What’s A Good Necklace Length For A Girl?(Quick Guide)

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If you are looking for a nice necklace for your little girl, one of the important things you’d want to do is to make sure that the necklace’s length is right. With your girl’s small frame, you need to make sure that the length is both safe and also at the right size.

But what’s a good length for your little girl’s necklace, and what are the important considerations you need to keep in mind when looking for that necklace?

Necklace Length Guide for Children

Safety Tips

The first, most important consideration you need to keep in mind when looking for a necklace for your child is the safety of your child while wearing the chain.

To ensure their safety, you need to make sure that the length of the necklace isn’t too tight or too long. A necklace that’s too tight is uncomfortable, and if too long, there is the risk of the necklace getting caught on different objects, and it could also be a choking hazard.

Essentially, the right necklace length for a child should be both comfortable and safe. You also need to be aware of pendant necklaces or any other elements that could end up being choking hazards for your younger children.

Sizing Tips

Now that you know what to do for the safety of your little girl let’s now take a look at the sizing requirements and tips you may want to keep in mind when looking for the right necklace length for your girl.

Sizing is crucial as the safety and the length of the chain. For the right size, you could either use a tape measure by draping it around your neck to the exact length where you’d want the necklace to fall.

The other option would be to use a piece of thread/ yarn then wrap it around the neck in the same way as the tape measure.

Once you’ve determined the ideal length, mark the length of the necklace on the yarn for an accurate indication of how long the necklace needs to be.


To ensure that you have the right-sized necklace for your little girl, you could use the following simple guideline:

  • Toddlers and babies up to about 4T would typically wear necklaces between 10 and 14 inches.
  • Children aged 12 wear necklaces of a length between 14 and 18 inches. Children aged between 3 and 10 years would also rock the 16-inch necklaces well. a
  • And for teens aged 13 and above, their most comfortable necklace length is between 16 inches and 20 inches. For teens and older kids/ adults, there really is no limitation for the necklace chain length they wear, and he or she could wear necklaces of varying lengths for different looks – this means that anything from the 22-inch to the 16-inch necklaces would be ideal.

You’d also have to choose necklaces for your little girl based on their style, and more specifically, the occasion.

Tips for buying a necklace for kids

Buy your child meaningful jewelry – the right jewelry will make your little one look and feel older, more sophisticated, and even older. So, if you think that your girl will love that necklace you are considering, you could get the necklace for her to make that special memory together. You could make it extra special by buying a necklace with unique and meaningful charms or an engraved message

Always make safety a priority – when buying and giving your child a necklace, you must take all the necessary precautions. To ensure safety, opt for necklaces made safe clasps. The necklace should be made of hypoallergenic metals and ensure that your little one wears the necklace only when supervised. Some of the metals that make the best necklaces for children include gold, sterling silver, and surgical-grade stainless steel.

Choose necklaces that are both sensible and sweet – just like adults, children’s necklaces must be designed for safety and also to match their lifestyle. You should also choose necklaces that are durable, flexible, versatile; for example, necklaces made of leather, rubber, or silicone. Also, you should stay away from expensive jewelry because kids can be quite forgetful, and also, they don’t really recognize the value of the jewelry. So, as long as the piece is beautiful, safe, and durable, you are good to go.

Choose a practical option – the necklace you choose for your child shouldn’t hinder your girl from doing all the things she likes, from playing ad running to napping and swimming, among everything else.

Opt for stylish necklaces – your child has preferences and her own style. She is her own little person, and you need to select a necklace design that suits who she is. Pendant necklaces, for example, are simple and stylish, and as long as the length is right, she will adore the necklace and you even more. You could also opt for a personalized piece with her initials or name engraved on it.

Make the purchase a memorable event/ moment – you might want to think about taking your little princess to the mall with you as you look for a necklace for her. You will come across numerous potential options that she’ll like, but when she finds the one, you will know. This will also be the best time for you to make wonderful memories with your girl.



If you are looking for jewelry for your little girl and you aren’t sure about where to start your search, this article shares insights into the most important aspects of necklaces for your girl.

These tips should help you choose the best necklace length for your girl, minimizing the risk of hurt or injury.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!