2 Tips for Measuring Your Wrist For A Bangle Bracelet

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Did you know that bracelets and bangles represent some of the oldest fashion accessories, the kind that you must have a few of in your collection thanks to their rich history?

Bracelets date back to 40,000BP; with the Greek word for a bracelet, brachile symbolizes something that is ‘of the arm.’ In ancient times, the bracelets were made of stones, bones, wood, and even animal teeth; and they were believed to serve as both spiritual and religious elements across some cultures, even as they were used to represent social classes in some cultures.

Measuring Your Wrist For A Bangle Bracelet

With pieces like the Scarab bracelets that are renowned symbols across ancient Egypt, which represent restoration and rebirth for the Egyptians, you’d want to invest in some of the best bracelets on the market while also ensuring that the bracelet fits you well.

Whether you are thinking about wearing bracelets or bangle bracelets, you need to make sure that the bracelet fits right. And we’ll share tips on correctly measuring your wrist for your bangle bracelet.

But first, you should remember that the bangles are pretty rigid, with no clasp openings, and you would have to slip the bracelet through or move your hand through the wrist.

Measuring Your Wrist For A Bangle Bracelet

If a bangle fits too loose, it will be very uncomfortable and even fall off your hand, while a bangle bracelet that fits too tight or is too small would be too hard for you to slip through the hand and force it into or off your wrist might be torture.

There are two types of bangle bracelets, the adjustable and the fixed-size bangle.

The adjustable bangles offer more freedom, and you’d only need to choose the bracelet in your wrist size, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the bracelet slipping off.

Measuring Your Wrist For A Bangle Bracelet

Then you have the fixed-sized bangles that are good-fitting and come with the challenge of offering an uncomfortable fitting in case you get the size wrong.

And so, with the fixed-sized bangles, you need to be extra careful about getting the size right.

How do you get the right bangle bracelet size, or rather, how do you take the correct wrist measurements?

Measuring Your Wrist For A Bangle Bracelet

How to measure your wrist for a bangle bracelet

1. Using a strip of paper or tape measure

This is the most straightforward way of measuring your wrist.

First, squeeze or squash together with your fingers towards the center to take the measurement, making your fingers as narrow as possible.

You could also squash the fingers together by bringing the thumb with the pinky finger towards the center, then pretend to slip the bangle through it.

Measuring Your Wrist For A Bangle Bracelet

Next, wrap a strip of paper or measuring tape around the most comprehensive section of the squashed hand. You could also measure around your knuckles and then use the knuckles of your thumb as the starting point – this is because the area around your knuckle is often the widest part of your hand.

You could pull the strip of paper or the measuring tape just tight enough to pass through your hand’s widest section.

Now that you have measurements of your wrist’s widest part, you should take note of your arm’s circumference. If using a piece of string, you’d have to use a ruler to take the measurements and divide the measurements by 3.14.

Next, compare this value to the inner diameter from the brand’s chart, then use that to determine the actual size of your bangle.

Measuring Your Wrist For A Bangle Bracelet

Note that if the hand circumference falls between two sizes, you should settle on the larger bangle size.

You should keep in mind that these bracelets come in different sizes for the bangles and bangle bracelets that feature closures like clasps or adjustable screws. Most bangle bracelets fit rather snugly around the wrist like cuffs rather than the bangles.  

Depending on the bracelet’s fit, it can be a 2/4 without any closure or a 2/2 with closure if you prefer a bangle that fits snugly around your wrist.

Measuring Your Wrist For A Bangle Bracelet

2. The Dot Method

You could also use the Dot Method to determine your wrist size for the bangle bracelet. You’ll have to start by clenching your first and whitening the knuckles in this method.

Next, feel where the middle of the knuckle is, and then draw a dark dot right in the middle of your pinky’s knuckle. And once you have drawn the first dot, you should mark another dot at the center of the index finger’s knuckle.

Measuring Your Wrist For A Bangle Bracelet

Next, use a fabric tape measure or a ruler to take measurements, laying your hand relaxed and flat, then measure the distance between the dots.

Generally, the distance between the dots will determine your ideal bangle size. If, for example, the distance between the dots is about 60mm, then your ideal bangle size is 60mm.


Bangle bracelet size table

SizeWrist Measurement in InchesWrist Measurement in Centimeters
Extra Small6.7517.0
Extra Large8.7522.2

Measuring Your Wrist For A Bangle Bracelet

Finally, you could use the older bangle you own to determine the correct size of the bangle bracelet that you should buy. The older bangle also guides you on the right fit for the bangle bracelet.



The right-fitting bangle bracelet will sit nicely above the hand, but it will not all down the hand.

Instead, it rests nicely on the thinnest area of your wrist. Depending on your personal preferences, you may also choose a bangle bracelet with a loose or a snig fit.

But whenever you opt for a bracelet with a delicate design or a thin chain or cuff, you should opt for the bracelet with more of a snug fit.

The bangle also needs to fit comfortably, but the thick or the large cuffs or bangles might not be the most comfortable.

And in addition to the right fit for the bangle, you also need to make sure that the bangle is made of high-quality materials and well-polished.

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