How To Open Swarovski Tennis Bracelet (Step By Step Guide)

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To ensure that your Swarovski tennis bracelet lasts long looks great, and offers great value for money, you need to always wear it and take it off correctly.

This means that you should know how to open your Swarovski tennis bracelet correctly, and you should close it correctly too. And, I know what you’re thinking – like just how hard can it be to open and close/ clasp and unclasp a tennis bracelet?

Well, in as much as it sounds rather easy and effortless, you need some level of finesse when it comes to your precious tennis bracelet, which is why you need this simple step-by-step tutorial on unclasping and closing the tennis bracelet from Swarovski.

So, let’s get to it.


How to open a Swarovski tennis bracelet

First, check the fastening clasp used for the bracelet.

If yours is a simple clasp bracelet, you can open it easily by following these steps:

Step 1

How To Open Swarovski Tennis Bracelet

Release the safety. The first thing you need to do to open the bracelet is to open its invisible security clasp (double-locking). To do this, grasp anywhere on the bracelet ends or where the bracelet ends join. Then pull the clasp up so that it faces away from the wrist, from the top section of your bracelet’s chain – not that thin piece that is right behind the clasp.

If the bracelet has buckle safety clasps, follow step 2 below.


Step 2

How To Open Swarovski Tennis Bracelet

You’ll need to push gently the button on the bracelet to the side to be able to deploy the buckle-end safety clasp. Thanks to this button, the safety clasp will be released. Note that this is the safety clasp that is designed to keep the bracelet clasp in place, preventing the clasp from coming off on its own.

So, once you’ve opened your bracelet, you’d have the bottom section of the claps that connects the ends of your bracelet, and it should open easily and even more naturally. But this won’t be the case where your tennis bracelet is made with a fold-over clasp. In such cases, you’d have to follow step 3 below.


Step 3

How To Open Swarovski Tennis Bracelet

You need to pry open the bracelet flaps holding over each closed end of your bracelet clasp. Essentially, this fold-over bracelet clasp features a small piece of metal that holds/ catches the small pin that keeps your clasp secured/ closed. To open it, just flip it open – hold the clasp using your fingers and then pull the safety fold-over clasp to be able to open it.

If your bracelet has the button on the top side, specifically on the clasp side, you’d want to push this button to release and open the bracelet closure flap.

For the Swarovski Stardust tennis bracelet with a magnetic clasp, follow these steps.

First, make sure the clasp is lined up properly, then slide it down or push the clasp ends up or down against each other.

Don’t twist it around to open. Just slide it up or down. As long as the clasps are lined together, you can slide them on/off.


How to adjust Swarovski tennis bracelet

You will be happy to know that as long as yours is an authentic Swarovski piece of jewelry, you will be able to adjust the size of the bracelet with ease since it comes with an extender meant to allow for easy adjustment and without causing any damage to the bracelet.

How To Open Swarovski Tennis Bracelet

In some of these bracelets, there are 3 large eyes that are spaced along the length of the chain, specifically at the end of this bracelet. There could also be a large-linked chain attached to the end of the chain, especially for the bulkier bracelets.

To make your Swarovski tennis bracelet smaller, follow these steps.

  1. First, carefully lay down the bracelet flat on the table or on your thigh (across it). And orient your bracelet to have the charms pointing away and pretty much on the wrong side.
  2. Lay your wrist on your bracelet
  3. The lift and bracelet’s eye-end, draping it across the wrist.
  4. Next, unclasp the lobster clasp with the help of your free hand.
  5. Opting for the bracelet end eye that is closest to the body of the bracelet, insert your claps, then test the fit of the bracelet. Essentially, the bracelet needs to rest where the wrist starts to widen and towards the palms. It shouldn’t be too large because it would slip off.
  6. To lengthen the bracelet, secure the end of the 2.5inch extender to one end of the bracelet, then wear it.



And there you have it, a simple guide on how to open your Swarovski tennis bracelet and also how to adjust its length.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!