My Silver Ring Turned Copper – What Should I Do Next?

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Although sterling silver rings boast an elegant silver sheen, sterling silver metal is one of the metals that calls for a great deal of care and attention, with once perfectly shiny rings changing color after some time.

The color change is never instant but happens gradually, meaning that if you take good care of your jewelry often and watch out for changes taking place, then your silver ring may show signs of changing color and even turning silver.

My Silver Ring Turned Copper

If this happens, and, unfortunately, it is one of those that happens more often than not, you should not be too alarmed.

Also, the color change may not be expected because most people mention that sterling silver turns black and not copper, and if it happens to you, you shouldn’t be too alarmed.

There is a way around all that drama around sterling silver jewelry, and we’ll share some helpful tips to help you sort out the problem with ease.

But first, why does this even happen in the first place?


My Fake silver ring turned copper and brown- Is it Normal?

My Silver Ring Turned Copper

Although this color change is not the most common for sterling silver jewelry, it is the expected color change from the fake sterling silver rings.

Essentially, silver is one of the softer precious metals, which is also expensive.

And so, to create durable and high-quality silver jewelry, the silver is forged through an alloying process where it is mixed with copper, and in other cases, both copper and zinc are added to the silver.

For the more expensive and genuine silver rings, the result of the alloying is sterling silver or 925 sterling silver made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. But the composition is very different for the fake silver pieces of jewelry.

My Silver Ring Turned Copper

Instead of using a solid piece of sterling silver, the jewelry is often made of a copper base and coated or plated with a very thin layer of pure silver or sterling.

In such cases, the jewelry will turn copper after some time.

The other possibility is that sterling silver may be made of a very small amount of silver and a much bigger percentage of copper.

With the high copper composition, it is easy for the copper to show as the more prominent metal color, especially if it was plated, and now the copper layer has worn out.


But my real silver ring turned copper – Why?

My Silver Ring Turned Copper

The ring may have been sold to you as a real silver piece, but the truth is that real silver or real sterling silver pieces of jewelry will never turn copper.

So, if the ring turns silver, that may have happened because it is not made of solid silver but another metal.

The ring was probably sold as real silver while it is silver-plated copper – over time, the silver layer wears out, and the copper underneath is exposed; hence, the ring turns copper.


How to clean your silver ring turned copper

My Silver Ring Turned Copper

The biggest challenge with such silver rings that turn copper is that because they are not made of solid silver but only plated, cleaning it will not restore the clean silver finish.

And the only way for you to restore the shine of the silver ring would be by taking it to the jewelry store and asking them to replate it.

Even when you do this, keep in mind that it will not do much to fix the problem because yours was a fake ring, to begin with.

My Silver Ring Turned Copper

 However, before you do this, consider the value of the ring against the cost of replating the ring and buying a new ring.

In many instances, it will make more sense for you to buy a new silver ring, and not another fake silver-plated ring, but a high-quality solid sterling silver ring.


Tips for storing your silver ring without tarnishing

My Silver Ring Turned Copper

For your silver ring to always look fabulous, you’d want to do everything possible to reduce the risk of the ring getting tarnished. Of course, the fake silver rings will still tarnish, regardless of the steps you take to prevent tarnishing, but you will be able to slow down the tarnishing process.

In other words, while tarnishing is natural, there are things that you could do to prevent the ring from tarnishing.

For starters, genuine sterling silver rings tarnish less when you keep them out of storage and wear them often. Just make sure that you wear the jewelry after getting ready, including hairstyling, make-up, and spraying perfume. Also, clean it often.

My Silver Ring Turned Copper

  • Please keep it away from acidic foods like olives, vinegar, and fruit juices when you take them off.
  • Also, it would be best if you stored the sterling silver jewelry in a secure, tarnish-proof bag whenever you are not wearing it. The bag must be acid-free, like a sealed plastic bag. But before throwing it in the sealed plastic bag, you have first to wrap it in a protective paper that is completely dry.
  • Don’t store it wrapped in regular tissue paper since it tends to release gasses that can damage the silver.
  • Keep it in airtight storage always.

My Silver Ring Turned Copper


Real silver or solid 925 sterling silver will not turn copper, and if your ring turns silver, it’s made of silver-plated copper.

And cleaning will not restore the silver shine of plated pieces.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!