15 Affordable Moissanite Engagement Rings on Amazon in 2024

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Moissanite is quickly growing in popularity and demand. For the longest time we have insisted on having crystal clear, white crystals only as the acceptable or most desirable stones for our engagement rings.

However, much more recently, brides and grooms are getting further off that track. Moissanite engagement rings are affordable and colorful and here are 15 of the best you can find on Amazon.

Moissanite Engagement Rings

Many people are confused about this diamond-looking crystal called moissanite because some believe it is lab-created like the cubic zirconia diamond simulators.

This could not be further from the truth as this is a naturally occurring stone that is actually quite rare and just happens to share similar properties with real diamonds.

As moissanite comes in interesting blue, green and yellow colors, it should be part of your engagement ring research list.


15 Affordable Moissanite Engagement Rings on Amazon

1.Moissanite-Lab Grown Diamond Ring

Moissanite Rings Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check the Price

This beautiful ring features a large, round-cut moissanite stone held in place by four forked prongs keeping the crystal in place.

A V-shaped low setting shows off the rock more and allows for more reflective light through.

On either side of the solitaire moissanite, are tiny lab-grown, round-cut crystals which are embedded along half the length of the band. 14k gold is used as the metal for this piece which adds to its brilliant shine with its glossy finish.


2.Square Halo Radiant Cut Ring

Moissanite Rings Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check the Price

Made of 14k white gold and only available in this shade, this moissanite ring follows the halo design that comes together very brilliantly.

The moissanite stone has been radiantly cut into the shape of a square and placed at the crown’s center which is raised up by bars on a high-level setting.

This introduces more light to the stone. All around the square-shaped stone are round cut diamond simulators and they adorn the sides of the band halfway; this ring will dazzle and blind with its shine.


3.Oval Halo Ring

Moissanite Rings Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check the Price

This rings moissanite crystal stone is shaped into an oval and cut brilliantly to maximize its shine. You should note that this moissanite is lab-created and in following with sustainable practices.

Around the oval and all down the metal band, there are cubic zirconia crystals that shine and glitter even greater against the shiny and glossy 14k white gold coating.

This moissanite crystal has an intriguing blue hue that is almost impossible to tear your eyes away from. Very unique.


4.Violet Round-Cut Ring

Moissanite Rings Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check the Price

This has got to be the cutest ring ever. Featuring a sizeable moissanite crystal as its main center, this solitaire ring has the potential to melt your heart.

The stone is simulated and possesses a very beautiful purplish hue.

This is multiplied by the accented smaller lab-created moissanite stones that line the side of the band. The material is 14k gold and is available in all three gold shades.

It is a high set which allows for more light through the stone.


5.Antique Moissanite Ring

Moissanite Rings Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check the Price

7.5mm of lab-created moissanite sits at the center of this vintage ring.

Held in place by four prongs, the gem is set in a high setting that is intricately decorated on either side with some round cut, natural grown diamond accents which are bezel-set.

Apart from the base, the entire band is dotted, drawn on, twisted to make elaborate designs that give the ring its awesome vintage look.

It is made of white 14k gold which adds to the reflection of light for brilliant shines. This is a one-of-a-kind ring.


6.Cushion-Cut Halo Ring

It is made of 14k white gold and this ring features a square-shaped real moissanite stone that has been cushion-cut to catch light and bring out its brilliance better.

The color quality of the moissanite is GI which is great for this stone.

High set on an arc like prong raise, the sides of the band width are lined with tiny real diamonds to make the piece shine brighter. This is a simple yet classy choice.


7. Brilliant Solitaire Ring

Moissanite Rings Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check the Price

This round cut moissanite stone is of the HI color grade and has VS clarity making it a very rare and special stone. It is brilliant-cut to give it definition ad angles that catch light and give it the dazzle it possesses.

This solitaire engagement ring is made of 14k white gold which has a very shiny and glossy rhodium plating.

The stone is set in place with the help of six V-shaped prongs of the same silvery hue which magnifies the ring’s brilliance.


8.Round Halo Moissanite Ring

Moissanite Rings Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check the Price

The 7.5mm moissanite crystal that’s the center piece of this ring is one of the hardest minerals with a very high score of 9.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It is of the GI color grade with almost no imperfections.

The stone is securely held in place by four prongs that are set upon a halo of metal embedded with tiny circular accent gems all around it and going down hallway down the length of the metal band.

It is made of 14k white gold and has a fortified layer of rhodium plating that adds to the rings sparkle.


9.Brilliant Halo Ring

Moissanite Rings Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check the Price

Using manufactured moissanite crystal, this ring features a huge stone that sits at the top of the crown with a high-level setting that hold the halo which is decked with tiny round accents.

These round-cut crystals cascade down the sides of this ring increasing it dazzle and sparkle.

It is brilliantly cut to maximize its light gathering capabilities and the high-level setting allows for more light to get to it.

It is made of 14k white gold metal material which is usually fortified with rhodium plating to make it super shiny.


10.Colorless Bridal Ring Set

This is a bridal set featuring two rings made of 14k white gold and which are half way decked in colorless moissanite crystals with an almost blinding shine.

The engagement piece features a solitaire round-cut stone set up high on four prongs.

The crown and its setting make a heart shape when you look at it from the side which gives this ring its mass appeal.

More than that the accented diamond adds to the shimmer and glow of this ring.


11.Cushion Cut Halo Ring

Set up in sort of a cathedral and prong type setting, this ring features a natural, 1 carat moissanite crystal set up on four prongs which allow you to see much of the crystal and for more light to hit it.

A halo encircles the gem fully embellished with accent crystals that go almost all the way round the ring.

They stop at the base where the metal width gets too thin to hold any crystals. The metal material used is 14k white gold which glistens against the light almost as much as the stone does.


12.Solitaire Princess Ring

Moissanite Rings Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check the Price

1 carat of moissanite stone of the color class D with VVS1 clarity sits solely on this white 14k metal gold band. This is a great quality of stone with perfect dimensions and brilliance. Princess cut stones always shine the brightest.

This stone is set up high on four prongs in a V-shape and a tiffany kind of setting. Its brilliant shine intensifies against the silver shine of the 14k gold.


13.Round-Cut Solitaire Ring

The highest quality of moissanite stone is used in making this piece. With a class D category and with VVS1 clarity, the clarity of this stone is almost better than that of real diamonds.

With 1.5 karat age, this stone sits securely on a four-prong tiffany setting.

Brilliantly round cut stone glitters beautifully against the silver shine and gloss of the 14k gold.

As a synthetic stone, it has been created with extreme precision and this explains its diamond-like brilliance.


14.Platinum Halo Ring

A 2 carat cushion cut moissanite stone sits atop the cathedral like prong with bridges and bars crossing to hold up and arc twisted into infinity symbols on either side of the crown.

The square-shaped stone is of the G color class that is mostly clear and colorless with no yellow streaks.

It is set up and held in place by four prongs that are fitted on the metals halo embedded with clear accent crystals.

These crystals trickle down the side of the ring’s band following the infinity symbol and down to half the metal band.


15.Antique Moissanite Ring

Moissanite Rings Available on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check the Price

An original moissanite stone 7.5mm sits atop a V-shaped four-pronged tiffany like setting.

On either side of this raised prong, there are round cut clear crystals embedded in a bezel-set increasing the appeal and making a love-heart shape from the side.

Available in a bright 14k gold color, the contrast works to the advantage of the wearer as the shine is undeniable.

The sides of the metal band have intricate etchings and markings that make it very interesting and add some aspects of ancient art.



Moissanite stone crystals whether natural or lab-created have revolutionized the engagement rings business.

The options are so varied in design and affordability which is great news for every soon-to-be-married couple who are on a budget.

The similarity between moissanite and diamonds is shocking and you should consider getting this natural and rare stone for your engagement ring.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!