Here is a List of Most Painful Piercings Ranked in 2024

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What are the top most painful piercings? People want to know how painful piercings generally are for various reasons. For some, the idea of having a needle piercing through their flesh gives them anxiety.

For another, they’d want to know if the pain is worthwhile for whatever piercing they wish to get. In short, people want to be psychologically prepared to know how much pain they’d feel.

There are tons of forums that give a rating of each type of piercing. We’ve taken these and tried to quantify them so we can give you a rounded idea of how much pain you’re likely to be in.

Even with that, remember the piercing itself only lasts a split second. Therefore, don’t let the idea of how much pain you’ll feel in that instantly put you off getting something you really want.

To go through with a piercing, you require big picture thinking, not merely focusing on the pain. Sure, it might hurt when you get the piercing. However, think about the long term. Once it’s healed, you’ll be happy that we went through with it, and it’s something you can have for years to come.

Keep that happy thought in mind even as you read through the pain ratings based on online feedback.


Top 10 most painful piercings ranked

The pan rating of these top ten most painful piercings has a ranking of above five on a pain scale of one to ten. One is the least pain felt, and ten the most pain felt.

  1. genital piercing

The genitals are by far the most sensitive ears of our bodies, so no one needs to convince you that it’ll be the most painful piercing you can ever get. A 9/10 would be a modest scale.

Before you get it, you need to be sure of the type you want, given there are about eight different piercings that men and women can get individually.

The silver lining for these piercings is their healing time. It takes about four to six weeks to heal and at most six months, depending on your aftercare.


  1. Nipple piercing

If you’re to scan your body for the most sensitive areas, then nipples would be top of the list.

Even pinching it accidentally or otherwise does spark some pain, so it’s only expected that a needle going through it would have pain levels that are up there at 8/10.

Some have more sensitive nipples than others, but it’s still among the most painful. It takes about six to twelve months to heal


  1. Anti-tragus piercing

Not to be confused with the tragus, the anti-tragus piercing is done in the other cartilage area opposite the ear canal.

The piercing doesn’t last a short time either; the procedure takes about 5-10 seconds, with half of it being when the needle goes through. The pain levels during this time are a strong 8/10.

Given that it’s cartilage, it will take about eight to 16 months to heal, which is by far the longest healing time for any piercing on this list. It’s advised that you don’t pierce both sides at the same time and also not to sleep on the side with the piercing because it’ll be super sensitive.


  1. Dermal piercing

Dermal piercings are single-point piercing that lies on a flat surface of one’s body with dermal anchors holding them in place inside the body.

The overall pain is dependent on the area you’re getting the dermal piercing done and the method used, but it stands at 7/10.

There are a lot of nerves right below the skin, so the pain is expected. The healing time isn’t as long; it takes between one to three months.


  1. Industrial piercing

As you can tell by now, anything cartilage and it’s bound to be a big ouch.

The other part that has a pain scale of 6/10 is the double puncture on the upper cartilage held together by a single piece of jewelry.

It’s most certainly be a lot of pain on the individual holes, so be mentally prepared for that. The healing time is about a month to six months, depending on your body and care for the piercing.


  1. Daith piercing

Another area that’s bound to have you feeling quite a bit of pain is the daith area of the ear.

For the longest time, it is said that perforating the outer cartilage that’s at the center part of the ear can help alleviate migraines.

Whether you’re doing it for medical purposes or for beauty, it’s vital to know that the pain levels stand at 6/10. Given the minimal flow of blood to the area, you’ll find that it can take up to 12 months to heal, though four months is a more optimistic period.


  1. Helix piercing

There are still options on the ears, and that’s puncturing the curved part of the ear. Depending on what you like, you can get single or multiple punctures.

The curve of the ear is not that sensitive, but it’s still as painful; that’s about 6/10.

The other thing to know is that you’ll need a neck pillow during the healing time because you’ll damage the area. Also, keep in mind that the healing time is three to six months.


  1. Rook piercing

The rook is a piercing done above where the tragus. Given how small and thick the area is, you can expect to feel pain levels of 6/10 or more depending on your pain threshold.

The healing time is about three to six months.


  1. Septum piercing

If you’re going for a bull ring, then you have to be aware that you’ll feel a pain level of about 6/10.

Another thing to note is that the first few days, you will feel some pain and discomfort that fades away as the healing continues.

Those who opt for larger jewelry will be sore for longer too. The healing time is about six to eight months, of which, if the area is recovering well, you can change your jewelry after two months. Be sure to practice proper aftercare.


  1. Surface piercing

These piercings are different from a dermal piercing in that it has exit points.

To get it done, the piercer will pinch the area of skin you want to be pierced and then stick a needle through it. After, both parts are secured using barbells.

Since it’s the top of the skin, the area can be subject to stretching and general movement that can make it uncomfortable during the healing process. On average, it takes about three months to heal.


Least painful piercings [bonus]

Let’s look at some common piercings that are further down the list.

Tongue piercing

The tongue pain is borderline at 5/10 though some people rank it lower.

What bothers people is having to give up feeding as usual for about a week or so because of discomfort. That’s before the soreness begins to subside.

However, in six to eight weeks, you should be healed if you follow proper oral hygiene.


Eyebrow/ labret piercing

The pain levels in these two areas are a tie when it comes to pain; that’s 3/10.

The reason for that is that you do get a double perforation, but it’s otherwise not as bad. They also have the same standard healing time of about six weeks.


Navel piercing

The navel is also further down the list when it comes to pain at 2/10.

From reports, people stay that the piercing feels like a bee sting, but it passes after a few minutes.

After, all you’ll experience is some discomfort and also soreness as it’s healing. However, what most people emphasize when it comes to the navel piercing is not the pain but rather the aftercare. It’ll take about six months to heal; also avoid any stomach exercises.


Earlobes piercing

The most common kind of piecing is those on the earlobes. It is popular also because you can get it legally, even in countries where there is a standard age restriction of 16 years and above.

With parental consent, a child can even get their earlobes pierced are the age of five. What makes it least painful that even toddlers can withstand it is because the area is fleshy.

On a pain scale, it is no more than a minor sting at 1/10; if you’ve been stung by a bee or a wasp, then you’ll most certainly find this a lot less painful.



Knowing the pain levels gets you mentally prepared for what’s coming, but don’t forget to keep in mind how much you’ll end up loving the piercing once it’s healed.

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