7 Online Sources Where You Can Get Gold Melted Down

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Where can I get my gold melted down? While you may be in a hurry to get your gold bars equipment and jewelry melted down for an emergency.

Maybe you are just tired of hoarding all that load of unused gold that takes up space in your closet. Whatever your reasons are, the question is, where do you go to get your gold melted?

Sure, you may try looking around your local jewelers and pawn shops for the quickest end to this process. This is not the most profitable or safest method to melt your gold. Here are some suggestions on online jewelry refineries that may be able to help you out.


7 Online Sources Where You Can Get Gold Melted Down

1.Melbourne Gold Company

Based in Australia, this refinery has offices in the cities of Melbourne and Brisbane. Dedicated to serving the Australian market, Melbourne Gold Company guarantees all their clients of accurate assay assessments and fast turn around on the cash-out.

Unlike other refineries, this company has waived all extra costs related to deposit fees, retention fees, handling fees, and fire assay fees. Instead, they offer you a fixed buy-back rate for your gold that you both agree on.

They carry out the melting process within their facilities and they send out drill samples to independent third parties to get an unbiased lab analysis that will accurately quote the most profitable market value for your gold.

We all understand how difficult it is to have to deal with a middle man to broker your transaction for you. This gold refinery has considered this and has eliminated the need for a middle man giving you a direct link to them. Surely this bolsters some sense of trust.


2.Edward James Jewelry

Edward James Jewelry is located in the United Kingdom and has been in operation since 1988. They bring to the table their edgy and expressive designs and way of doing things.

If you decide to melt your gold at their refinery with the hopes of turning it into another form of jewelry, they will be handy to give your design ideas a listen. They can guide you and help you come up with designs that will match your expectations and budget.

Maybe the redesign you want is large and not possible with just the amount of gold you have. Edward James will walk you through the possibilities available to achieve your desired outcome. They do, however, request you to keep your designs as simple as a wedding band or bangle.

As designers and creators, they are filled with ideas that will surprise and impress you.


3.The National Refining Group Inc.

This gold refinery was started in 1998 and prides itself on being a superior jewelry refiner since then. They operate out of the city of New York and all its boroughs and extend service further out to New Jersey and Connecticut.

Their facility is environmentally sound in observation of EPA standards of refinery business operations. This assures you that all the melting processes and any other procedures will be done under one roof which upon completion, you will be notified of.

To ease and better your experience, these guys offer to organize and follow up on your shipment and they promise to insure and take care of night shipping charges.


4.So Accurate Refining Services

So Accurate has a 35-year-old track record in the metal refining industry. Their key selling point is that they can guarantee you maximum recovery of all your metal because we know that refining takes away from the metal.

Once you’re the shipment of your old gold is safely in their possession, you will be notified of this. They will then proceed to weigh the gold and assign a lot number which is entered into their database for quick referencing.

So Accurate uses large induction smelters that give the most homogenous mixture possible.

They go the extra mile in proving their integrity by taking and keeping a pin sample of the liquid gold. This liquid gold is then poured into a mold to create a gold bar.


5.Hatton Garden Metals

Melting and assaying gold and other metals is this company’s primary focus.

With over 40 years of experience in the gold refining industry, this family-owned and operated refinery is situated in London and they also buy scrap gold.

Their offices are installed with smelting units for both gold and silver metals. This works out conveniently for you as you can get back your refined and assayed gold in about 2 hours tops.

They have also equipped themselves with an 8-point averaging system that they use to accurately assay your gold in case you are willing to sell it.


6.Jacart Gold Exchange Inc 

The owners and managers of Jacart are originally from the country of Bulgaria in Europe but now, they operate out of Down Town in the Jewelry District of Los Angeles, California.

They are a dynamic and deep cultured company that believes in and appreciates the efficient implementation of technology in producing their best works.

They also work hard to help their clients achieve their heart’s desire and are consistently challenging themselves to be and do better.

What I like about them is that they have a fixed cost for a set measure of different metals which helps when making your financial plans and setting expectations.


7.Anchor Cert Analytical

Their central focus lies in recycling scrap metal from jewelry by use of their induction furnaces and analyzing and assaying the final product. This gold refiner company is not interested in buying any metals whatsoever.

However, if you happen to find a buyer for your gold, they have no issues being the point of collection and will promptly help facilitate anything you may need but they will not get involved in your transactions.

Their methods of assaying metals are unique using potentiometric titration or ICP techniques that are accredited by UKAS.

These reports generated by Anchor Cert are respected and recognized by bullion dealers and other refiners.



Gold prices have risen 20 percent since the year 2011 and the value of an ounce of gold today stands at 1,762 dollars per ounce.

If you have some unused gold lying around and you have been wondering what to do with it, why not contact one of these awesome refiners to see how much you can get for your melted gold.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!