15 Motivational Bracelets and Bangles for Students in 2024

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You are looking for motivational bracelets for students and kids because words are quite powerful, and there is no better way to encourage a student you know than getting them a motivational bracelet or bangles to remind them to keep pushing forward.

Here are some 15 motivational bracelets and bangles to gift a student.

Now and then, everyone needs a little motivation to get through tough situations in their lives.

Students are no different. From keeping up with various classes to doing tons of assignments to maintaining grades above a specific threshold, the student life can get a bit frustrating.

It is quite often that students feel pressured to keep up with their friends while still struggling to keep their grades up.

Some of the students we know may be having trouble waking up for that 7 AM Chemistry lab lesson, or maybe they are tired of reading for that last final for the semester.

As such, here is a list of 15 motivational bracelets and bangles ideal for students.


15 motivational bracelets and bangles for students

Motivational bracelets and bangles make an excellent gift for students as they are perfect for daily wear.

It provides extra inspiration for the student and acts as a fantastic accessory.

Similarly, they are an inexpensive gift option for your loved ones who are struggling with their books.

So, what are 15 motivational bracelets and bangles for students?


1.BTYSUN Inspirational bracelet for women

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Made from hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel material, the BTYSUN Inspirational bracelet for women is the perfect encouragement gift for any female student with metal allergies.

The bracelet is lightweight, sturdy, and contains engraved writing on the cuff to remind the wearer that they got this even on the toughest of days.

Its size is adjustable with the ability to fit any wrist of girls and women aged between 12-85 years.


2.12-pack Inspirational Silicone Unisex Wristbands

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Not only is this product available for men, women, and teen girls and boys, but it also comes in a pack of twelve pieces.

These silicone wristbands have a classic unisex design that easily blends with any apparel and other pieces of jewelry.

They consist of engraved messages, like ‘Be Yourself’, ‘Create’, ‘Change The World’, and ‘Dream,’ all famous quotes from famous personalities from world history.


3.Motivational Silicone Wristbands

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With an assortment of 12 silicone wristbands, this product contains positive reaffirmations to help motivate students to keep on pushing with their studies.

These black silicone rubber bracelets have a classic unisex design, ideal for both women and men, and comes in packs of four, each with three designs that have messages like ‘Success is a state of mind,’ ‘Focus,’ and ‘Realize.’  

These motivational wristbands are slightly stretchable and can serve as excellent giveaways for corporate events, graduation party favors, teamwork retreats, and office parties.


4.12-pack Inspirational Quote Bracelets Variety Pack

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This variety pack of silicone rubber bracelets consists of inspirational quotes and messages from famous people throughout history like Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Martin Luther King Jr., Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Mahatma Gandhi, to mention a few.

It features six different messages, each with two bracelets, from themes on Courage, Dream, Believe, Faith, Hope, and Strength.

Furthermore, their stretchy silicone rubber material is comfortable to wear for long hours and does not snag while playing sports or working out.


5.AVEC JOIE Motivational Silicone Rubber Wristbands

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Coming in a pack of 24 pieces, the AVEC JOIE Motivational Wristbands is perfect for anyone looking for top-quality, versatile, and affordable wristbands for students.

This product consists of comfortable silicone rubber bracelets in six unique and diverse styles, with four pieces in each style.

These bracelets have engraved messages, ranging from ‘Keep Goals in Mind,’ ‘Be Self-Motivated,’ ‘Do Not Delay,’ ‘Stick It Out,’ ‘Stick It Out,’ and ‘Make Plans,’ which do not fade away quickly.


6.Kainier Cuff Bangle Bracelets

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With surgical stainless steel material, this cuff bangle consists of a unique and elegant design with small magnets on both sides of the cuffs for effective magnetic therapy.

It also comes in an attractive gift box, ideal for a gift idea for your loved one.

Magnetic therapy has been beneficial in various ways over the years, including reducing anxiety and stress, improving blood circulation, alleviating pain, and reducing general inflammation.

This fabulous cuff bangle bracelet is adjustable, hypoallergenic, and durable nature ensures your loved one enjoys this bracelet for a long time.


7.Birthday silicone wristbands

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 If you are looking for a durable and versatile birthday party favors for your loved ones, these classic colored rubber wristbands may be an ideal choice for you.

Available in 24 pieces with four different designs, these premium silicone rubber wristbands consist of fun and bright colors that do not fade quickly.

They are safe to wear and very flexible and durable, ideal for wearing for a long time.


8.Motivational Wristbands for women

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This 12-pack bulk bracelet package is one of the best ways to send out positive messages of encouragement and inspiration to students, girl scouts, or even sportspeople.

It consists of high-quality premium silicone material that is safe to wear for long periods and has a soft feel as well as a comfortable slip on-off design.

These bracelets have four different positive messages, like Believe, Create, Inspire, and Dream.


9.Fesciory Inspirational Bracelets for women

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This beautiful and elegant bracelet from Fesciory is perfect for motivating anyone to overcome any challenges in life.

With its inside mantra quote, the wearer always remembers that they should never give in to the pressures of life.

More so, this bracelet is adjustable, allowing it to fit any wrist size comfortably.

It contains pure high-grade stainless steel material, ideal for those who have metal allergies.

It is also lightweight and does not fade after wearing it for a long time.


10.SATINIOR Motivational Bracelets

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With 48 pieces of motivational bracelets, all in various styles, per package, these premium silicone rubber bracelets consist of ball patterns and positive messages.

Motivational and inspirational quotes, like The Harder the Battle, The Sweeter the Victory, are on these bracelets to provide the wearer with positive energy.

They are ideal for both men and women as they have good elasticity and are safe and comfortable to wear.


11.Happy Birthday Colored Rubber Bracelets

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Ideal as party decorations, this package comes with eight different styles of bracelets, each with five pieces, making a total of 40 pieces.

They contain silicone material, allowing comfortable and durable wear for long periods.

These colored bracelets are fun and bright and can fit most adults and teens.


12.Charming Life Creations Inspirational Jewelry Bracelets

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With the proper encouragement and positive energy, anyone can brace the challenges, and hurdles life throws.

This Charming Life Creations Inspirational Jewelry Bracelet offers you all the positive affirmation to charge the mountain and get things done confidently.

Made with silver-plated charms and hardware as well as genuine leather, this bracelet blends easily with other accessories.

It is also durable, eye-catching, and comfortable to wear for both men and women.


13.Juvale Inspirational Rubber Bracelets

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These silicone rubber wristbands provide the wearer with positive vibes and inspiration.

Made from high-quality silicone material, they can withstand daily wear with no discoloration and comfortable on the skin.

They are also waterproof and have the right thickness to fit kids, teens, and adults.

With its great messages of positivity, these rubber wristbands consist of a total of 36 pieces with sic different text designs, including Believe, Love, Strong, Brave, Grateful, and Peace.


14.Party Favor Bracelets

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Ideal for parties, giveaways, and prizes, these latex-free silicone rubber bands come in 36 different jelly bands and 106 various silicone wrist bands.

As such, all the kids will enjoy these wrist bands as there is a unique design for everyone.

These party favor silicone wristbands are also quite colorful and bright and are also safe and comfortable for daily wear.


15.ArtCreativity Rubber Bracelets with Motivational Sayings

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Wake up every day with renewed hope, zeal, and focus from these ArtCreativity Rubber Bracelets.

One complete package comes with 24 pieces, each with beautiful neon colors of purple, green, orange, blue, and pink.

As a result, these bracelets do not only motivate, but they are also fashion accessories that will have people turning their heads whenever you walk into a room.

Furthermore, these stylish rubber bracelets are ideal for men, women, girls, and boys as they can fit any wrist size and have a smooth finish, perfect for daily wear.



Motivational bangles and bracelets have proven to increase the focus and zeal of its wearers effectively.

Simply look down at your wrist and crush your goals, especially when you are in a tough situation.

Nothing sends out your love and well-wishes to your loved one who is struggling with their studies than a motivational bangle or bracelet.

Not only is it affordable, but it is also a thoughtful, durable, versatile, and beautiful option.

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