Necklace Spacer –What is it? (Does it Really Works?)

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Do you love the layered jewelry look, but you just don’t seem to know how to get around the endless tangles? And why some people seem to be able to keep a perfect layered look with all their necklaces sitting pretty and in harmony throughout the day, yet your attempt at layering always seems to end in a tangled-up mess? Well, as you try to make sense of this jewelry trend, we’re here to help you out with what could be the best solution to the messy clasps and the tangling chains – The necklace spacer.

Notably, some people regard the necklace spacer as a miracle worker, given its effectiveness in reducing the tangling of necklaces while also make it easier for you to deal with the different clasps and making it easier to untangle the necklaces.

But does the necklace spacer really work? Should you get a necklace spacer in the first place, or are you better off with the weight, height, and thickness balance solution? Keep reading to learn more about necklace spacers.


What is a necklace spacer?

A necklace spacer is an accessory that’s said to be effective in eliminating the tangling issue around layered necklaces. The spacer features a number of hooks and clasps that are spaced out perfectly and in a way that reduces the tangling of the necklaces. And thanks to the design of the necklace spacer, you wouldn’t have to spend all your mornings (and the rest of the day) trying to spin the necklaces around, all in an attempt to look cool.

The necklace spacer is also known as a Necklet (this is a brand-specific product, but the most popular one today), and it can be defined as a layered necklace clasp. It is made of a magnetic fastener that snaps easily. On one side of the space is a 3-spring-ring clasp that you’d normally open using your fingernails, and on the other end, the hoops, or in this case, 3-jump rings that you will attach the clasps to.

Necklace Spacer

Do necklace spacer work?

Obviously, it is exciting to come across an accessory that helps you end your layering and necklace tangling problems. But does the necklace spacer really work?

As mentioned above, the necklace spacer has hooks, and the clasps end connected by magnets. The spacer itself is bar-shaped, and the magnetic closure system ensures ease of use and fast closure at the back. Theoretically, the spacer appears like the perfect necklace layering solution, and though you’d have to readjust the necklaces throughout the day, the spacer means that you only need to bring the spacer to the back of the neck, rather than individual pieces. You don’t have to worry about adjusting and readjusting individual necklaces, and it generally makes layering an easy thing to do.

Unfortunately, the necklace spacer is not perfect. Notably, if you choose to use the spacer for necklaces of the same length, there will still be tangling to be dealt with, albeit to a less degree. Even so, the positioning of all the clasps on the same bar makes a huge difference, and detangling is easier. With this in mind, it makes sense to invest in the necklace spacer – you will agree with us that a little tangling or tangling sometimes is a lot better than the level of tangling you’ve had to deal with in the past. The magnetic closure system incorporated in the necklace spacer is the ultimate game-changer, especially for the tiny clasps and just the end of tangling altogether.


How does necklace spacer work?

Necklace Spacer


The necklace spacer works as a joined clasp at the back of your neck, where it attaches the three or more necklaces you are wearing together. The spaces are available in gold and silver, and there are options for 2, 3, 4, or 5 necklaces. While the standard design of the spacer is a bar-shaped feature, you can find spacers in different designs, including the pretty flower options.

To link the necklaces together, you first need to link the necklace clasps on the spacer, as you would with your necklaces. Do this for the rest of the spacers, then attach the hook ends of the necklaces to the other end of the spacer.

We recommend looking for necklace spacers with thinner clasps, although most of the spacers on the market are thicker and more ideal for costume jewelry rather than your daintiest pieces of jewelry. Keep in mind that if the spring rings are too thick, you will have a problem aligning the necklaces, and some of the necklaces would come loose.

Despite some of the design challenges associated with the necklace spacers, the spacer is largely functional and practical. It’s also quite easy to use, and you can take it on and off easily – no fumbling encountered.


How to stop necklace tangling with a necklace spacer

If your necklaces get tangled while linked with the necklace spacer, you might have to remove the necklaces from the spacer first, especially if you slept with the necklaces and you now have a big mess to deal with. The good news is that the spacer makes it easier to untangle the mess because you have an easier way of dealing with the necklaces individually.

Necklace Spacer

Pros and cons of using a necklace spacer


  • Most spacers are easy to use with fashion jewelry
  • The spacer reduces tangling significantly
  • Easier to manage tangling
  • Readjusting multiple necklaces is now easier with the single linking by the spacer.
  • The necklace spacers are affordable


  • The necklace spacers are not fool-proof, and there will still be tangling
  • Higher risk of tangling for necklaces the same length and weight


Popular necklace spacers to buy

  1. Vimeka 4Pcs Magnetic Lobster Clasps Necklace Spacer
Necklace Spacer Available on Amazon- pLease Click Picture to Check Price

 First on our list is this set of magnetic lobster clasp kits. It features a heart-shaped necklace spacer with a magnetic tube lock, as well as lobster clasps and a necklace connector for a perfectly layered look with your bracelet, pearls, and necklaces.

It’s available in 4 colors, and you will be happy to know that it’s been crafted using premium-quality materials, specifically a lightweight alloy that is fade-resistant.

The magnets used are quite strong, and you won’t have to worry about the necklaces falling out. The spacer is also easy to use.


  1. SANNIX 8Pcs 4-Size Layered Necklace Spacer/Clasp
Necklace Spacer Available on Amazon- pLease Click Picture to Check Price

 Next on the list of this 8-pc set of necklace spacer that works perfectly for anyone who prefers the layered necklace look. The set features spacers in 4 different sizes and in two colors, silver, and gold.

The spacer features a lock necklace connector a slide clasp, and the multi-strand connector is made of spring ring clasps for ease of use, keeping the necklaces secure. These spacers feature a surface made of a sliding buckle that works delicately and smoothly, making for more comfort while wearing.

The brilliant finish of the necklace spacer also injects a great deal of vitality into your necklaces, and you don’t have to worry about numbing entanglement of the necklaces. They are also easy to use.


  1. Hicarer Slide-Clasp Lock Necklace Layering Spacer
Necklace Spacer Available on Amazon- pLease Click Picture to Check Price

 This is a 3-layered necklace spacer that comes in a unique floral design. It is easy to use, quite practical, too, thanks to the 3-layered clasp design that is well-soldered and attached with a wedge-shaped metal slot allowing you to slide it into the necklace clasp with ease while also preventing tangling. It’s available in gold and silver.


  1. ZCMG Multi Strands Slide Tube Spacer
Necklace Spacer Available on Amazon- pLease Click Picture to Check Price

 This slide-tube spacer will be the perfect fit for you if you are looking for multiple options to ensure that you can layer between 2 and 5 necklaces with ease. In addition to the 4 size options given, you also get a spacer in gold and silver, as well as 3 pairs of necklace extenders, also in gold and silver. This means that your order will feature 14pieces of necklace accessories.

The spacers are also quite easy to use, and they are also quite versatile. You can open the spacer easily by pulling apart the tubes, pulling them back together to close. The lobster connector ensures ease of use.


  1. Necklet Triple Necklace Layering Clasp
Necklace Spacer Available on Amazon- pLease Click Picture to Check Price

 Last on the list is the Necklet, a top-rated necklace spacer that works great for your stackable necklaces and plain chains. It allows for the layering of three neck jewelry pieces, and it comes in white gold. This necklet is also quite durable, trendy; the clasps are quite sturdy, meaning that you can layer up to 6 necklaces at once.



The best necklace spacers feature a clasp layering made from 3 inlaid prongs, and it’s strong enough to hold more than one necklace in place and with ease. Now, the spacer will not eliminate tangling 100%, but it reduces tangling and makes layering more fun and fashionable.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!