What Is The Most Flattering Necklace Length?-Follow this Guide

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As one of the various forms of jewelry, necklaces are an important accessory and mode of expression. They are one of the oldest forms adorned through many generations.

Different cultures would wear necklaces as an expression of their status, power, and other elements of identity. Today, necklaces are worn to make fashion statements, express personality, and complete outfits. As such, many designs exist, for you to choose from.

Aside from the right design, there are other factors to consider when picking out a neckpiece that would be flattering to you. The most important factor is the length of the necklace.

Not all lengths are suitable for any individual. So, what is the most flattering length? In this post, we will look at what the best length is for women, men, and teenagers alike.


The Most Flattering Necklace Length

most popular necklace length

You will know that; necklaces have the power to complete your look by elevating the appeal of your outfit. It can turn plain and boring clothes, into edgy and stylish looks. While the style and design of your neck piece will largely depend on your preference and taste, finding the right length is harder than that.

When there are so many options of length to choose from, it can be difficult deciding which ones are the most flattering. The following are what we think are three of the most flattering lengths:


This length is called Opera style and is a long measurement. Ideally, the necklace should sit just below the breast section unless you have a wider area. The dramatic length is perfect for round faces since it gives them the illusion of an elongated face. What’s more, this length is the perfect finishing touch of elegance to evening wear and high necklines.


This style is called the Matinee and is also relatively long. The necklace usually sits between the collar bone and burst area. It is the ideal length for both formal and informal settings. It gives extra oomph to your official clothes but also perfectly complements a casual laid-back outfit. It is the perfect length for you if you’re more of the minimalist style type of dresser.


This is a classic length and a common choice for most people. With this length, the necklace will sit right on your clavicle. This length works for any style, occasion, or setting. It is especially perfect for the V-neck and sweetheart necklines. If you have a wider neck, you can achieve the same effect with an 18” length instead.  


What Is The Most Popular Necklace Length For Women?

most popular necklace length

Women have worn jewelry for centuries now, with necklaces being the oldest pieces that are always in any woman’s jewelry collection. If you take a look at your collection, we guarantee you’ll find at least one or two, whether minimalist or bold.

Have you ever, however, had a necklace in your collection that you do not wear? The piece might have a great design and be made with quality material, but for some reason, you just do not like how it looks on you.

This is because the neckpiece is unflattering to your appearance, and the main reason could be the length. Necklaces often come in standard sizes, usually in even numbers ranging from 14”-36”.

Of this standard, the most flattering lengths for women are said to be 16” and 18”. The 16” necklace is a chocker style that will sit perfectly at the base of your throat, while the 18” is a princess style that will lie on your collar bone.

The beauty of these lengths is that they are versatile. They go with any look and work well with all facial features. We are, however, aware that we are not all the same and some may have wider or narrower necks. In such cases, you may need to make slight adjustments. The most important thing to keep in mind is the position the necklace lies when in 16” and 18”.


What Is The Most Popular Necklace Length For Men?

most popular necklace length

Unlike women, men do not have a lot of options when it comes to jewelry. So, it is not surprising that they also don’t have that many options when it comes to necklace lengths.

Biologically, men have wider shoulders and necks as well as broader chests. As such, they have four main standard sizes, in even numbers ranging from 18”-24”.

From these standard lengths, the most suitable and popular one among men is the 20” length. Like the 18” on women, with this length the necklace will lie on the collar bone. It is the perfect length for men to wear under or over their clothes without looking tacky.

They also compliment all looks, from formal to casual attire. Again, this does not have to apply to everyone. Each of us is built differently, so you can customize the length to suit your needs.

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What Is The Most Popular Necklace Length For Teenagers?

most popular necklace length

The standard sizes for adults also differ slightly from children and teens. Depending on their size the standard lengths could start from 12” for preteens and 14” for teens, up to 18”.

The most ideal length for teens, however, is between 14”-16”.

Depending on how tall and wide the neck size is, these lengths should lie around the collar bone. This makes the length versatile to style with anything. 18” can also work for taller teens or those with longer necks.

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Tips For Choosing A Perfect Necklace Length

most popular necklace length

Now for the most important part; choosing the perfect length for your necklace. The following are useful tips you can use when finding the perfect necklace length:

1. Start with adjustable necklaces.

Finding the perfect length for you will take time. You may need to experiment with different lengths at first. That is where adjustable necklaces come in handy.

You can easily play around with the length until you find what works for you. Once you do, note down that length and use it the next time you are purchasing a necklace.

In some cases, the suitable neck length for you may not fall under any of the standard lengths.

In such a case, you can have the length customized or stick to using adjustable necklaces so you can customize the length yourself. A bonus of adjustable necklaces is great for layering.


2. Think about your natural shape.

most popular necklace length

While we might want to rock all sorts of necklace lengths, not all of them are flattering for our shape.

For example, the chocker style (16”) is a great and versatile length, but it especially compliments longer swan-like necks. Shorter necks may end up looking stubby.

A matinee (24”) would be a more flattering choice for a short neck.

Similarly, longer necklaces may look weird on shorter heights and fuller bodies. Such lengths are better suited for taller, slender individuals.

The shorter individuals would look most flattering with shorter necklaces like 16”.


3. Consider your face shape.

Aside from your body, your face shape also plays an important role in determining how flattering a necklace will look on you.

Face shapes vary from round, oval, heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, and square faces. Knowing your face shape will make it easier to find the perfect neck length for you.

Round faces, for example, are complemented by longer necklaces with a V-shape. This type of necklace will slim the face and make it appear elongated. Heart-shaped faces, on the other hand, look better with shorter rounder necklaces.

Oval faces are, however, more versatile when it comes to different necklace lengths.  



Once you figure out the perfect necklace length for you, you should be able to enjoy wearing all you’re necklaces without a problem.

Still, do not be afraid to experiment. After all, making a statement is all about confidence. If you can own the look then any necklace length will be flattering on you.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!