My Cartier Love Bracelet is Too Small-What To Do Next?

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The Cartier love bracelet is one of the unique accessories that many people admire.

Finding the right size for this bracelet is not that easy for some customers due to its unique design. If you have trouble identifying the right size of love bracelet to buy for your loved ones, this article can help.

Today, we will discuss why many people struggle with this, the difference between the small and regular Cartier love bracelets, and what you can do if your bracelet is too small. Read on!

my cartier love bracelet is too small

Why your Cartier love bracelet is too small?

Though the Cartier love bracelet has existed for many years, many people still consider it a timeless piece.

It is common among lovebirds. Since this bracelet is expensive, finding the right size is crucial.

The shape of this bracelet makes it fit differently compared to other types of bracelets.

Some of the reasons your Cartier love bracelet may be too small include the following.

my cartier love bracelet is too small

1. You got a wrong size

During your purchase of the love bracelet, you should understand the available sizes.

The sizes range between 15 and 21 cm. If you choose the wrong size of this love bracelet, you may find it small after you have already made the purchase.

Before buying this accessory, it is vital to measure your wrist size. Assess whether you want a tight or loose-fitting love bracelet to avoid disappointments.

If, for instance, you want a tight-fitting love bracelet, you should add at least one centimeter as you choose the Cartier love bracelet.

my cartier love bracelet is too small

2. Friends do not know your size

Besides accessorizing the wrist, the love bracelet has a more profound meaning.

It reminds couples of the bond they share and their dedication to one another. If you got a Cartier love bracelet from a friend that does not know your exact wrist size, it might be too small.

This is common since most friends like giving the bracelet to their loved ones as a surprise.

They, therefore, do not pay much consideration to the size of the love bracelet and only estimate with their eyes or with other bracelets.

my cartier love bracelet is too small

3. Wrist gets bigger as time goes on

Adding weight can also affect how your love bracelet fits after some time. You may have bought the right size but gained a few pounds over time.

This can make the Cartier love bracelet start becoming smaller on your wrist. If it gets too small, it might hurt and get uncomfortable to wear all the time.


4. You bought this jewelry online

Though buying bracelets online is a common trend, it can make you get a smaller Cartier love bracelet than your actual wrist size.

This is because you may get excited about the options available and pay less attention to the sizes.


Cartier love bracelet small vs. regular?  

my cartier love bracelet is too small

This bracelet comes in two types. While some people choose the regular model, others go for the small model.

These types differ in that the regular model is thicker than the small model. You can choose either of these types in rose gold, yellow, or white.

The small love bracelet is made with a hinge mechanism. This comes with a locking clasp that allows one to secure it with the screwdriver.

It differs from the regular Cartier love bracelet in that it has a single locking clasp on its side.

The regular love bracelet comes with signature screws on both sides. Unlike the small bracelet, this does not use the hinge mechanism.

To wear the regular love bracelet, you have to screw the bands on the two sides. Each band has an end with a screw.

Though these two types have different features, they share similar sizes.

Most people prefer the small Cartier love bracelet over the regular type since it gives one the freedom to stack it with other jewelry.


Cartier love bracelet is too small-What to do Next?

This bracelet is designed such that you cannot resize it. Since altering the circumference of this bracelet is impossible, you should always try to find the right size during purchase.

If the Cartier love bracelet is too small for your wrist, consider the following.

my cartier love bracelet is too small

1. Get a Cartier love cuff

Since this runs smaller than a Cartier love bracelet, it is an excellent alternative to the jewelry.

If, for instance, you are 15cm for the bracelet, you will likely be 16cm for the love cuff.


2. Consider selling it

Have you already invested in a Cartier love bracelet and then realized that it is not the correct size.

Consider selling it. You can sell it to a person that it fits, then use the money to buy the right size of Cartier love bracelet for yourself.

Since this type of bracelet is rare and is made from precious metals, you can sell it at a high value as long as it does not have scratches.

my cartier love bracelet is too small

3. Try to lose some weight

If your Cartier love bracelet becomes too small due to weight gain, losing some extra weight can make it fit well again.

Weight gain can increase your wrist size and make the bracelet feel too small. This happens to a lot of women, especially during pregnancy.

Though losing excess weight may not happen overnight, it is a valid option for wearers who are not willing to sell the love bracelet.

Once your wrist gets smaller, the love bracelet can become less tight and more comfortable.



The Cartier love bracelet comes in an oval shape to fit the wrist as close as possible. Sizing is important when choosing this bracelet.

Some people end up with a small love bracelet since they did not pay much attention to the size during purchase, got it from a friend who did not know their wrist size, or have gained weight.

As you consider the size, you should also understand the different types of Cartier love bracelets.

If your bracelet is too small, you can get the Cartier love cuff, sell it or lose some weight.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!