My Daughter’s Earrings Keep Falling Out(Here’s My Solution)

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Does your daughter have a new ear piercing? Does she keep losing her earrings every now and then? This article aims to provide a solution if your daughter’s earrings keep falling out.

As a mother, nothing is more annoying than having to buy a new set of earrings every week for your daughter because she keeps losing them at school. These tiny pieces of fashion accessories have a way of falling out without the wearer, realizing it until it is too late.

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Getting your ears pierced is a fun and thrilling step in anyone’s life. Your daughter’s first ear piercing is one of the moments that she will treasure forever. As such, her continual lose of earrings is not only frustrating to you but to her as well. Here are a few tips and tricks to keeping your daughter’s earrings from falling out.


Why do my daughter’s earrings keep falling out?

It is common for earrings to fall out during the day as you go about your daily activities.

You could put on your favorite stud earrings and go to the shop at the corner, just to go back home and find that you do not have one of them.

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Similarly, children run around and play with their friends all day in school, so it is not rare to find that your daughter does not have her earrings in until it is too late.

One of the most popular reasons why your daughter’s earrings would fall out is if the earrings are loose. A hoop or friction back could be a little loose in your earring, causing it to fall off without your daughter’s realization easily.

Another common reason why earrings fall off is too much friction or touching of the earrings.

Usually, when children get their initial piercing, it is difficult for them to keep their little hands away from their ears.

The fumbling with the new piercing can not only cause the earring to fall out but also result in a pierced ear infection, especially if she is touching the piercing with dirty hands. As a result, many professional piercers recommend not touching a new piercing for approximately six to eight weeks. ( You guys read my awesome posts here, you will learn a lot)

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The type of earrings you wear also impact whether you will have both earrings in or not at the end of the day. For instance, screw back earrings are tedious to put in and easily become loose and fall out. They gradually unwind themselves without you noticing. More so, finding a new back for them is much harder than friction back to match.


How to keep hook earrings from falling out?

Earrings are an essential fashion accessory for many women, both young and old. There are a variety of styles of earrings that one can choose from available in the market suitable for all occasions and personalities. Hook earrings, better known as a fishhook or French hook earrings, are those with thin metal wire at the back.

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The metal wire is put through the earhole and left to hang down the ear lobe at the back of the ear. The weight of the earring itself is responsible for holding it in place as you go about your daily activities.

Hook earrings are a trendy style of earrings that is comfortable to wear due to its lightweight properties.

They are available in different designs and stone settings and suit all occasions. However, it is best to wear hook earrings when you do not have to partake in any vigorous physical activity as it would cause them to tug or get entangled, which is quite painful.

Sometimes, you may find that these earrings can get unhooked from your ears and fall off. Ordinarily, all you need to do when wearing them is to hook them into your earhole and leave them dangling.

However, if they keep falling off, you can opt to use some rubber stoppers after putting the hook earring in your earhole.

Plenty of hook earrings come with rubber stoppers, or you can purchase them from your local craft store.

You may also decide to buy some fish hook stoppers at your nearest jewelry shop to prevent your earrings from falling out.

You may also choose to purchase fish hook earrings with a fish hook clasp. It is a safer and more comfortable alternative to the ordinary hook or eye clasp.

The fish hook clasp consists of an oval box that accommodates the hook on the other side due to a spring mechanism.

It may be a bit difficult to use and get used to, but it is definitely a better option than the small spring clasp.


How to keep stud earrings from falling out?

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Stud earrings are the most versatile earrings anyone can own. They feature a unique stone setting, allowing them to add sparkle and style to any outfit.

They are tiny and could end up getting lost quicker than any other style of earrings.

It is advisable to use screw backs, friction earring backs, or La poussette backs to secure your stud earrings no matter what you do throughout your day.

Friction earring backs, also known as push backs, are the most popular type of earring backs used for earrings, but they also lose their grip quite fast.

Luckily, they are easily replaceable and sometimes can be re-adjusted. They contain a flat plate with a hole the size of your earring post.

They come in a variety of sizes and easily slides onto the post to press against the ear, resulting in light spring tension to secure the earring.

Screw backs are the most secure type of earring backs. They have a nut and a threaded post that spins onto the post to the back of the ear lobe.

You can only remove it by unscrewing it completely, proving to be time-consuming and best for use with high-value earrings. Many people complain that these earrings can ear irritation after a while of use.

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La poussette backs feature a spring-loaded mechanism that activates when you apply pressure to them.

You simply pinch the backs by their tabs to retract the connections inside the back that connects to the post.

When you release the backs, it engages the link that holds the back tight to the post. The post also features a safety notch near the end, in case the back slides down the post.

They are easy to use and comfortable to wear and secure your earrings at all times.

How to keep threader earrings from falling out?

Threader earrings consist of a lengthy delicate chain, often made from gold or silver, attached to a metal post, and the other end of the earring has a decorative element, such as a heart-shaped charm.

The portion of the delicate chain enters through the earhole, while the other decorative component hangs in front of the ear.

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 To prevent your threader earrings from falling out, you have to understand how to put them on correctly.

Align the tip of the post with your ear piercing and hold it in a way that it is perpendicular to your body.

Gently push the post into your earhole, until it is halfway through, and grasp the post from behind your earhole to pull it through your earhole.

Lift the chain portion of the earring and let about half of it pass through your earhole.

Make sure that the post and about half of the chain are dangling behind your ear lobe and place a stopper or an earring back if you see it necessary.

The earring should be comfortable in its position and easy to remove.



Once you figure out why your daughter’s earrings are falling out, it is easy to remedy the problem.

Simply pay attention to what she does when not paying attention, and you are likely to notice the issue is either with the earring or that she keeps fumbling with her piercing.

The tips and guidelines mentioned above will help secure your earrings, preventing you from buying a new pair every week for your daughter.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!