5 Actionable Methods to Make Rings Smaller in Seconds

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Looking for methods to make rings smaller in seconds? Every time you buy or are gifted a ring, there is the possibility of the ring running a little bigger than expected. This can be frustrating, and the first thing you may think is that the ring needs resizing.

However, you don’t have to take this rather drastic measure too soon since there are other simple alternative methods of resizing the ring.

In this article, we take a look at some of the simple ways of making your ring smaller. The best bit is that the ring will be smaller in seconds(may take longer, but you can do it very quickly), meaning you won’t have to look for alternative accessories because the ring doesn’t fit.

Note that as a result of the effectiveness of these methods, any one of them could save you on your wedding day in case the ring fails to fit as snugly as you’d want. You wouldn’t want to lose the ring, which is why these tips are the best hacks you should keep in mind.

Ways to Make Rings Smaller in Seconds

Methods to Make Rings Smaller in Seconds

1.Using a Dot of Hot Glue

The first method that would help you make your ring smaller in less than a minute involves the use of glue. This is a simple ring resizing process that works well and fast. This is a crafty option that works fast and easily to give you that nice, snug fit.

Before you start, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to safely heat/ warm the glue and the gun safely. You’ll also need to use a small amount of your melted glue, say the size of a dime, then place the glue on either a clean aluminum foil or cardboard.

After heating up the gun and the glue, you should use a clean toothpick to evenly smear a bit of the glue on the ring’s inside. You put the glue on the inside because that’s the area of the ring sits on the finger’s underside.

Note that it’s recommended to use the toothpick because the toothpick offers a good level of control and guides where you put the glue. If you are not sure about making the perfect mound, the toothpick will be necessary. You need to keep in mind, however, that you don’t have to use the toothpick, and you could skip this section, placing the glue dot on the ring directly from your gun.

Allow the glue to dry. For even and easy drying, make sure that your ring sits upright. Consider sliding a pencil across your ring, and for better balance, you should keep the ring at the top of the glass so that the ring remains suspended in the air. Once done, the ring should fit well. But if it still doesn’t fit, you might want to peel the glue off the ring, then repeat theseS steps, albeit with a little more glue, until it fits right.

This is a safe method because the glue will not damage the ring. There’s one catch, though; you shouldn’t use glue if the ring is an antique. The glue can be damaging to the antique ring.

Methods to Make Rings Smaller in Seconds

2.Popping on the Ring Size

The ring sizer comes in different sizes, and you get to choose from a wide range of ring sizers. The sizer is also considerably affordable.

So, how does it work?

Well, the ring sizer comes with spring inserts that will easily latch on the ring’s inside, instantly making the ring smaller. Some of the adjusters are available as small tubes or springs made of plastic designed to easily slip into the ring’s underside, hence the instant reduction in the size of the ring.

At the same time, the adjuster gives you some further helps to prevent the ring from sliding/ slipping off your finger.

That said, it’s important to keep in mind that the ring sizer or adjuster has to be purchased, which means that it’s something that you must plan to buy in advance, and it may not work too well in emergencies. You could, however, create an adjuster at home if you are the crafty type.

To create the ring sizer at home, you’ll need a small plastic ring that isn’t a little too big. Take this ring, then reduce the size of the ring by carefully wrapping loops of string round and round one section of your ring, creating a quick, safe, ring adjuster.

You could also choose to wrap a strip of clear tape to run around the length of the band, only if you don’t mind that the tape could damage the ring when you peel the tape off.

3.Attaching the sizing bar

What happens when you have an expensive ring that will not fit, and you risk losing it if you wear it because it’s too large?

Well, given the value of the ring, you might want to engage a jewelry store or a professional jeweler. The professionals know best, and they will help resize the ring by attaching a ring sizing bar to it.

A sizing bar refers to a small metal piece that is professionally soldered to the ring’s inside. Unlike all the other methods recommended above, the use of the sizing bar is a permanent fix.

Unlike actual resizing, you don’t have to change the band’s size as it would be done when resizing is done. Therefore, the use of the resizing bar is also more affordable.

Not that the sizing bar is a soldered, U-shaped bar that runs across the bottom inside of the ring. It features a hinge on one side, and there is a latch on the other end.

For the sizing bar to work, you only need to open up the latch when putting the ring on, then swing shut the latch to hold it in place. The use of the sizing bar offers a more reliable approach, especially because you can easily have the ring resized a number of full ring sizes smaller.


So, how do the jewelers use the ring sizers?

When it comes to reducing the size of your ring, the use of the ring sizer is not only the most inexpensive permanent solution; it’s also the most recommended resizing option if you wish to protect the ring’s structural integrity.

This is important actual mechanical resizing of the ring will affect the metal’s strength negatively, which is why the use/ addition of the sizer is a preferable option. Generally, the ring sizer involves adding some materials to the ring, maintaining the ring’s structural integrity.

To that end, here are some of the available ring sizer options used by the jewelers.

4.Sizing Beads

The sizing beads are a common option used by jewelers. Sizing beads are used, and the jeweler will add two small metal beads to the ring’s inside, but on the backside of the ring.

These sizing beads are quite economical, and they work great in reducing the size of the ring. More specifically, the sizing beads are ideal for use when you need to reduce the ring by about one-half size.

The beds will also keep the ring upright on the finger. The only catch is that some people find the sizing beads to be rather uncomfortable, which is why most jewelers will have you try a ring with sizing beads on for you to try and determine if they are comfortable enough for you or not.


5.Spring Inserts

This is the other option for resizing rings. It’s used by jewelers to reduce ring sizes for people who need the size of their rings reduced by full ring size.

This spring insert is horseshoe-shaped, and the inserted spring is a metal spring that will line the bottom ¾ of your ring’s inside. As the name suggests, the spring will open up slightly, allowing the ring to easily slide past the knuckles before spring back to the smaller size for that desired snug fit at the base of the finger.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the easiest ring resizing option, and it tends to be more complex than the use of the sizing beads. Once set up, the spring inserts are largely more comfortable, and they are also more preferable because of their affordability.

Methods to Make Rings Smaller in Seconds

Ring Sizers You Should Avoid

While these are often recommended as sizing options that work fast, they aren’t the safest option. These options include the use of a liquid guard, the use of tape, and even the use of food-grade silicone.

That said, there are ring types that cannot be resized.

These include the rings made of tungsten, titanium, stainless steel, as well as the eternity rings that have gemstones running throughout the length of the band and the ones with an invisible tension setting.



If your ring doesn’t fit quite the ring, you risk losing it, and it’s safe for you to take it off then store it safely in a fabric pouch until you have a solution.

You could fix the problem using the recommended at-home solutions above, or you could take it to the jeweler size reduction.

The recommended resizing options like beads and the use of springs are safer since the actual ring isn’t affected.

That said, permanent mechanical size reduction shouldn’t be made too often because the resizing will weaken and stretch the metal, damaging the ring in the long run.

Also, you should remember to always work with a professional jeweler.

For more useful tips, please visit here or here. See you guys in the next post!


Hey! I finally find the Answer!