Help! My Anklet Is Too Big – How To Deal With It?

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An anklet is a flirty and fun accessory that will elevate pretty much any outfit you have on, making your shoes stand out. So, if you have been looking for an excellent accessory for your legs or ankle, it might be time for you to invest in at least one anklet.

Unfortunately, your search for the best anklet is not always without challenges because even when you have the ankle size right, you may end up with an anklet that fits a little too loose or is just too big.

So, what do you do when this happens, especially when you are not in a position to return it?

And more importantly, why is your anklet suddenly too big? Keep reading for insights on all these questions and challenges.


Some signs your anklet is too big

I. In some cases, your anklet may turn out to be too big, but you may not even know that the anklet is too big. Thankfully, there are things or signs that will tell you more about the fit of the anklet and whether it is the right fit or too big.

II. Generally, the anklet is too big if it’s hanging too loosely, on or below the bone protrusion on the side of the ankle, the medial malleolus.

My Anklet Is Too Big

III. The anklet is also too big if you feel it moving around all the time

IV. The anklet may also drop towards the foot


Some reasons your anklet is too big

My Anklet Is Too Big

I. The main reason your anklet may be too big for comfort is that you got the size wrong. If, for example, it was your first time ordering an anklet, and you hadn’t taken accurate measurements for your ankle, you may buy the wrong ankle size.

We recommend using the standard average ankle and anklet sizes for women and men to buy the anklet in the correct size. Also, don’t add too much extra length to what you have measured because that will mean a loose anklet.

II. Measuring your ankle size is essential because even if your friend has the exact kind of an anklet you’d like, you still want to make sure that the one you are buying fits your ankle. For example, if their ankle is bigger than yours, it will fit you loosely if your ankle is much smaller.

My Anklet Is Too Big

III. Also, you may have clasped it with the extension chain instead of letting the extension chain loose. So, wear it correctly, and clasp it on the right level.

IV. Weight loss. If you have lost weight since you bought the anklet, or maybe you bought the anklet when your ankles were a little swollen. So, now that you have lost the extra weight or the water retention has resolved, the anklet will not have much to hold on to, and it will fit too big.


What to do if an anklet is too big

My Anklet Is Too Big

If the anklet you purchased ends up being too big for you, and you don’t have the option of taking it back to the jeweler or the store you purchased it from, you may want to find another anklet and then weave them together, especially if both ankles are too big for you.

Consider taking the anklet back to the jewelry store for resizing if that doesn’t work.

Alternatively, you can find any other jewelry expert nearby who has the tools and equipment that will allow them to resize the anklet professionally.

Resizing an anklet tends to work well when the anklet is made of small chains linked together.

In such instances where the jeweler is forced to cut the anklet, the process used is often called shortening.

My Anklet Is Too Big

It involves measuring the number of inches that need to go and removing a section of that length, then reattaching the anklet’s clasp end to the rest of the anklet that has been shortened.

Note that shortening works well with thick chains, rope chains, snake chains, curb chains, and stone-studded Cuban chains.

Also, shortening is an irreversible process, and the jeweler has to get the size right.


How to shorten a chain bracelet without cutting it

Sliding knot

This works well for fabric anklets made of cord or string, especially those with at least 7.6cm or 3inches of extra cord on each end.

Just put the middle of the anklet on the front side of the ankle, then take each anklet and wrap the ends all around the ankle such that they cross at the back of the foot, meeting at the front. Next, create small loops on each end of the anklet, then pull tight, then loop. Repeat on both sides.

My Anklet Is Too Big

Simple knot on the side

You could also tie a small knot on the side of your foot, using each end of the anklet thread or cord.



Your anklet will not always fit well, and there are times when your anklet will fit too loose.

In such cases, the recommendations above will help.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!