.

It protects the bracelet by holding the two ends together. It also makes it easy for you to wear and take off the charm bracelet. To use it, you’d only need to attach the chain to each end of the bracelet.



Although Pandora charm bracelets look great and complete on their own, adding clips, spacers, and safety chains enhance their appearances while also protecting the charms and the entire bracelet.

Just keep in mind that the clips go over the threaded notches and are thicker and bigger than the spacers, which move freely and are often placed between two different charms.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!