9 Most Expensive Cartier Necklaces You Should Know

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Cartier is a renowned jewellery house producing some of the most beautiful jewelry.

I received my first necklace gift when I was an 8-year-old girl. I have never treasured any other gift like the necklace. It was from my late mother, and I have kept it till today.

The necklace was a Cartier, and it is still in perfect condition. Cartier necklaces, therefore, elicit good memories of my late mother.

That is why I have always had them and researched about them. In this post, you will learn about the 9 most expensive Cartier necklaces.


About Cartier Necklace

Cartier Necklaces

Cartier is a jewelry company that was founded in 1847 in France. From its inception, it was focused on making luxury jewelry for the very high-end market.

The initial jewelry was mostly made of diamond or gold. Cartier necklaces are still some of the most lavish designs and are mostly made of gold or diamond.

They are high quality, and some of the oldest necklaces – as old as 70- are still in good condition and resalable in the market. Some that are not in their original form were deliberately disabled as people tried to sell them in parts.

Cartier Necklaces

Cartier necklaces have two major qualities: they are lavish and expensive. The necklaces are made of the world’s most precious metals and stones.

Emeralds, onyx, gold and diamond are some components used in making the necklaces. Secondly, the necklaces are of high quality.

Cartier has ensured that the necklaces have the best quality; hence, they can last for hundreds of years. Most of the necklaces have been passed on from generation to generation.      


9 Most Expensive Cartier Necklaces You Should Know

1. Cartier Patiala Necklace

Cartier Necklaces

The necklace is one of the most expensive necklaces ever. It has an estimated value of $30 million. Its great value resulted from the large piece of diamond it had.

The necklace had the largest diamond in the world, the size of a golf ball. Maharaja of Patiala commissioned the necklace to an employee of Cartier.

It was since surrounded after 20 years of staying in the royal treasury in India. The jewelry just disappeared thirty years, and it was found without several diamond stones.

Later, some parts were discovered in London, and Cartier repurchased them and replaced the missing diamonds.

It is the most expensive necklace ever made; therefore, it is shrouded in mystery as each person who comes across it tries to sell a part of it.   


2. Hutton-MDivani Jadeite Cartier Diamond Necklace

Cartier Necklaces

The necklace is also one of the most expensive ever to be produced by Cartier. It has a value of $27.4 million. The necklace is made of diamond and Jadeite stones which account for the high value of the necklace.

The stones are green and translucent and have a very smooth texture. All the beads are large, with the smallest being 15.4mm and the smallest 19.2mm.

The necklace’s clasp is made with platinum, gold, ruby and diamond. One of the necklace’s owners was Princess Nina MDivani, who inherited it from Barbara Hutton.


3. La Peregrina Cartier Necklace

Cartier Necklaces

It is also called the wandering pearl due to its symmetrical pear-shaped pearl. It has an interesting history that starts with Elizabeth Taylor requesting Cartier to make a necklace that features La Peregrina.

Cartier then created a 55-carat pearl that was filled with beautiful diamonds. It is unknown how the necklace ended up on the coast of Panama, where it was discovered and handed over to Spanish loyalty in the sixteenth century.

The Spanish loyalty through King Philip II sent it to England as a gift to Queen Mary I. queen Mary I died, and it was left in possession of Queen Elizabeth I, who returned it to the Spanish court.

It is unknown how joseph Napoleon possessed it and offered it as a gift to Duchess Louisa Hamilton of England. Recently-1969, Richard burton purchased expensive jewelry and gifted his bride Elizabeth Taylor during valentine’s.

The necklace is an absolute statement of affluence and hence a perfect Valentine’s gift.


4. The Patiño Cartier Necklace

Cartier Necklaces

The value of this necklace is $10.2 million due to its high-quality diamonds and emeralds. It was made in 1937 after Cartier acquired the famous Andean cross from Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain.

The Andean cross was made from beautiful emeralds from Simõn Iturrio Patiño, who owned Columbia mines and was the world’s biggest tin producer. The Andean cross was a crucial component of the necklace, with 60 carats of 20 clear diamonds and 100 beautiful emeralds.    


5. The Imperial Emerald of the Grand Duchess Vladimir

Cartier Necklaces

Cartier obtained the original jewelry from Grand Duchess, who fled Russia following the Russian revolution. The original necklace was one of Catherine the Great’s collections.

Her collection was then acquired by Tsar Alexander II, who gifted the necklace to his son’s fiancée – Grand Duchess Vladimir. After buying it from Grand Duchess, Vladimir Cartier redesigned it by cutting the emeralds into a 75-carat pear shape to make the emeralds clearer.

They then sold the necklace to Rockefeller Jr. Esmerion, who resold it, and it ended up in the hands of a private collector in Geneva.


6. The Patiala Cartier Necklace  

Cartier Necklaces

The necklace is worth $3.16 million and was made in 1928 for India’s Maharaja Bhupinder Singh. It is made of 73-carat yellow diamond.

The De beers in this necklace were made of several chains with large diamonds. A total of 2,930 diamonds were used to make the necklace. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh loved to gift his wives such gifts.

However, he kept this one for himself because of its great value. After India’s independence, most of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh’s jewels went missing. The De Beers yellow diamond was later discovered in London, and Cartier purchased it to recreate the original necklace.


7. Cartier 1980s Colored Diamond Necklace

Cartier Necklaces

This necklace is made of 18k yellow gold. It has a value of $875,000 because of its many diamonds. It has 50 excellently arranged diamonds and various colors such as orange, yellow and brown.

The diamonds are cut into oval shapes and are of premium quality. They have a total weight of 4.10 carats. The main part of the necklace is the hanging pendant with a brown-orange diamond cut into a fancy pear shape.

It is one of the expensive Cartier necklaces still in excellent condition and is up for sale from the current owner, who resides in New York.   


8. Cartier Diamond Emerald Onyx Platinum Panther

Cartier Necklaces

 This is a $395,000 worth of necklace. It is a Cartier Diamond Emerald Onyx platinum necklace made in the 1980s.

Although it is more than 40 years old, it is still in excellent condition, and you can be the owner if you pay the price.

It is made of the panther motif and has more than 682 diamonds that are round in shape. The necklace has 17.80 carats and has other precious stones such as onyx, platinum panther pendant’s eyes and emeralds. The necklace is unique and has an authentic Cartier sign.


9. Cartier Paris circa 1945 Gold and Diamond Necklace

Cartier Necklaces

It was availed for sale in 1945, and its current value is about $225,000. It is made of diamonds and yellow gold. It is unique because it can be converted into ankle and hand bracelets.

Although the jewel is more than 70 years, it has maintained its excellent condition and continues to appreciate. The necklace consisted of 18k yellow gold made into twisted links and decorated with diamonds.

The necklace has a total of 720 pieces of diamond that are estimated to be 12 carats. The diamonds are premium cut, and Cartier made them in Paris, France. However, it has many pieces of gold and diamonds, t weights 222 grams, which an adult can barely feel on the neck.  



Cartier has made some of the most expensive necklaces in the world. Most of the extremely expensive necklaces were made a long time back. The $30 million necklace is a statement of how much Cartier was willing to invest in lavish jewelry.

Additionally, repurchasing it in London and making efforts to restore it indicates that the company has a special consideration for super expensive jewelry. Diamond is the main component of super expensive necklaces.

Hence, if you have a diamond necklace, you should be very proud because it falls into the category of most luxurious necklaces.

The royal families were mostly the owners of such expensive pieces of necklaces because they had to demonstrate their status and money to buy them.

It is also crucial to note that most jewelry is still in good condition and continues to appreciate.

Cartier will hook you up with some of its pieces if you love expensive jewellery.    

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!