11 Types of Necklaces for Guys in 2024(With Pictures)

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Looking for types of necklaces for guys? This is every stylish man’s comprehensive guide to necklaces. If you are into necklaces, you understand that the coolest necklaces will instantly elevate your look, regardless of the season. But which are the main types of necklaces for guys today?


Types of necklaces for guys

There are different types of necklaces for men, particularly necklaces designed for different looks, and the decision to choose one over the other will depend on your style and the details of the necklace, among other consequential factors.

Understanding the different types of necklaces for guys is important because the right necklace gives you the right kind of glow-up in a summer party, but feel completely off when going for a formal event.

With these differences in mind and the fact that some necklaces will be limited with specific groups like hip hop artists, knowing what your options are and how to choose your best necklace is important.

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Before we look at the types of men’s necklaces, let’s take a brief look at the history of necklaces for guys.


History of Necklaces for Guys

Today, men wear necklaces and other kinds of jewelry for fashion and ornaments for social stratification, but this wasn’t the case in the past.

Historically, and for the longest time, jewelry was associated with rulers, leaders, and priests, and they were pretty much for the ruling elite where they represented power, wealth, and the right to a throne/ leadership. This is well demonstrated in excavations from Mesopotamia and Egypt.

But even before the Egyptians, history shows that the Neanderthals were the first human species to accessorize some 130,000 years ago where they strung together shells and animal teeth.

The Egyptians followed suite decades later, and both men and women from the Ancient Egyptian times wore stacks of gold and silver jewelry, primarily because of the belief that the jewelry allowed them to get the attention of the gods.

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 Years/ centuries later, and the Celts came up with some of the first, true necklaces for men. In their rule of Ireland, the Celts made ornate jewelry, as well as armor from silver and gold, and both men and women wore these crafted pieces of jewelry. The torc was the most popular item of fashion by the Celtic people. This piece of jewelry features a metallic semi-circle that’s worn around the neck with its open area facing forward. It’s regarded as one of the men’s necklaces. After the torc, there was the lunula, which hung lower than the torc and was tapered towards the back of the neck.

Like the Greeks, the Celts also wore jewelry as a symbol of power, status, and wealth.

Over the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Modern Age, men’s necklaces grew in popularity, with The Industrial Revolution making them affordable and accessible to all classes. From the 1970s, the men’s necklaces were more acceptable as part of the hippie movement, and today, men’s necklaces have become quite popular thanks to hip-hop and rap cultures, as well as religious expressions and the biker culture.


11 Types of Necklaces for Guys

1.Dog Tag Necklace

The dog tag necklace is the type of necklace that you will find around pretty much every military man’s neck.

Though designed as a functional way for identifying military men – it has the name, rank, medical information, etc., with one tag kept in the boot and the other around the neck, the dog tag is today one of the most common types of necklace for guys.

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But there is a difference between the functional military dog tag necklace and the fashion dog tag necklace, with the latter missing the critical personal information found on actual military necklaces.

At the same time, the actual military dog tag necklaces have a leather-like backing all around, unlike the fashion dog tag necklaces.

The fashion dog tags are made of gold, silver, and other metals, unlike the functional dog tags that are made of sterling silver. Note that the dog tag necklaces feature a beaded sterling silver chain that ends in a dual pendant.

You might like the dog tag necklace look if you are looking for that street or college boy funky look.


2.Pendant Necklaces

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Pendant necklaces are among the most common types of necklaces for guys on the market today.

They are made of a long, simple chain with a rather simple and delicate charm to it.

The pendant necklaces are ideal for that casual dress code, and the pendants differ based on preferences.

For example, if you are a man fond of ancient coin symbols, you might get a pendant necklace with a coin symbol.

Such pendants also have a pirate look. There are many other types of pendants that can be found in these pendant necklaces.


3.Handmade Silver Necklaces for men

The handmade silver necklaces boast a classic matte silver finish, and they exude the perfect balance of great style and masculinity. The lobster clasp ensures secure closing.


4.Religious Emblems

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Like the pendant necklaces, these pendant necklaces are not only stylish but functional.

Worn under the neckline, the spiritual/ religious symbols give these necklaces a spiritual look.

Some men wear these necklaces for protection from evil.


5.Choker Necklaces

Unlike the pendant necklaces, the chokers are worn close to the neck, and they don’t hang.

They are common with rock stars and college bugs.


6.Beaded Men’s Necklaces

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Beaded necklaces are a huge hit in the men’s world of accessories.

The necklaces are made of multiple or single-colored beads, and you can choose necklaces in varying lengths for your desired look.

The beaded necklaces give off a simple, charismatic look.


7.Men’s Gold Necklaces

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Gold necklaces are a timeless classic in a man’s wardrobe.

Gold necklaces are simple, are ideal for different occasions, worn under your neckline, and they also make excellent jewelry for everyday wear.


8.Men’s Silver Necklaces

These silver necklaces are often plain and without any ornaments, and they are very popular in men’s fashion.

They come in varying lengths, and easily customized to match your desired look.

The simple design of silver necklaces makes them ideal for formal and casual wear.


9.Men’s Feather Necklaces

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If you are looking for an artistic look, then the feather necklaces for men might be a great option for you.

These necklaces are stylish, versatile, and beautiful. They often feature metal chains, with plastic beads or shells, and a crafted metallic leather in place of a pendant.

In other cases, the feather necklaces will have natural feathers as pendants rather than the metal feathers.

Note that unlike the feather necklaces for women, men’s feather necklaces have smaller feathers that easily complement your look.


10.Tribal/ Traditional Necklaces for Men

These necklaces are designed using naturally-available resources, and they are often made of stone, ivory, or animal teeth.

These necklaces have a rather rugged aura, and they aren’t flashy.


11.Chain Necklaces

There are numerous types of chain necklaces for men, as seen below.

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  • Anchor or Mariner Chain Necklaces

The mariner or anchor chains can be a solid flat mariner chain or a puffed mariner chain.

This necklace chain boasts a unique design that is inspired by the nautical world, and it gets its Anchor/ Mariner Chain name from its similarity to the chains that are connected to the anchors.

Therefore, if you are fond of the sea, the anchor/ mariner chain necklace might be a beautiful choice for you. These chains might also be great for you if you are looking for a strong and sturdy necklace.

Note that the unique design of the mariner chain features interlocking ovals with a bar that goes across the center of each of the ovals, hence that distinctly intriguing appearance.

For men looking for the mariner chain, you’d want to opt for the thicker mariner chain – the thinner, more delicate mariner chains are more common with women.

While the mariner chains were mostly flat, there is a new trend that has seen an increase in the puffed mariner chains.

For your mariner chain to stand out, you might want to wear the chain as a standalone necklace, although you could accessorize it with a pendant if yours is a thinner necklace.


  • Bead/ Ball Chain Necklaces
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As the name suggests, the ball/ bead chain necklace is made of a series of small beads linked together to create a longer chain.

The balls/ beads could be connected very close to each other, or they might have smaller spaces between them, allowing for some movement.

These chain necklaces are commonly worn with dog tags or pendants, and they don’t look too good on their own. Unfortunately, they are not sturdy and break apart too easily.


  • Cable Chain Necklace
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Cable chain necklaces are among the most basic types of necklaces for men, and they look like iron chains.

They have been around for centuries, and they comprise of a series of identical oval links interconnected into a beautiful chain.

A cable chain looks more elegant with a pendant than on its own; it is sturdy, and easily fixed in case it breaks.


  • Box Chain Necklaces
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These necklaces are made of square links connected together into a smooth continuous chain.

They come in varying widths and lengths; they are strong and won’t break easily.

Their replacement is also easy, with the chain easily reattached without any effects of the chain’s overall design.


  • Curb Chain Necklace– a timeless design featuring a series of uniform, interconnected links lying flat and interlocked.
  • Figaro Chain Necklace– this is a fancy cable chain necklace design originally from Italy. It features alternating flat links in different sizes, often one long chain followed by 2 or 3 shorter links.
  • Rope Chain Necklace– This is a beautiful necklace chain design with several metal segments all interconnected to look like a rope with that twisting pattern that looks like an actual rope. It’s solid, durable, and heavy; and ideal for wearing with pendants.


Other types of Chain Necklaces include snake chain necklaces, Singapore chains, and Spiga or Wheat chain necklaces.



There are numerous types of necklaces for guys, as seen above.

The necklace you choose will depend on your style, preferred length, the material used, durability, chain type, and when or how you’ll wear it.

Regarding color, you get to choose from black, gold, silver, or colored beaded necklaces. Basically, there is a necklace for every man.

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