Necklace or Bracelet for girlfriend? Here’s Our Advice

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How do you know if (and when) you should gift your girlfriend a necklace or a bracelet?

Is a necklace more appropriate than the bracelet, and when is it ideal to gift her a necklace, and when is a bracelet more suitable?


Is buying my girlfriend a necklace good?

Necklace or Bracelet for girlfriend

Generally, it depends on a number of things. For example, you need to think about how long you’ve been dating, how well you know her, and if she loves jewelry, to begin with.

The occasion matters too. If it’s the first birthday you are celebrating with her, you may get her that elegant necklace that drapes her collarbone perfectly.

At the same time, you may also buy her a whole Bugatti if that is more your style. However, we recommend choosing a subtle gift, primarily if you haven’t known her for too long.

You don’t want to scare her by going too hard on her birthday, and any thoughtful and valuable gift would be a good idea if you want to gift her.

Necklace or Bracelet for girlfriend

This also means that unless you and your girlfriend have had the talk about your finances and expectations from each other, buying your girlfriend a necklace wouldn’t be a bad thing.

The good news is that regardless of how long you have known each other, girls (most girls) love jewelry, and you will not go wrong with a high-quality necklace or even earrings. But don’t buy a cheap necklace for your girlfriend.

Also, a necklace is a safe jewelry gift idea for your girlfriend. It shows your intentions to be committed, but not the scary way a ring would scream if you gave her a ring after some weeks of dating.


Pros and cons of giving girlfriend a necklace

Necklace or Bracelet for girlfriend


  • A necklace is an elegant accessory that reminds your girlfriend of you whenever they feel or see it.
  • A necklace is a symbol of the strong connection you share
  • It points to your willingness to strengthen your connections with each other
  • Pendant necklaces that rest on the chest symbolize the strong central forces that drive individuals in love, and it represents that deep connection between the mind and heart.
  • A necklace makes a great birthday and anniversary gift


  • The meaning can be misconstrued if you just started dating, especially if it is an expensive gold diamond necklace.


Is buying my girlfriend a Bracelet suitable?

Necklace or Bracelet for girlfriend

You could also gift your girlfriend a bracelet, but beware that it isn’t the most significant statement piece or statement of your love and commitment to her.

While the bracelet says that you are a giver and reminds her that you will always be there, it is more of a gift that friends gift each other, often where there is no romance involved.

A necklace shows that love and heart-mind connection. And though the bracelet shows that you will be there, it might not pack the same punch as the gold necklace – well, unless you are talking about a diamond tennis bracelet or a love bracelet which is a classic symbol of love and celebration of each other.

If you are looking for an anniversary gift, it might be ideal for you to gift her a tennis bracelet.


Pros and cons of giving girlfriend a bracelet

Necklace or Bracelet for girlfriend


  • It makes a great gift for when you have been dating for a long time
  • Tennis and love bracelets are elegant, stylish, and versatile
  • It is a reminder that you will always be by her side
  • She will always think of you when she sees it.


  • Finding the perfect bracelet for your girlfriend might be challenging


Should I buy a girl a necklace or bracelet?

Necklace or Bracelet for girlfriend

Whether you buy a girl a necklace or a bracelet depends on how long you have known each other and the nature of your relationship. If the girl is a casual friend, a simple bracelet will suffice, but if you have something special going on and are head over heels in love with them, then a necklace would be ideal.

Your budget is important too. If you can afford an expensive necklace that looks great on her, it would be ideal, but if you can only afford a cuff necklace with a beautiful romantic message on it, you should get it. Ultimately, your girl will understand and appreciate the gift.


Tips for buying the first jewelry for your girlfriend

Necklace or Bracelet for girlfriend

1. Time

If you haven’t dated for long, the jewelry you buy her should say I care about you and perhaps fall in love with you, but I don’t want to scare you into running off.  And oh, I’m not trying to buy your affection.


2. Beware of symbols

As you look for the best jewelry for your girlfriend, there are important symbols that you may want to consider.

For instance, an anchor pendant or engraving symbolizes hope, and the gift communicates your steadfast and undying love and that you’d have a safe grip on them.

Necklace or Bracelet for girlfriend

Arrows signify deep romantic feelings that may be wounding at worst. At the same time, crescent and moon shapes are ideal for persons in new relationships because it mirrors the anticipation of the giver.

Then you have the classic lock and essential pendant necklaces and bracelets that symbolize the unlocking of hearts and faithfulness, protection, and loyalty. A lover’s knot and figure 8 represent eternity or the idea of a forever love.


3. Get the size right

First, the size of the jewelry you choose should be proportionate to the wearer’s body.

Don’t get a large bracelet or pendant necklace. To be safe, opt for dainty pieces. Also, ask for advice from the jewelers.

Necklace or Bracelet for girlfriend

4. Always buy quality jewelry

No matter how new the relationship is, always get good quality jewelry. Remember that good quality doesn’t necessarily imply top-dollar; it only means that the jewelry is well-made and the materials used will not cause discoloration of the skin or an adverse reaction.

It must be exquisitely designed and finished too. So, no damage, stains, or scratches.



While the thought the counts, you still need to choose the best jewelry that best describes and matches her personality.

The quality should be excellent, and the jewelry selected must describe exactly how you feel about her.

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