Moving Diamond Necklace – How Does It Work?

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The world is ever innovating, and just when you thought you’d seen all there is for you to see, something new and fascinating makes its way to the world – the dancing diamond necklace. Unimaginable, right?

Moving or dancing diamond necklaces – you may or may not have heard about them before. But today, we’ll tell you all about these diamond necklaces and where they get their name from. And we’ll also answer the question, do these necklaces really move to the beat of the wearer, and if they do (that’s super cool), but how?

Answers to all these questions and more are coming up. So, keep reading to learn more!


What is a moving diamond necklace?

Well, as the name suggests, the moving diamond necklace is a type of diamond necklace whose diamond pieces have been designed such that they literally move to the motion and the energy of the wearer.

Moving Diamond Necklace How Does It Work

The moving diamond necklace is also known as the dancing diamond necklace, and it is not just the biggest statement-making invention but also the most eye-catching and the most tech advanced type of jewelry made in the world today.

This type of jewelry has permeated the jewelry world today, and the dancing diamond can be referred to or described as the unique way in which the diamonds on the diamond necklace are set such that these gemstones respond to the movements of the wearer, through movements that are perceived as ‘dancing’ and vibrating.

For this to come to life, the dancing or moving diamond necklace features a center diamond that is suspended using two fine horizontal points which hold in place the diamond.

The horizontal points or lines are also meant to anchor the diamond elegantly to the diamond setting but without the use of bezels or prongs.

So, the result is a piece of highly flexible diamond that literally moves with ease and isn’t fixed in place rigidly. The diamond doesn’t also touch the skin of the wearer.

Thanks to the design of the diamond necklace, the somewhat hanging diamond will respond to even the most subtle movements of the wearer, even as it continually trembles and vibrates in position.

Moving Diamond Necklace How Does It Work

The result of this fashion show of sorts is a literal showstopper, especially as the diamond interacts with light, hence a maximum level of sparkle that draws all the eyes in the room to that diamond.

This elegant creation and the whole dancing diamond concept were created by a renowned Japanese designer called Hidetaka Dobashi, whose conception of this idea came to life in September 2010.

However, it took more than a year for the very first piece of the dancing diamond piece of jewelry to come to life. The dancing diamond design has since been patented.

And looking at the elegance, uniqueness, and specificity of the dancing diamond necklace, it makes sense why creating the very first design of the necklace took him more than one year. The design and its specifics require a great deal of skill and the use of the most advanced technologies.


Moving diamond necklace – How does it work?

Moving Diamond Necklace How Does It Work

To mimic a dance motion, even with the subtlest movement of the wearer, the moving diamond necklace works in that dancing motion essentially because of its non-rigid setting style, and more importantly, the diamond’s Crossfor Cut Technique.

Thanks to this technique and the setting, the diamond is able to convert even the slightest movements made by the wearer into energy (kinetic), and this makes the diamond swing and flicker rather incessantly, and the motion is equated to a dance.

The diamond will, therefore, never stop glittering whole on the wearer’s neckline, and it carries gentle and minute but also very elegant dance-like movements.

The dancing motion of the diamond is also said to be powered by the heart, and whenever the wearer moves, the diamond vibrates, resulting in the scintillation and the sparkle of the diamond.


Pros and cons of moving diamond necklace

Moving Diamond Necklace How Does It Work


  • Elegance
  • The sparkle never stops, as long as you are wearing the diamond jewelry
  • This jewelry is a great conversation starter
  • It is made using the most sophisticated gem-cutting, setting, and design techniques.
  • The most stunning type of diamond necklace ever made
  • The dancing effect is mesmerizing


  • These diamond necklaces are very expensive
  • An increasing number of copycats despite the patented design


Should you buy a moving diamond necklace?

Moving Diamond Necklace How Does It Work

If you are looking for the most elegant and unique piece of statement jewelry and you can afford one of these moving diamond necklaces, then you should go ahead and buy the necklace. It is a statement piece, a literal showstopper, and it always looks great.

The best part is that there are numerous styles and designs of the necklaces and earrings, among other types of jewelry with the dancing necklace, meaning that there is essentially something for everyone – whether you are going for a more minimalist look or a detailed statement piece.

That said, this necklace style is not a fascinating option for everyone. So, if you feel like this necklace style doesn’t match who you are, you don’t have to buy the dancing diamond necklace.


Tips for buying a moving diamond necklace

Moving Diamond Necklace How Does It Work

  • Since the authentic pieces of moving diamond necklaces are a part of a patented design and these necklaces are essentially very pricey, you should consider buying the necklace from a licensed dealer.
  • If you don’t want to pay the full price for the moving diamond necklace, you could still buy the necklace from other stores that sell similar designs.
  • Know what to expect in terms of quality and materials used versus the price tag
  • If the deal is too good to be true, it possibly is.
  • The best of the dancing diamond pendant necklaces make perfect romantic gifts for loved ones.
  • Watch out for the cheaper, animated styles that don’t look like the real thing.



There are endless surprises in the world of jewelry, and the dancing diamond necklace is one of these elegant inventions that make for the best and the unique accessories.

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