Necklace Clasp Won’t Stay Closed.(Reasons and Solutions)

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What do you do when your necklace clasp keeps coming undone, and no matter how well you fix it, it just won’t remain closed?

Is this a problem that can be fixed in the first place? And why is the clasp not staying closed in the first place?


Why your necklace clasp won’t stay closed?

There are two main reasons why your necklace clasp doesn’t stay closed.

These reasons include:

necklace clasp won't stay closed

The clasp might have stuff and fluff that is blocking the clasp from closing or staying closed. You might not notice this immediately, but sometimes, even the smallest amount of fluff could block the fastening action of the clasp by blocking the internal hinges.

So, if the clasp is not working well, you might want to look out for any foreign matter or particles in the clasp. The problem could be something like sweater fluff which can be removed easily using a piece of a safety pin.

Just insert the safety pin piece at the back of the clasp where it attaches to the necklace chain the push the fluff out and through the clasp on the other side. The clasp will be clear in one or 3 sweeps using the safety pin.

A strand of hair or strands could be tangled in the clasp’s internal mechanism as well. Here, you can dissolve the strands in bleach – dip the clasp in bleach in a small container or a soda lid.

The other reason why the clasp is not closing or staying closed could be that the distance between the top and the bottom clasp sections is a tad too big. You’d have to gently hammer or use a clamp to press down on the clasp, reducing the distance and keeping the clasp closed.

necklace clasp won't stay closed

Why won’t your necklace clasp be stuck in a pendant?

If the clasp is stuck in a pendant, there could be fluff or hair strands tugging on the clasp and preventing the clasp from working as it should.


Why won’t your necklace clasp won’t open?

The common reason why a necklace clasp would be that the clasp hasn’t been in use for a long time, and now it’s probably rusted or just has too much gunk caked in, which makes it hard to open. You could clean it first using soap and warm water and use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean it.

If the clasp is still not working properly, add a little cooking or olive oil, let it sit for a few minutes, then try opening it slowly. This often works well, especially if the parts aren’t soldered together.

necklace clasp won't stay closed

How to Repair your closed Clasp

If cleaning out gunk, hair, or fluff doesn’t resolve the problem, it may mean that the clasp is damaged. The good news is that there is a chance that the clasp could be repairable. Do this gently, but slowly hammer the clasp as you slowly try to pry it open.

Unfortunately, repairing the clasp might not work as well as you may have hoped, which is why we’d recommend replacing the clasp altogether. Replacing the clasp will, naturally, save you the trouble of a broken or a more problematic clasp, and you get to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with retaining the original necklace.

Not sure where to start? Here are some of the best options of replacement clasps that you can try out.


Necklace Clasp Replacement

1.Zpsolution Magnetic Jewelry Clasps

First on our list is this set of 4 replacement necklace clasps. The clasps come as 2 gold and 2 silver clasps, and they are magnetic screw-in lobster clasps. They are durable and made of high-quality silver and gold plating. The brass used for the base metal is free of nickel, lead, and cadmium.

The reason why we recommend these replacement lobster clasps is the fact that they boast the best locking hold on the jewelry, and the magnet will keep your necklace looking stylish and secure throughout. You may also like the clasps because they add some length to the necklace – there is a converter connector that gives the jewelry the extra needed length.


2.Anezus Jump Rings for Jewelry

Jump rings are an important component of the necklace clasps, especially if you are planning to replace the clasp. The jump rings, along with the included pliers, allow you to easily and effortlessly replace the original clasp that is now problematic.

In addition to the 1200 pieces of gold and silver jump rings plus the jump ring pliers, the set also features several pairs of gold and silver lobster clasps and tweezers. These will make the replacement of the necklace clasps much easier. The set will also be an ideal option for you if you are making and selling jewelry.

The jump rings range from 4mm to 10mm, and they are ideal for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. All the pieces are safe on the skin. And they are also durable.


3.uGems Double Opening Sterling Silver Infinity Lobster Clasp

This double infinite-shaped lobster clasp is 14mm in size and made of sterling silver. If you are looking for a single, large, and durable/ sturdy lobster clasp for a thick necklace in sterling silver, this would be an excellent option for you.

It boasts a double, interchangeable design that allows for use with necklaces that have jump rings on each end. It’s easy to use, and both ends open easily, at the same time. They close tight and durable, thanks to the fact that one end is 2.5mm and the other is 3mm.


4.Viosi Lobster Clasp

For the best, strongest, and sturdiest of single sterling silver clasps for bracelets or thicker necklace chains, these lobster claps could be the perfect choice for you. It features a robust design with a closure claw, and it also works well as a necklace extender. It’s made of 925 sterling silver, made in Italy, and this piece is 21mm by 11mm, making it a great option for necklaces, interchangeable pendants, bracelets, and charms. You could also use it as a shortener.



If your necklace clasp cannot stay closed and the remedies above are not working, you might like any of the 4 clasp replacements recommended above.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!