Necklace Clasp Keeps Moving to Front (What to do Next?)

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There is the well-received belief that if the clasp on your favorite necklace works itself around to the front part of your neck, then your sweetheart could be thinking of you. Sounds quite wholesome, but how many times really would they think of you for your necklace clasp to keep finding its way to the front now and then?

Most of us wear necklaces as sentimental pieces, hence daily wear. Other times, we wear necklaces to raise the aesthetics of our outfits.

However, if you are a frequent necklace wearer, then one of the recurrent challenges you may have encountered is the clasp finding its way to the front of your neck. While for some, it may be a non-issue, for others, it is certainly a bother.


The necklace clasp keeps moving to the front- is it normal?

Necklace Clasp Keeps Moving to Front

Pretty nearly all necklaces, whether big or small, long or short, metal, plastic or leather, the clasp will always move to the front. The only time it won’t be a bother is if the necklace you are wearing is a claspless necklace.

Unfortunately, there is not so much you can do to stop it from happening because your daily movements, no matter how small, will shift the necklace.

Sometimes, you may be sitting perfectly still, and when you reach up to feel your neckpiece, you will realize that its clasp has rotated to the front. So, at one point throughout your day, you will always find your necklace clasp near your pendant. This mostly happens because the clasp can’t get past the pendant once it works its way down.

Bearing that in mind, it is perfectly normal, and if you aren’t so self-conscious about it, you may not feel as though it is a nuisance.


Tips for stopping your necklace clasp from moving to the front

Now that this is normal and the clasp on your necklace will always move to the front part of your neck, you would need to familiarize yourself with a few tips to keep it in place. The following pointers should keep the clasp on your necklace in place;

Necklace Clasp Keeps Moving to Front

Tip 1: Add a charm to or near the clasp

If you own a chain with a plain pendant, chances are the clasp will slide forward and end up close to the pendant. It could be because your movement is continually rotating the chain in the pendant or because the weight of the pendant is keeping it stationary and the necklace chain lacks the appropriate weight to stay in place.

The solution is to add a counterweight to or near the clasp. The counterbalance can be a charm or decoration. This significantly offsets the weight of the pendant, and in turn creating a balance. In this case, the size and features of the counterweight you choose vary depending on the jewelry design.

Necklace Clasp Keeps Moving to Front

Tip 2: Avoid purchasing necklaces with clasps

When your necklace frequently rotates to the front, it can be quite a nuisance, and it may even spoil the whole look!

If it is such a bother for you, then the best way to solve the problem is to avoid purchasing necklaces that have clasps in them entirely.

 Alternatively, you can disintegrate the clasp and join your neckpiece in a way that it is without a clasp segment.

This, however, depends on whether it is a necklace you use all the time or if it is one you only wear on special occasions.

Necklace Clasp Keeps Moving to Front

Tip 3: Use some tape or a black band-aid at the back of the necklace

Putting a small amount of tape strip or black band-aid to the back of your necklace sometimes helps keep it in place at all times throughout the day. However, this depends on whether it is an everyday necklace or if it is a chain that you only wear to special occasions.

If it is a chain that you wear daily, you may want to avoid this option but, if it is one-time wear then, this tip would do. Also, this option is dependable on whether you have long hair or have other means to hide the tape or band-aid. You wouldn’t want to be in a situation where the band-aid or tape pops up at the back of your neck and begins to look a little odd.

Unfortunately, if the band-aid or tape (depending on which you end up using) comes into contact with sweat, it will disintegrate. When this happens, you will have the clasp and a chunk of tape handing at the front of your neck, which is probably worse.

Necklace Clasp Keeps Moving to Front


At one point in your day, you will end up finding your necklace clasp at the front of your neck.

 Adding a counterweight to your necklace is the best way to prevent it from rotating.

All you need to do is ensure that the weight of the counterbalance you put near the clasp matches the weight of the pendant combined with the overall weight of your chain.

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