Pandora Bracelet Is Too Big- What Should I Do?

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Since the year 2003, Pandora has immensely grown to become one of the major Luxury Jewelry brands in the world.

They have a very dedicated following that loves the fact that Pandora allows them to build their unique pieces of jewelry, especially with the signature Pandora charms. You can always trust that you’ll be getting great quality from the brand.

Pandora Bracelet Is Too Big

But even with their great quality, Pandora is not an exception to minor problems their products may have. The most common issue is with the size of the Pandora bracelets.

While some complain that theirs is too small, most complain about the bracelets being too big. Why is it that the bracelets are too big and what can you do about it? That is what we will be discussing in this article.

We will cover whether or not the bracelets are resizable and tips you can use when resizing.


Pandora Bracelet Is Too Big.

Pandora Bracelet Is Too Big-

First and foremost, you should know that it is not uncommon for bracelets to be too small or too big. This tends to happen, even for Pandora bracelets. But what could be the reason behind this? Well, several possibilities could explain this.

One reason could be incorrect sizing. When selecting the bracelet size people often make a wrong judgment. Instead of measuring the actual wrist size, many people opt to eyeball the size.

Also, because they are afraid of getting a smaller size, they’d rather opt for a size up just to be safe. This may result in a significantly loose bracelet.

Pandora Bracelet Is Too Big

Another reason could be the extra measurements you are meant to add to your true wrist size. Normally, Pandora recommends adding about 1-2 cm length to your wrist size, to accommodate the space the charms will take up.

Some people may add more length than recommended, again, because they wouldn’t want to get a smaller size. This could also result in a looser bracelet.

The main reason, however, could be the fact that Pandora bracelets tend to stretch over time.

This is especially true for its snake chain and leather cord bracelets. Because of this, it is possible that after some time, depending on how frequently you wear the Pandora bracelet, it may get loose.  


Can A Pandora Bracelet Be Resized?

Pandora Bracelet Is Too Big-

So, now that you understand why your Pandora bracelet is too big, what can be done about it? It is possible to resize it? What is the companies policy on exchanging it for a smaller size?

These must be the questions in your head at the moment. To start with is possible to get your Pandora bracelet shortened than it is to have it sized up. That’s mainly to do with the design of Pandora bracelets.

You must, however, ensure you take it to Pandora stores for that first. If the bracelet was altered at a different shop before, then your guarantee would be void.

The price of resizing will depend on the bracelet and the price of silver and gold at the time if the bracelet is made of metal.

Pandora Bracelet Is Too Big

For the link bracelets, it is possible to remove the excess links and reattach the clasp. For the leather chord, you can shorten then by cutting off the excess and braiding it again.

Other complex bracelets like the snake chain and flat mesh, it would be better to let the store handle it. You also have the option of returning the bracelet as opposed to resizing it.

For this, you have 30 days to do so. You can also have the bracelet exchanged for a different size if you bought it at the Pandora eSTORE unless the items were on sale.


4 Tips For Resize Your Big Pandora Bracelet

Pandora Bracelet Is Too Big-

The following are some useful tips you can apply that may help with resizing your big Pandora bracelet:

1. Measure the correct wrist size.

This is important to get the perfect fit. Do not guess or try to eyeball the size of your wrist. Instead, use a tape measure or use a string, marker, and ruler.

Once you have your true wrist size remember to add the extra 1-2cm. This will help determine the right size your Pandora bracelet should be. You can use this size to have the bracelet resized.

Pandora Bracelet Is Too Big-


2. Avoid overestimating the size of the bracelet.

We understand that it can be difficult to decide on the perfect fit for your Pandora bracelet. Yes, it may be better to be stuck with a larger bracelet than a smaller one.

Still, you don’t have to get a bigger bracelet, just follow the guidelines given by Pandora on how to get your perfect fit and you will be fine.

Pandora Bracelet Is Too Big

3. Try adding more charms.

Charms tend to take up space that is why you are advised to add some length to the Pandora bracelet to accommodate the charms so the fit won’t be too tight.

You can use this to your advantage by adding more charms to the bracelets. This might end up making the bracelet tighter and fit better. You can fill up the bracelet if need be.

Pandora Bracelet Is Too Big-

4. Think about the type of bracelet.

Some Pandora bracelets are more susceptible to stretching. These are the snake chains and leather chords. Once you’ve had your bracelet resized, you may want to reduce the number of charms you add to such bracelets.

Use the minimum number so that the weight of the charms won’t stretch out the bracelet again. Also, the snake chain may be a bit complicated to resize so ensure you leave it to a professional.

Pandora Bracelet Is Too Big


Now you don’t have to worry if your Pandora bracelet is too big, you can always resize it. Just ensure you take the bracelet to Pandora first before considering other professional jewelers.

Prevention is, however, better than cure. Maintaining your Pandora bracelet properly will ensure you don’t have to resize it any time soon.

Some people, however, don’t mind the bracelets having a loose fit. It is a matter of preference and taste that differs from one individual to another.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!