My Evil Eye Bracelet Broke Accidentally – How to Fix It?

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Evil eye bracelets look charming and are versatile for any occasion. There is however a deeper meaning to them. Often the person who wears them intends to ward off evil spirits.

So what if the bracelets break? Chances are you will be in panic mode and your anxiety will be creeping in slowly.

This does not have to be the case. This article will tell you all you need to know about your evil eye bracelet and what to do if it breaks. Read on to find out.


I accidentally broke my evil eye bracelet in my sleep

My Evil Eye Bracelet Broke

Evil eye bracelets have been around for as long as we can remember. They contain an emblem that resembles an eye. The essence of these bracelets is to offer protection against any evil eye.

The evil eye in this case means any form of danger that could potentially come your way. The danger could be natural occurrences or something fueled by envy and anger of those who wish you ill.

Most cultures believe that a curse can be passed on to you through a stare. It takes someone envious or angry at you to propagate this curse.

Their strong negative feelings are projected onto you and you start experiencing misfortunes. The evil eye could also be a result of certain spiritual affiliations.

My Evil Eye Bracelet Broke

Most people believe that certain evil things are bound to happen to you. These things can however be warded off. This is where the evil eye comes in.

Lately, evil eye bracelets are everywhere. People wear them for a lot of reasons and have sentimental attachments to them. This does not however mean that they do not break like other bracelets. They do.

The only difference is that their breaking is associated with bad luck. So if your evil eye bracelet broke in your sleep you will probably be in panic mode. Before you have a meltdown, let’s see what an evil eye bracelet breaking means.


What does it mean if an evil eye breaks?

My Evil Eye Bracelet Broke

An evil eye bracelet is a symbol of protection. Its breaking could mean two things. One, it could mean that there is bad luck coming your way and it could also mean that you have not gotten any good fortune in a long time.

The first possibility is that someone might be casting an evil eye on you. Chances are you might have offended someone or they just envy you. As a result, they stare at you intending to bring you misfortune.

The second possibility is likely to be drawn by you. It comes from a feeling that you develop when you think you are not getting any good fortune. This can be considered a baseless superstition but it is a clear manifestation of your thinking. It is like the negativity that you have is projected upon you.


What does it mean if an evil eye falls off?

My Evil Eye Bracelet Broke

It means a whole other thing if your evil eye bracelet falls off. It depends on how long you have had the bracelet. If you have had it for a long time, it means it has absorbed the maximum negative energy it could hold and has deflected.

At this point, it is considered powerless since it can not hold any more negative energy. The best thing to do is replace it with a new one.

If your evil eye bracelet has not lasted that long, it means that the negative energy overpowers it. Just like when a bracelet deflects due to maximum absorption, it can also deflect when the negative energy is too strong for it.

This means that whatever misfortune has been directed your way, it is too powerful. You should buy another bracelet or add more evil eye emblems on it.


Will it bring a bad eye if your evil eye bracelet breaks?

My Evil Eye Bracelet Broke

Not necessarily. If your evil eye bracelet breaks there is a high chance that it has served its purpose. The whole point of breaking is deflection. It has absorbed enough negative energy and was overflowing with it to the point that it could not take anymore.

This can best be associated with an elastic bag of water for instance. It can only carry a certain amount of water and if that amount is exceeded it bursts. The same way your bracelet gathers all the negativity you face and when it is saturated to the point of holding no more, it breaks.

So, your evil eye bracelet breaking will not bring a bad eye. It is proof that it works.


Is it bad to wear a broken evil eye bracelet?

My Evil Eye Bracelet Broke

Like I said earlier, a broken evil eye bracelet means it has done its job. So, is it bad to continue wearing it after it has broken? The answer is yes. It is not advisable to wear the bracelet after it breaks.

The whole point of having the bracelet in the first place is to ward off negative energy. The bracelet neutralizes the bad energy so that it does not affect you.

If you continue wearing it chances are some of the negative energy contained inside might wear off on you. This is however not always the case.

It also depends on your reason for wearing the broken evil eye bracelet. If you expect it to still protect you from the evil eye, then wearing it is not a good idea.

My Evil Eye Bracelet Broke

The bracelet broke because it could not contain any more negative energy. You should therefore throw it away or buy a new one.

However, if you continue to wear it for only the purpose of jewelry, then there is no bad in that. Most people keep their bracelets because it has grown on them and they cannot let go.


How to fix your broken evil eye bracelet

My Evil Eye Bracelet Broke

A broken evil eye bracelet seems like an unavoidable thing for anyone who owns one. The decision to keep the broken bracelet or throw it away depends on what you believe.

Some people believe that the older the bracelet the stronger the protection while others believe otherwise. Here is how you can fix your evil eye bracelet.

1. The best option is to remove the broken evil eye and add a new one to the threading. This way you still get to keep your original bracelet

2. If your evil eye breaks and you are unwilling to get rid of it you can add an extra layer of the evil eye to keep one layer from breaking if it falls off.

3. If the beads are the ones that are broken and not the evil eye, you can change them or move the evil eye to another bracelet.

4. The best way to fix it is replace it. Buying another evil eye bracelet gives you a lot more assurance and is the safest option to go for.



Evil eye bracelets are a good way to stay positive and create a healthy environment for yourself.

You should not have a meltdown or go into panic mode if your broken eye bracelet breaks, at least not after reading this article.

The next time you find yourself in a similar situation, relax and try the tips given above. 

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!