My Wrist is too Small for Bracelets (5 Actionable Solutions in 2024)

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Bracelets are super cool, whether worn singly or stacked with other bracelets. But what happens when you can’t seem to find the right bracelet to fit your small wrist?

Are there things you can do to make them fit or specific bracelets you should be buying for them to fit, right?

Keep reading to find out what to do if your wrist is too small for all the cute bracelets you keep seeing.


My Wrist is too Small for Bracelets.

If your wrist is too small for bracelets, it’s also very likely that you look ridiculous when you wear bracelets. But we don’t want your arms to look like you have hula hoops on, hence this article.

The good news is that you are never alone in such jewelry struggles, and the best part is that there are many actionable and practical solutions that we’ll lay on you here.

With men and women all around us with wrists measuring 6 inches or less, finding the perfect fitting bracelet or watch is a tough thing to do, but it doesn’t. Depending on the design of the bracelets you like and the brands you are considering, you can still find nice bracelets for your small wrist.

Below are some solutions you could put in practice if your wrist is too small for your bracelets.


Some actionable tips/ Solutions for small bracelets/ Wrists

Solution 1 – Go to the jeweler or get ah handmade bracelet.

My Wrist is too Small for Bracelets

If you need a bracelet that will fit right, the first thing you need to do is to pay your jeweler a visit and ask them for bracelets that will fit your wrist.

Yours cannot be the first teeny weeny wrist they come across, and a bonafide jeweler will have something in your size, or better yet, have a bracelet in your size made.

If you buy a bracelet from a jeweler only to find that it is too small for the recipient, you could easily take it back to the jeweler for resizing.

In most cases, resizing involves removing some chains or links, but even if it’s a continuous piece, it can be resized easily by a bonafide jeweler.

Alternatively, you could go to a jeweler for a handmade bracelet. Of course, you’d need extra money to spend because getting a bracelet made from scratch will not be cheap.

But if you are lucky, you might find a jewelry store that allows you to come up with your own bracelet from their workshop.


Solution 2 – Buy a Small Bracelet

This sounds obvious, and you might be thinking, ‘yes, I already know and did that, Karen!’ But just hear us out for a moment – you might have bought a small bracelet, and since it was the smallest size where you bought it, you were made to believe that the bracelet sizes cannot run any smaller for your small wrists.

But the truth is that there are other options you haven’t explored, especially because there are brands that understand how some individuals cannot find small bracelets.

So, give yourself time, research, and ask in forums. If you are not ready to buy a bracelet that will have to be resized afterward, you only need to give yourself a little more time.

You will find that bracelet in your size, eventually.

Remember that you should never settle on bigger bracelet sizes when you have a small wrist because the bracelet will make you look weird and disproportionate.

When it comes to bracelets, it’s all about balance and proportionality. And there are many brands and stores that sell bracelets for small wrists.


Solution 3 – Wear it on the lower end of your wrist

When you have a small wrist, the only way for you to make sure that you have a nice-fitting bracelet that looks good is by wearing it closer to your hand.

Wearing your bracelet or watch in this position is common and an almost natural thing to do because the bracelet will look more natural on this spot, and the bracelet will naturally fall in that position.

This also means that you should pick the size of the bracelet after taking the measurement of the lower end of your wrist. Just make sure that the bracelet doesn’t fit too tightly.

The other advantage of wearing your bracelet closer to your hand rather than farther back is that the bracelet has a perfect fit, and that will create the illusion of a bigger wrist.

However, you need to be careful not to wear the bracelet too close to the hand or too low on the wrist because the bracelet/watch will look a little sloppy.

What this means is that you should wear your bracelet right before the wrist bone.


Solution 4 – Wear more of Long-sleeved clothes

My Wrist is too Small for Bracelets

To ensure that you pull off the low-positioning of your bracelet or watch on your wrist, you need to wear more of the long sleeves.

This will hide the area of your wrist that is the thinnest. Naturally, covering most of your wrist and the forearm all the way to cover part of your wrist, your wrist will not look as small as it really is, and your bracelet/ watch will fit better.

What about summer? Obviously, it would be very weird and uncomfortable to wear long sleeves all year long, which is why you might want to find more bracelets that actually fit your small wrist well.

The right size bracelet will create an illusion of a normal-size wrist.


Solution 5 – Wear Bracelets with Watches

My Wrist is too Small for Bracelets

Bracelets and watches work really well together, and stacking these two fashion items together is not only cool but also fashionable and the best way for you to cover up the issue of a small wrist.

Stacking nice stainless steel with beaded, leather, and/or macramé bracelets will mean that more attention is drawn to your jewelry rather than the size of your wrist.

People will notice your nice taste in jewelry rather than the size of your wrist.

If you don’t mind being a little extra, you can wear the watch low and the bracelets higher –

this gives you room to wear more bracelets. But be careful not to go overboard because you will look childish. So, wear only 3 or 4 bracelets to maintain that classy, elegant look.



You could choose to wear the bracelets you’ve fallen in love with over the years without caring about the size of your wrist, but if you are more self-conscious, try the tips shared above.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!