3 Types of Necklaces You Can Wear in the Shower  

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Jewelry is a luxurious and precious item of beauty that we love to adorn and admire.

Unfortunately, as much as we’d love to never take off our jewelry, some of the metals are reactive to water and moisture.

This reaction leads to the fading and tarnishing of your necklaces.

Gratefully, some types of jewelry material can withstand any change in temperature or humidity.

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3  Types of Necklaces You Can Wear in the Shower  

The material of a jewel is what matters most and these metals are the best for all-day wear and most especially those that are not vulnerable to water.

Stainless Steel Necklaces 

Box Chain Necklace

Available in lengths 14 to 36-inches long, this box chain pure stainless-steel chain is ideal for all genders and ages.

The chain is nickel-free and this means it cannot cause allergic reactions to any skin types.

Rhodium plating is well glossed over this piece to keep its silver color and keep from any tarnishing. This chain could remain new forever.

You may need to schedule some rhodium coating sessions every once in a while, but these instances are years apart.


 Custom Nameplate Necklace

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Hanging from a simple link chain and available in gold, rose gold, and silver colors, this necklace allows the wearer or buyer to get their nameplate pendant custom made.

Clients could have their name or any other special detail about their life or that of their friends like a birthdate, birthstone, or term of endearment.

Different fonts are available to choose from and they will leave you feeling spoilt for choice because they are all so cute. Being a hypoallergic metal, this is the best necklace for any girl to have.


Cuban Chain Necklace

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This chunky neckpiece is ideal for the male species because it has some good weight to it.

With varying widths and lengths of the chain available, each one should have different weight implications when worn.

Ever so versatile, these Cuban chain necklaces are available in 18k gold, silver, and black colors and with varying gradients in terms of color. They are safe for all skin types.


Tungsten Necklaces 

Wheat-Link Necklace

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If you are looking for a necklace that you could wear daily, take a shower with and still pass it on to your child or grandchild, pick this tungsten carbide wheat chain link necklace.

At 18 inches long, this necklace chain looks regal and you can tell it is indestructible just by looking at it.

Buy this for the male in your life who you know appreciated chains and this is set to be his daily wear accessory.

The dark-greyish silver hue that it possesses gives it a very attractive color and makes it appropriate for all skin tones and types.


Name Initial Bar Pendant Necklace

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Created with the male species in mind, this pendant is a rectangular shaped bar of tungsten carbide that hangs on a black elastic cord that replaces the usual metal chains.

There is not much space to type in long messages, so it is best used for initials or one-word phrases. The bar is very well polished and it gleams against the sun’s rays.

It comes with a grey velvet gift bag that is ideal for gift presentation.


Mirror Polished Cross Pendant Necklace 

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It is available in a variety of lengths in terms of chain measurements made of stainless steel and fitted with an easy to use lobster claw clasp.

The available chain lengths range from 18 to 26-inches long and could be made of blast elastic cord or stainless-steel metal in the design of a wheat chain.

This tungsten carbide 3-D cross-shaped figure is finely polished to the eight degrees which are referred to as a mirror polish because of how reflective the metal becomes.

It comes with a gift bag and its simplicity makes it perfect for an all-year-round gift-giving idea for both male and female religious relatives.


High Carat Gold Necklaces

Miami Cuban Chain

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A semi-solid 15mm Cuban link chain made of 14k yellow gold which gives the chain a very beautiful almost fine gold shade.

The width of the chain is 30mm and is a lightweight piece of metal hence the name semi-solid.

A lobster clasp fastens this chain which was created by the method of wax casting and then later finely polished by machine to give the metal piece a glossy and expensive shine.


Graduated Cuban Link Necklace

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Created and designed in Italy, this female-targeted graduated chain link, as the name suggests, means that the chain width is thinner on one end and thicker on the other.

This is a statement piece and in 18k gold finely polished metals, this is a crowd-puller and conversation-starter.

Cuban link chains have long been made for men but this graduated chain presents an interesting angle that women can pull off effortlessly.

That you can bathe in this masterpiece and that it is hypoallergenic makes it a definite worthy buy.


Elongated Link Chain

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 Coated in 18k yellow gold, this chain gives off the ideal golden glow and shine.

The polish is refined and it can maintain this sheen and gloss over a long time of daily wear and with exposure to the shower water.

The chain is a paperclip type that fastens well and secure by a lobster claw clasp.

It is available in a varied length of measurements between sixteen to twenty-four-inches long which makes it ideal for a lot of people across the divide.

It is only 2.5mm in width and this makes it light and an ideal selection for guys and girls who love chains but don’t appreciate the weighty type such as the Cuban Miami chain.



The graduated Cuban link necklace is an iconic piece that allows ladies to cross over to the chain wearing platform in style.

A choice between either of the listed necklaces is a sure winner and a lifetime accessory go-to.

With designs for men, women, and unisex as well, there is a necklace for everybody.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!