23 Motivational Bracelets for Athletes(That’ll Keep You Motivated)

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Motivation is a crucial factor for any athlete who wants to thrive.

Coach and sports enthusiasts understand the importance of an inspiring environment when aiming to achieve goals.

Here is a list of 23 motivational bracelets for athletes.

This list of bracelets is mainly made of rubber.

Because rubber bracelets are very good for athletes. (You can wear rubber bracelets while training)

Athletes go through numerous hurdles when trying to achieve their goals.

From getting an unexpected defeat to a lack of focus, athletes experience a wide range of emotions while playing the field.

As a coach, team leader, or team member, motivation and communication are vital in keeping your team spirit high.

However, motivating or inspiring another person can be frustrating and challenging.

Everyone gets motivated differently, especially in a team of athletes skilled uniquely.

So how can we keep our athletes motivated?


23 Motivational Bracelets for athletes

Generally, motivation is the foundation of all athletic accomplishments and efforts.

Without your determination and desire to improve in your sports performance, all other mental efforts, like focus, intensity, confidence, and emotions, are meaningless.

The best athletes are always motivated and inspired to perform impeccably, allowing them to achieve their goals and maximize their ability.

Here is a list of 23 motivational bracelets for athletes.

1.Highland Innovations Motivational Silicone Wristbands

These specially designed wristbands have strong and compelling messages, perfect for inspiring and motivating any athlete.

This bracelet set comes with seven different positive affirmation messages to keep you motivated, positive and stimulated.

The wristbands come with assorted colors with bright white colored texts on the exterior and neutral color in the interior.

They also have100% silicone material, which is hypoallergenic and fits all wrist sizes.


2.10-pack Motivational Silicone Rubber Wristbands from Inkstone

Available as a pack of 10 silicone rubber wristbands, this product comes with an assortment of three designs, with the inscriptions ‘Believe,’ ‘Focus,’ and ‘Success.’

These wristbands contain a classic unisex design and fit most wrist sizes for both men and women. 


3.12-pack Motivational Quote Wristbands from Inkstone

With this 12-pack of silicone rubber inspirational wristbands, wearers receive their daily dose of positive affirmations as they have famous motivational quotes from personalities like Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, and Theodore Roosevelt.

They come in a standard wrist size of 8” and are ideal for both men and women.


4.Infinite Motivational Wristbands

Available as a set of 2 wristbands in black and white color, these motivational wristbands from Infinite consist of premium quality material that is latex-free.

With the inscription ‘Your only limit is you,’ they bring positive vibes with you wherever you go.

They come in a standard size of 8-inches and are comfortable to wear during sporting events or while working out.


5.Inkstone Inspirational Messages with Motivational Sayings

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As a set of four inspirational silicone rubber wristbands, these wristbands are available in assorted colors, like red, blue, grey, and black.

They have inspirational messages like ‘Never give up on your dreams,’ ‘Self-trust is the first secret of success,’ ‘In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity,’ and ‘Live each day like anything is possible.’

It fits most teens, women, and men.


6.SainStone Power of Faith Basket Silicone Wristbands

The unisex silicone rubber wristbands are a functional sports accessory to strengthen team spirit and boost motivation among sports team players.

The three wristbands come with motivational sayings, like ‘Never lose your passion for the game,’ ideal for keeping you focused in the game.


7.GOMOYO Motivational Wristband

Available in a wide array of colors, these high-quality wristbands come with exquisite motivational quotes, ideal for keeping any athlete’s head in the game.

They are comfortable to wear while playing a game, working out, and weight lifting.

These excellent inspirational wristbands aid with team bonding, teamwork, and individual success.


8.AMPM Collective Silicone Motivational Wristbands

These 6-pack silicone rubber wristbands with inspirational sayings come in three different classic unisex designs, ideal for working out and for hustling athletes with a burning desire to achieve success.

Loved by millions, these wristbands are stylish and comfortable to wear while they keep you happy, energized, and motivated daily.


9.AMPM Collective Silicone Rubber Inspirational Quote Bracelets

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As a reputable brand known for manufacturing apparel that encourages empowerment and rediscovery of inner motivation, these beautiful and premium quality wristbands contain inspirational symbols and sayings.

They are an excellent choice to motivate athletes to harness their inner strength to achieve their desired goals.  

Their classic unisex design guarantees comfort and style and can fit most teens, women, and men.


10.TheAwristocrat Inspirational Silicone Rubber wristband

Available in assorted colors, these 6-pack inspirational rubber wristbands serve as a positive reminder to always carry a positive mental attitude wherever you go.

It consists of hypoallergenic silicone rubber material, making it ideal for wearing for people with sensitive skin.

They are also toxin and latex-free.


11.Inkstone 12-pack Christian Inspirational Bible Bracelets

Available in six different fashionable colors to match your wardrobe while sharing the gospel, these multi-pack silicone bracelets have Christian symbols, scripture verses, and come in assorted colors.

They have six different scripture verses, including 1 Corinthians 1:2, Jeremiah 29:11, Philippians 4:13, and John 3:16, among many others.

Their versatile unisex colors fit different groups, including athletes, and are comfortable to wear for teens, men, and women.


12.Elite Athletic Gear Motivational Wristbands

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With these ‘Prove them wrong’ motivational wristbands from Elite Athletic Gear, you can wear your daily motivation everywhere you go.

This bracelet serves as a constant reminder to keep yourself motivated during fitness, sports games, cross-fit, work, life, and school, among many others.

They consist of quality silicone rubber material with high-quality painted letters that do not fade or chip away.


13.AVEC JOIE Inspirational silicone bracelets

Suitable for most adults and teenagers, these AVEC JOIE Inspirational Silicone Bracelets come in a pack of four different colors and different quotes.

Its positive affirmation messages like ‘Breathe,’ ‘One day at a time,’ ‘Peace comes from within,’ and ‘Patience’ is reassuring and ensure that you keep going even during difficult times.

These rubber bracelets also serve as a religious Bible verses wristband complete with powerful proclamations.


14.AMPM Collective Motivational Wristbands

These motivational and inspirational wristbands are available in a 6-pack and with three different designs.

They have a classic unisex design to allow daily comfortable wear with slight stretching, ideal for adults and teenagers.

These stylish entrepreneurial wristbands have unique symbols and sayings to keep you healthy, happy, and motivated throughout your daily activities.


15.Solza Silicone Wristbands

As one of the most reputable silicone wristband designer brands, many people enjoy high-quality, stylish, and vibrant colors from Solza.

Their wristbands have bold colors and large motivational prints to help you stay motivated, energized, and happy.

They perfectly fit men, women, teenagers, and athletes who are in dire need of a motivational boost.

The bracelets also contain hypoallergenic material that is flexible, durable, and sturdy.


16.Elite Athletic Gear Motivational Wristband Package

This Elite Athletic Gear wristband comes in a pack of 55 unique silicone rubber wristbands, each with different designs and prints.

They contain premium quality silicone material that is highly durable and does not fade over time.

These wristbands are ideal for fitness, school, sports, organizations, and work, among many others.


17.AMPM Collective Silicone Rubber Unisex Bracelets

Feel the power and energy that comes from within by wearing these AMPM Collective Silicone Unisex Bracelets.

Available as a 12-pack with three different designs, these inspirational rubber bracelets fit most teens, women, and men.

Their motivational sayings ensure you stay motivated and inspired while working out or pursuing sports goals.


18.Sainstone Inspirational Bracelets

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Sainstone provides inspirational silicone rubber wristbands for men, women, and teens of all ages.

Their wearable positive affirmation wristbands are practical, stylish, durable, and affordable.

They also help you keep pushing on to achieve your set goals in your life.


19.AMPM Collective Rubber Inspirational Quote Bracelets

With these stylish entrepreneurial wristbands from AMPM Collective, you can get your daily dose of positive affirmations by merely looking down at your wrist.

These wristbands have a classic unisex design and come with three different life ambition quotes and six pieces in total.  

Feel confident and brace the world like no barriers are keeping you from achieving your desired goals by wearing this beautiful wristband.

It is also slip-resistant, comfortable to wear, and easy to clean.


20.Play Strong Motivational Wristband Bracelets

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Available in a pack of six inspirational silicone wristbands, these classic unisex sportswear design wristbands are ideal for everyone who enjoys sports.

From coaches to the players to the fans, they empower people to stay strong and love the game.

They contain prints both on the front and the back that does not chip or fade away.


21.Get Shit Done RockNerdy Silicone Rubber Wristbands

With premium-quality silicone material, these wristbands come as a pack of four pieces in assorted colors.

The material is smooth, durable, and hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive skin.

Their standard size of 8-inch round and ½-inch wide allows them to fit most teenagers and adults.

More so, these bracelets act as a motivational boost to ensure you get things done, making them perfect for competitions, sports, study, work, exercise, and practice.


22.BRANDWINLITE Rubber Silicone Wristbands

BRANDWINLITE allows you to wear your inspiration daily by offering these high-quality silicone rubber bracelets.

They comfortably stretch to fit most wrist sizes and are durable and completely waterproof.

These bracelets come in a complete pack of six beautiful and vibrant colors.

As such, these cool and fashionable silicone bracelets are suitable for all-day wear as they motivate, stimulate, and keep you positive all day.


23.AMPM Collective Silicone Rubber Inspirational Wristbands

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 AMPM Collective is a well-known family-owned business that is known for making durable and empowering wristbands, ideal for diverse occasions. These wristbands are no different!

Made of premium quality silicone material and their classic unisex design, the bracelets are super soft and comfortable to wear all day long. They are also slip-resistant and easy to clean.



When athletes are continuously motivated to perform their best and maximize their abilities, they consistently improve and try hard to win every game.

Motivation also brings about immense confidence, improved team cohesion, and more overall fun while playing the game.

Therefore, why not try to encourage your athletes with any of these 23 motivational bracelets for athletes!

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