Why My Pandora Bracelet Turned Black?(Reasons & Solutions)

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Pandora bracelets are some of the most popular brand bracelet designs, and owning one is, for some people, some of the best possible things one could own.

But this bracelet is not perfect, which means that although it costs a bit of money, you have to be aware of the fact that it will tarnish and change color after some time—wondering why that’s the case?

Keep reading to find out more about the Pandora bracelets and what they are made of.

Why My Pandora Bracelet Turned Black

What are Pandora bracelets made of?

Pandora bracelets are made of silver. Silver in its pure and alloyed form will tarnish, and because the Pandora bracelet is made of silver, it will inevitably tarnish and change color. Silver reacts with oxygen and sulfur, among other chemicals, to cause a color change, which means that the bracelet might look dirty when it really isn’t dirty.

Pandora bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are silver-colored because they are made of the best quality sterling silver.

According to Pandora, their jewelry is made of sterling silver, which is a mixture of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. The most common metal added to pure silver is copper. These two metal combinations are the reason for the scratches and color changes. We also cover this topic before: Does sterling silver turn your fingers green?

Why My Pandora Bracelet Turned Black

Why my Pandora bracelet turned black or copper?

As mentioned above, Pandora bracelets are made of silver, (Some people may ask: Are Pandora bracelets made of real silver? This detailed post is just for you)which gets tarnished naturally, hence the black or copper appearance. Now, while it’s a lot likely for the Pandora bracelet to turn black, it might also turn copper because of the presence of copper in sterling silver.

Tarnishing is because of chemical reactions that take place when elemental silver reacts with hydrogen sulfide in the air. These chemical processes result in the creation of a black layer on the bracelet’s surface. The bracelet would also be oxidized, and this would result in a change in color that often results in that black tarnish.

Why My Pandora Bracelet Turned Black

What this means is that in as much as the Pandora bracelets look nice and shiny when they are still new, they’d still turn black after some time. Keep in mind that it’s 100% normal for your Pandora bracelet to turn black or fade if the bracelet is exposed to air. And the situation would only worsen if this silver ornament isn’t handled well or stored correctly after cleaning or wearing, which results in that annoying black tarnish.

That said, the result of the reaction is silver sulfide which is deposited on the surface of the silver. Silver Sulfide is a gray-black substance, but the color changes to silver start from and white to yellow and finally to gray/ black as the reactions intensify, and the silver sulfide layer thickens.

So, if you are looking to buy a Pandora bracelet, you should be ready to take real good care of the bracelet, especially because the bracelet won’t look nice as the silver sulfide layer builds up.

Why My Pandora Bracelet Turned Black

How do you clean a tarnished Pandora bracelet?

To take the best care of the Pandora bracelet, consider cleaning it with a polishing cloth rather regularly to avoid/ prevent and reduce the natural tarnishing process for silver.

When cleaning the jewelry, use lukewarm soapy water and a soft-bristled brush. Doing this ensures that you don’t submerge the jewelry. If the bracelet is extremely tarnished, you might want to soak the bracelet in the warm-water, soapy mixture for about 10 minutes. You’ll need the soft-bristled brush to clean out the nooks and crannies. When scrubbing, do that in small circular movements. Pat it dry when a clean cloth when done, and repeat only if necessary.

Why My Pandora Bracelet Turned Black

Some of the other effective home cleaning methods include:

  • Baking soda and some white distilled vinegar
  • Crèam of tartar and water
  • Toothpaste
  • Salt and lemon

All sterling silver jewelry will always tarnish over time, but this often happens faster if the piece of jewelry comes in contact with things like salty air, perfume, skin creams, sulfur, hair sprays, chlorine, as well as acidic skin ph levels.

Why My Pandora Bracelet Turned Black

  • At the same time, the level of tarnishing is dependent on your skin and facial care habits, which means that tarnishing isn’t the fault of the manufacturer. That said, these are just the things you should clean and maintain your Pandora bracelet.
  • Don’t wear the bracelet when bathing or showering, to bed, or to any workout or sporting activities.
  • Always undo the bracelet’s clasp and use the clips to ensure the distribution of the weight of the charms around your wrist.
  • In case you are wearing a Pandora bracelet made of counterfeit charms, you should be careful because the bracelets with counterfeit charms may damage the bracelet’s unique threading system. Also, you should consider buying authentic Pandora charms on your bracelet.

Why My Pandora Bracelet Turned Black

  • Though tempting, don’t use silver polish or the silver dip to clean the Pandora bracelet because this would only end up destroying the jewelry’s oxidized parts.
  • Don’t expose it to any harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia, saltwater, or chlorine. These are harsh ingredients that would damage the bracelet when exposed.
  • Keep it off collision paths or rough surfaces that may cause scratches from friction, and always keep it on a smooth surface.
  • Wipe it after each wear. Make sure that the bracelet is cleaned lightly using a soft cotton cloth or face paper. Also, remove all water and dirt from it, then seal it in an airtight bag after use.
  • Keep it around normal temperature areas, and avoid exposing it to areas with high-temperature conditions

Why My Pandora Bracelet Turned Black

Related QA

Does the Pandora rose gold princess ring tarnish?

While pure gold is tarnish-resistant, gold is too soft to be used in jewelry on its own. The plated rose gold princess ring isn’t made of pure gold, and it will tarnish over time. Also, the layer of gold will wear off with time, exposing the sterling silver making up the base.

Therefore, although Pandora rose rings are coated and plated to ward off the tarnishing, the ring starts to show signs of wear and tear after some time and with constant use.

Why My Pandora Bracelet Turned Black

It will also result in minor scratches like chipping of the plated layer. So, as and the gold finish layer starts to wear off, the ring’s primary metals, pure silver, and copper – sterling silver, will be exposed, meaning that even this piece will still get tarnished.

For the rose gold plated pieces, tarnishing results in the darkening of the pink layer. For some, this is seen as an addition of character to the bauble, making it look better. To ensure that the ring lasts long, you have to follow the care instructions offered above.



Your Pandora bracelet is made of sterling silver, which is why it gets tarnished. The black tarnish is a result of oxidation, and the chemical reactions cause the black tarnish.

Just follow the instructions above to ensure that your Pandora bracelet always looks its best.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!