Necklace Falling Off Superstition(Other Jewelry Superstitions in 2024)

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Despite being the most rational species, most of us, as human beings, tend to believe in various superstitions.

The superstitions could be about several things and could hold different meanings among different groups.

There are a lot of superstitions about jewelry, especially necklace superstitions.

It could be about what the necklace means or how it’s worn. As a superstitious person, you’ve probably had your necklace randomly fall off and wondered what it meant.

Well, we have taken the liberty of finding out the superstition behind this. We will also discuss other necklace and jewelry-related superstitions.


Necklace Falling Off Superstition.

How much you believe in a superstition determines how much it affects you.

This is in terms of actions and thoughts. Just like all other superstitions, a necklace falling off could mean various things for different people.

Necklace Falling Off Superstition

There isn’t one definite superstition behind it. Similarly, for the more rational thinking individuals, a necklace falling off could simply mean a faulty clasp or weak chain.

Those who have reported their necklaces or pendants falling off, however, always insist that the clasp was secure. Some even have jewelers confirm the same.

So, what could this mean?

Depending on who you ask the meaning of superstition behind it can vary.

It’s mostly believed that if a necklace randomly falls off, it is a bad omen or a sign for something.

In cases where the necklace was gifted to you by a loved one, it falling off could mean that the loved one is in distress or trouble.

Necklace Falling Off Superstition

Others who believe in energies believe that it’s a matter of the energies being incompatible.

That means that your energy and that from the necklace may be repelling each other. In other words, the necklace was not meant for you.

Just to be sure, however, it does help to have the necklace fixed by a jeweler. You could have it soldered.

Alternatively, you could get a new chain, in case you’ve had the necklace for a while.

If it still keeps falling even after securing it, then you can consider the superstitions behind it.


Necklace Clasp in Front Superstition

Necklace Falling Off Superstition

Aside from the necklace falling off, there are many other necklace superstitions you’ve probably already heard of.

In high school or elementary, you probably heard of the superstition about the necklace clasp moving to the front.

It’s a common belief that if the necklace clasp is at the front, then a significant other or special person in your life is thinking of you.

As a rule, you are supposed to kiss the clasp and move it to the back. That way you’re letting them know that you are also thinking of them.

Necklace Falling Off Superstition

Another common belief is that when you notice the clasp at the front, make a silent wish as you gently move the clasp back to the right position.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the wish will come true. Although as it’s said, if you believe in something strongly enough, it might just come true.

Some also believe that if a stranger points out that your clasp is at the front, then that person is likely going to be your life partner.

Similarly, others also believe that if you were thinking about someone when you noticed your clasp at the front, then that person is most likely your true love.

For those less superstitious, your clasp being at the front could just be coincidental.

Maybe it’s how you slept, or maybe you were engaged in rigorous work. Either way, there’s no guarantee that the superstitions are true or not.

Necklace Falling Off Superstition

Necklace Clasp on Right or Left Superstition

Another common necklace superstition you’ve probably heard of is one to do with the necklace clasp being on the right or left.

As with the other superstitions, they vary depending on where you’re from or who you ask.

Like the clasp being at the front, if it’s more to the left it means someone is thinking about you.

Some believe that the clasp being at the front and closer to the left means that it’s moving closer to your heart.

This indicates that a loved one is thinking of you fondly.

As for the necklace clasp falling on the front towards the right, it means that someone is talking about you.

Necklace Falling Off Superstition

It could be fondly or not. Either way, the further the clasp is in either direction, the more someone is either thinking or talking about you.

Then again, necklaces do tend to move around your neck depending on your movement.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to believe in superstition. After all, at some point in time, someone is bound to either be thinking or talking about you.

So, the superstition could hold some truth.


The symbolism of Necklace Breaking.

To better understand what a broken necklace symbolizes, it would help to understand what a necklace symbolizes.

Necklace Falling Off Superstition

Aside from being a decorative item, culturally a necklace symbolizes the wealth, power, and identity of an individual.

This, of course, is based on the kind of gems, metals, and other materials used to make the necklace.

In some religions, for example in the bible, a necklace was seen to symbolize honor or elevation.

Given the symbolism it holds, a broken necklace is therefore commonly considered a bad omen, even if it happens in a dream.

Some believe that if a necklace breaks then there was something bad meant to happen but the necklaces prevented it.

Necklace Falling Off Superstition

Others believe that a broken necklace is a sign that something bad will happen. In the case that the necklace was a gift, it is seen as a symbolic bond.

So, if the necklace breaks, it’s seen as a sign that that bond is going to end or has ended.

Most people believe that you shouldn’t continue wearing the broken necklace as it may increase the bad luck it brings.

Through a more logical perspective, however, a necklace breaking could also just be a coincidence. It could be that the clasp or chain is weak.

This depends on how long you’ve had the necklace and what material it is made of.

Necklace Falling Off Superstition

Other Jewelry-Related Superstitions.

As mentioned before, there are many superstitions surrounding jewelry.

A lot of them have to do with the effect it has on relationships especially marriage.

The following are some of the five most common jewelry superstitions from different cultures:

Necklace Falling Off Superstition

  1. Pearls are known to represent tears, therefore, wearing them at your wedding could mean you’re inviting an unhappy marriage.
  2. Removing an engagement ring could cause the end of the relationship, this is because the engagement ring is used to symbolize commitment
  3. Charms and amulets are believed to ward off evil and bring good luck to those who wear them.
  4. Silver and diamond jewelry is also believed to keep off evil and bad spirits.
  5. Gifting a significant other a watch is sometimes considered a bad omen it’s considered to signify your relationship is running out of time.

Necklace Falling Off Superstition


While there is no definite proof of truth behind superstitions, in the end, it’s a matter of faith.

How much you believe in something, determines how real it is for you. The same goes for jewelry and necklace superstitions.

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