What Does Wearing A Padlock Around Your Neck Mean?

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Padlock necklaces are the newest trend in the jewelry world, and they seem to be replacing most of the previous trends, including shells.

But what exactly is the meaning of wearing a padlock necklace or just the idea of the padlock around your neck? Is it more than a trend? And being a necklace style that has been around for quite a bit of time now, what’s its history and relevance?

What Does Wearing A Padlock Around Your Neck Mean

Well, in this article, we’ll look at everything you need to know about the lock chain necklace and its significance.


Lock chain necklace meaning

The lock chain necklace, especially the lock chain that is made such that there is a matching necklace with a key to open the lock, is a meaningful accessory that represents the perfect cooperation between lovers, more specifically, the idea of the lovers who have the ability to open the love heart of the other. The lock also symbolizes the key the opens up to a beautiful and blessed world.

For most people who are into the idea of the lock-chain necklace, the lock or padlock style necklace is regarded as the perfect symbol of now.

It is also a representation of Love, Security, and Safety; while also being considered as the jewelry trend that makes all the right kinds of connections between people and places.

Over the years, jewelry trends have been ever-changing, and there are many kinds of talismans and charms that have shown how things have changed over time, but also how they have remained the same, in that they represent the same idea – a love connection and something that people hold close to their hearts.

But even with the changes in these pendants, from the clings to the amulets, the padlock still stands out as the motif that will always be there, remaining one of the most meaningful things that point to human connections.

What Does Wearing A Padlock Around Your Neck Mean

The lock chains come in different designs, and there are many modern iterations and styles to choose from, but in most cases, the padlock is believed to represent luxury and also the synergy of utility.

In most cases, however, the lock chain necklace is a representation of the connection between men and women. And then you have the playful reference to padlock that symbolizes the fastening of love and also the act of love.

Combined into a charm with the key, as is the case with the lock-and-key necklaces, the lock necklace signifies a secure, and in other cases, a secret love connection between individuals. Each half of the chain is kept or worn by either partner, and doing this helps to maintain that connection between lovers.  


Padlock necklace history

While most modern designers keep looking for design inspiration for the regular or mundane and even the future, there is an increasing number of these designers that are drawing their inspiration from the past.

What Does Wearing A Padlock Around Your Neck Mean

The legends they relate to and the tales told are the inspiration sources that have led to some of the best jewelry designs to date. One design that has been around for a long time is the padlock necklace idea.

Though there are many new lock necklace designs seen around, and these designs, point to a new approach to the necklace design, especially today, the truth is that the padlock necklace style has been around for quite a long time.

It is believed to date back to the Regency or the Georgian period, but it really took off and became more popular in the Romantic Period of the Victorian Era.

What Does Wearing A Padlock Around Your Neck Mean

This is especially true because the Victorians and the Georgians were a sentimental/ romantic lot – and they loved hiding meaningful things and even used coded messages to convey their love messages.

This was a time when men, like women, were not afraid of expressing themselves opening; and jewelry was the best way to communicate one’s feelings, desire, and romantic love for the other.

During this time, the padlock necklace became a huge hit because it was used as a symbolic item that protected love. This padlock necklace also featured a key, which would open the lock.

The man would keep the key as a token of their enduring love. The woman would wear the lock necklace, and the lock was shaped into a heart. This lock-and-key necklace style was also symbolic of the illusions of fidelity and chastity.

What Does Wearing A Padlock Around Your Neck Mean

This traditional token of love was engraved in a simple design and, in other cases, with a very simple or sentimental motif like the ivy lead motifs to symbolize fidelity.

There also were motifs in the shape of pansies to symbolize ‘thinking of me,’ and others had hearts and swallows incorporated to represent partners that had chosen to be in each other’s lives forever.

Today, things are a little different, and the lock doesn’t symbolize a commitment to fidelity or chastity, but a token of passion and affection – or put in simpler words – being locked in love.

What Does Wearing A Padlock Around Your Neck Mean

That said, the lock-and-key necklace trend died down for some time, re-emerging in the mid-70s in England, where the chain padlock necklace was part of the punk fashion style of the time.

This necklace style, like the rest of the styles from the Victorian Era, was still a love token. Today, there are sophisticated designs, and brands like Tiffany & Co. boast some of the most elegant necklace designs for you. The size of the padlock has also grown bigger, as seen in some of the padlock necklaces on red carpets and fashion shows.


What does wearing a padlock around your neck mean?

What Does Wearing A Padlock Around Your Neck Mean

While most people associate the padlock necklace with love, many people wear this necklace style because it looks cool and it is the best way for them to show off their love for style and fashion; especially because this is a seamless necklace style that looks great, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the necklace getting in the way, in the hair or getting in the way of your outfit.

This necklace easily locks into place, and they don’t move around the neck, which is the main reason for their popularity.

What Does Wearing A Padlock Around Your Neck Mean

Why is the padlock necklace popular right now?

The traditional romantic notions associated with the padlock necklace notwithstanding, the padlock necklace style is growing popular today because the new designs on the market are stylish, trendy, comfortable, and the contemporary update they carry make these necklaces everyone’s favorite accessory.

Other people wear them because of their symbolism – love, endurance, community, and that sense of connection. But for many, the uniquely timeless design of the necklace and the symbolism it carries are the main reasons why the necklace is quite popular today.

What Does Wearing A Padlock Around Your Neck Mean

Should you buy a padlock necklace?

If you are looking for a timeless, trendy, cool, and stylish necklace to gift a loved one or add to your jewelry collection, we most certainly recommend getting the padlock necklace.

It is a stylish necklace that we consider a must-have for everyone looking for something stunning and meaningful.



The padlock necklace has been around for many years, and it’s often been associated with love, passion, and romance.

These meanings still hold to date. The necklace style is also truly gorgeous and stylish, and one you could never go wrong with, which is why you should have one.

That said, wearing the padlock necklace around the neck is considered the ultimate sign of connectivity, safety, and security, regardless of the size and shape of the necklace.

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